3 Best Oil For Toyota Previa With Good Performance


Choosing the right engine oil is very important for the proper performance durability and reliability of the Toyota Previa. It makes sure the smooth running of the engine.

More than one grade of oil can be recommended for Toyota Previa. As 5W-30 and 10W-30 are both suitable for Toyota Previa.

You should choose the oil depending on which is suitable for your engine. Do not assume that the expensive one is the best oil for your Toyota Previa.

It is very confusing to choose the right oil for a specific engine. We are going to suggest to you the best oil for Toyota Previa.

Best Oil For Toyota Previa

Product’s Name Change Time Key Benefits Price
Mobil Super Premium Motor Oil Up To 5000 Miles Safe From Leak And Oil Consumption Details On Amazon
Valvoline SAE 5W-30 5000 Miles Reduce Engine Sludge And Deposit Details On Amazon
Havoline 10W-30 Oil 6000 Miles Convenient And Protective Details On Amazon

Pick the best oil from these best picks here. And the buying guide added here will help you to choose the right one for Previa.

1. Mobil Super Premium motor oil– For Toyota Previa with improved efficacy

Mobil super 10W-30 motor oil is one of the best oil for Toyota Previa. Provide your car a smooth performance and durability. It improves the efficiency of the engine.

The Mobil super 10W-30 motor oil contains an anti-oxidant and seal conditioner. Anti-oxidant keeps the Toyota Previa protected from oxidation. Extra detergents of Mobil super 10W-30 detergents keep engines cleaner. It bound with the dirt and removes dirt and deposits. The Seal conditioners of Mobil super 10W-30 oil rejuvenate the aging engine. It helps to prevent oil leaks in the old engine and remove leaks.

The Viscosity of Mobil super 10W-30 oil is high. It creates a layer between the mechanical parts of the engine and prevents direct contact and friction with each other.

At the time of selecting the right oil for your car, don’t presume that cheap engine oil will have poor quality. Also, don’t think that the most expensive is the best quality engine oil. Always choose the right oil for your car and change it every3000 miles.


  • Prevent oil leakage and consumption of oil.
  • Clean the sludge and deposit.
  • Rejuvenate the old engine
  • Prevent engine sludge and deposit
  • Provide long engine life


  • Not recommended for 2-cycles or aviation engine

Available On Amazon

2. Valvoline SAE 5W-30 Give Your Previa Extra Protection with This High Mileage Oil

Valvoline has always been known as the factory oil for Toyota. And this high mileage oil has the seal conditioning formula. It helps to renew your engine by preventing any leaks.

It is Valvoline Maxlife oil with 5w-30 viscosity. The oil gives the engine extra protection from further engine wear.

When the oil flows, it delivers a thick and durable layer of film, which makes the oil prevent engine wear. And this is a semi-synthetic oil. But don’t doubt at its performance. It is a perfect oil for Toyota Previa for running up to 75,000 miles.

The oil contains some additional detergent. It helps to fight against any Carbon build-up. Also, it does not let the oil create any sludge and provides smooth oil flow.

Besides, the excellent anti-oxidants in the oil helps in extreme conditions and do not let oil break down. So, reliably use it on your 1995 to 2005 Toyota Previa.


  • First formulated oil for high mileage
  • Amazingly stops engine leakage
  • Great price oil
  • Protection layer helps in a smooth flow
  • Beneficial in superior condition


  • Semi-synthetic

Available On Amazon

3. Havoline 10W-30 Oil-Get a Sheild for Oil Deposit with This One

Havoline 10W-30 oil is a synthetic blend oil. It is a conventional based oil with additives. But it perfectly works for the high mileage engines like the Previa.

The deposit shield technology used in this oil prevents any build-up. Ultimately it decreases oil consumption; on the other hand, increases engine life.

In the higher mileage engines, the oil can have sludge in it due to the extreme pressure. But Havoline 10w-30 oil hinders to oil sludges and lets the oil flow smoothly in the engine.

It resists the oil from oxidizing too. As a result, your engine gets a clean, contamination-free oil flow. And it can perform up to 75K mileage with an advanced level of engine protection.


  • Budget-worthy motor oil
  • Economical consumption of oil
  • Manages evaporation in extreme pressure
  • An ideal oil for passenger car-Previa
  • Superb protection from oil deposit


  • Not suitable for modern small block engines

Available On Amazon

How To Pick The Best Oil For Toyota Previa?

How To Pick The Oil For Toyota Previa

Let’s guide you to pick the right motor oil for your Previa. And you might be thanking for reading this content later.

Always Check the Vehicle Manual

No matter what your mechanics or dear one’s advice. Firstly, check your vehicle manual must. Check what type of oil it recommends to use. Then, decide your brands and preferences.

Select the Oil Type

The oil type selection comes first in the case of choosing motor oil. For the high mileage engine from 1995-2006 Previa, it is ideal to select the semi-synthetic type of oil or the synthetic blend.

