5 Best Struts For Impala with Full Review


The best strut gives you comfortable riding. It works by bouncing your car on a bumpy road. You don’t feel comfortable riding your vehicle without struts. In the same way, the best strut can help you with the riding time.

But with a damaged strut, you cannot drive well. And it is more uncomfortable for you and the passenger in your vehicle. So, you can realize that it is an integral part of your car.

So, we are here to help you to find the best struts for impala. We have reviews for you. That would help you to choose the best struts.

Best Struts For Impala

Product’s Name Material Key Benefits Price
Detroit Axle 4 Struts Steel Consistent And Noiseless Details On Amazon
OREDY Full Set Struts Damping Steel Easy To Fit Details On Amazon
Complete Struts Pack of 4 Polypropylene Reliable And Supportive Details On Amazon
Sensen 2392-FS Front Struts Carbon Steel Reduce Rust And Decay Details On Amazon
Mac Auto Parts 66450 Rustproof Material Smooth And Sturdy Finish Details On Amazon

So now we are going to give you a list of the top 5 struts for impala.

1. Detroit Axle 4 Struts– OE-Quality Front & Rear Struts for Stable Ride

This is a complete set of front and rear struts from Detroit Axle for your Impala.

The set includes 2 passenger and driver seat front struts and 2 rear struts, respectively. And all the struts have coil spring assembled over them. Also, the mounting plates and bearing plates some pre-installed with the struts.

Don’t worry about the additional tools to install. You just buy these struts and mount them with the bolts inside your car. If you need the 2006 Impala struts or another year, you can rely on this set.

Detroit Axle struts ensure the OE- specific suspension parts. And the struts will provide a stable riding control performance.

These struts are an exact fit for 2000 to 2011 Chevrolet Impala except the police or taxi Packages. However, if your Impala has the 16 inches wheel, undoubtedly Detroit Axle is a better pick.


  • OE vehicle parts
  • Easy to install
  • Front & rear set
  • Precise fit


  • Not for Taxi/Police package

Available On Amazon

2. OREDY Full Set Struts– Budget-Worthy Quality Struts for Impala Including Police Packages

Oh! Looking for some struts for your Impala Police package? OREDY struts are here with exact fit and complete set.

In most cases, people seem to forget about the Chevy Police or Taxi Package. And some seem to charge a high rate for Police package parts.

But here, OREDY presents a complete set of front and rear struts at a reasonable price.

You will get here 2 front struts for the left and right and 2 rear struts as well. The most delicate matter is you do not need to mount any coil spring or the insulator in these struts.

Want to know why? You are getting all the mounting kits pre-installed with these struts. The premium style bearing and the SAE- specified bolts make these struts top quality.

To some, these are excellent quality struts for the 2004 Chevy Impala? Mounting the struts can be so easy with OREDY-just plug and play type.

These superior struts will provide a quality ride with perfect control in wheels. And you will get a quiet riding experience with these struts.

If you need struts for 2000-2011 Chevy Impala with the Police, TAXI, or even SS models, OREDY 4 Pc struts set is the right recommendation for you.


  • Dust & debris resistant
  • 300,000 of compression cycle test
  • 18 months of warranty
  • Rust-free vertical polish


  • Only fits 17 or 18’’ wheels

Available On Amazon

3. Complete Struts Pack of 4– Quick-Installing Struts for the Impala Police Package

Complete Struts brings a 4 pc of front and rear strut for the Impala Police, Taxi, and SS package, except the 17 and 18inches wheel models.

The set is a set of entire struts for the Impala car. And don’t think you need to do any assembling of the parts.

Yes, all the parts come already mounted in the struts. So, anyone can mount this easy to install struts.

This type of quick-ready struts has removed the trouble of unmounting the previous coil spring and set it into the new one.

So, no trouble with all of this. Just buy and install. Then, enjoy your rowdy car riding with the perfect ride height and control.

The fine coating finishing of these struts will reduce engine wear. As a result, it will ensure you a longer strut life with more extended performance.

So, if you are concerned with the Impala 2000-2011 Impala Police and Taxi package, this strut set is the one you should buy.


  • Install-ready
  • Smooth & noise-free performance
  • One year of warranty
  • Free shipping from direct factory


  • May not fit SS model

Available On Amazon

4. Sensen 2392-FS Front Struts– Get Your Quality Impala Struts without the Coil Spring

Sensen has always proved to be a reliable store for suspension parts. And so as for the Impala Struts. The strut pair is for the front and mountable in the Impala all models.

These front struts of Sensen are OE( Original Equipment) modified parts for the best performance.

Sensen struts have been welded with robotic welding technology. For this, it provides more consistent parts with the precise quality fit.

The top plate for the spring seat is made from a Carbon steel rod. And it makes the top plate hard and stuff up to an extended period.

Moreover, the powder coat finishing makes these struts free from engine wearing and any rusts. The Japanese NOK seal here helps prominently preventing any oil leak.

If you are your vehicle expert and you are looking for the 2001-2014 Chevy Impala struts without any coil spring, then this struts set for the front is for your Chevy.


  • High quality
  • Japanese NOK seal to prevent leak
  • Runs for a longer time
  • Reliable


  • May not fit the Police package

Available On Amazon

5. Mac Auto Parts 66450– Exact Fit Rear Struts for Impala All Models

Nc Auto Parts brings rear struts set for almost all Impala models, including the special package fit.

You will get here two rear struts for passenger and driver side. Mac Auto Parts struts are quality struts with some quality test certifications.

In the torque bearing test, these struts have been proved to have loser resistance. And so these can provide a higher compression rate for the best performance.

The strut rod has got 0.64µm of roughness rate that proves to be smoother enough. And with 5% Sodium Chloride (NaCl) solution, it has passed the salt spray test proving highly corrosion-free.

The bottom mounting portion has a quite thicker film that makes these strut secure against any corrosion.

So, from the Monte Carlo model of Impala to Oldsmobile Intrigue and even the Police/Taxi package, Mac Auto Parts rear struts are compatible.


  • Passed many tests
  • Highly corrosion-resistive
  • Smoother coating
  • Closer to OEM specs


  • No claims for SS models

Available On Amazon

How to Choose the Top Struts for Impala?

How to Choose the best Struts for Impala

When you think of buying the struts for your handsome Chevy Impala, you should not pick any random one. It may not provide the desired performance ride rather damage to the suspension system.

Whether you are afraid to buy or fear to install ownself, read these consideration factors. You will get a clear concept about the perfect struts for your Impala.

Check the Vehicle Recommendations First

Whatever parts it is, always check what your vehicle recommends to use. The factory recommendation should be the first choice to get.

Check the vehicle manual to get this compatibility information. Then, go for what you need according to the recommendations.

Look for Vehicle Compatibility First

Chevrolet Impala has many models. And all the struts are not compatible with all. Some special Police/TAXI packages Impala need different struts as they come with varying parts of size.

So, always check if your selected struts will fit your vehicle or not. A wrong fit can bring the issue to the suspension parts.

Know What Type of Struts You