This type of oil is made from a conventional oil base. But the high additives used here helps the engine reach its desired performance.

Oil Viscosity is Crucial to Choose

For the Toyota Previa, both 5W and 10W as cold temperatures with 30 as the operating temperature will work fine.  You must change your oil in every 3000 mileage though most oil claims to run up to 75K miles.

If you are from a tropical warmer region, 10W-30 is the best oil to use. On the contrary, for colder areas or high riding performance, you may go for the 5w-30. Both are fine for your Previa.

Toyota Previa Oil Capacity

Look for 5 quartz of oil for your Previa. No need to overfill neither underfilled. Toyota Previa 2.4 L engines need 4.3L of oil. And those with 2.0L engines take 5.7 L of oil.

So, don’t regret later buying the wrong size of the gallon. Check before making the purchase.

How To Change Oil in Toyota Previa?

How To Change Oil in Toyota Previa

Let’s show you the process of oil changing in Toyota Previa. Trust me, and you can do it yourself by following the steps shown below.

Safety Requirements

You should follow the safety requirements before doing this type of work. In this way, you can minimize the chances of occurring accidents.

You can have covering,  hand gloves, to protect your clothing, hands, and feet. Moreover, it would help if you placed cardboard beneath the car to prevent the oil spill on the floor.

Don’t forget to place a fuel pan or spread tray to hold the drained dirty fuel.

Tools You Need

You should have proper mechanical tools to carry out the required task in an easy way. These tools include

  • Jack stand
  • Wrenches
  • Rachets with their sockets

Furthermore, you may need some other things too. These things include a funnel, cleaning cloth, oil collection container, etc.

To better understand, we are dividing the entire process into two sections.

  1. Drain Out Old Engine Oil
  2. Fill the New Oil

1. Drain Out Old Engine Oil

let’s start the steps to drain out your blacky, dirty, old fuel.

Step 1: Uplift Your Previa

So, you are ready to drain out old oil from Toyota Previa. For this, you need to place the jack underneath your car and jack it up. After jacking up the car, put a jack stand beneath the vehicle to hold it up.

But before jacking up the car, you should ensure your vehicle doesn’t rollover. You can use the emergency brake and place a wooden piece near the tire to prevent the rolling of the car.

Alternatively, you can also use ramps. You can drive your car front tires over ramps. This way, you can have enough space to access the drain plug.

Step 2: Unscrew the Drain Plug

Now, go beneath the car. You will see a drain plug under the fuel tank. Place the cardboard and oil container well below it.

You can either use rachets with its sockets or wrench to untighten the drain plug. Then, remove the drain plug by hand.

Step 3: Let the Old FuelDrain

As you remove the oil plug, the old black oil starts to drain out into the oil container. Make sure that oil does not spill on the road and create a mess for you.

You can wait for a while to completely drain the oil out of the fuel tank.

For smooth and better drainage of oil, you can warm the oil a little bit by twisting the engine key for a few minutes.

However, you should ensure that the oil is not warm enough to burn your hand.

Step 4: Plug in the Drain Plug Again

Then, you can put the oil plug back to its place and tighten it with either wrench. After that, use a cleaning cloth or paper towel to clean the surface around.

2. Fill the New Oil

Time for filling the tank with new oil. The steps are given below.

Step 1: Open the Front Engine Hood

Go to the front of the car. Open the engine hood.

Step 2: Fill the Oil Tank

Use a funnel to fill the new oil. Moreover, if you wish can place some cloth over the engine to prevent oil spills over it. Then, pour the new oil through the funnel.

Step 3: Check the Oil Dipstick

Check the oil level always after filling the oil tank. Check the dipstick to measure the oil level. Make sure it is up to the required level.

If you find it is below the required level. Then, you should add some more oil

And your oil changing in Previa is done without paying high bucks. But always change the oil filter in time of replacing the oil.

It is a must as the filter will have the old oil in it and you might not wish to have the contaminants mixed with the new oil.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

What is the recommended brand for Toyota Previa?

Motor oil grade 5W-30/ 10W-30 is recommended for all Toyota Previa. It has a higher viscosity, which can adequately coat four and six-cylinder engines.

Which grade oil should I use for Toyota Previa?

If you drive your vehicle in freezing weather, below 32 degrees, you can use 5W-30 oil, but even 10W-30 is also perfect to use. Higher viscosity oil will seal better than low viscosity oil. The thicker oil will provide better lubrication of the engine.

What will happen if I chose the wrong oil?

Using the wrong oil can lead to leaks. If the oil isn’t working as it should and lubricate the parts well enough, it may cause friction and burn the fuel.

Wrap Up

Toyota Previa or Toyota Estima whatever you say is the same small passenger car. But when it’s about the engine oil, you must not negligibly choose.

Here, our top 3 picks of the best oil for Toyota Previa can help you get the right oil with perfect performances.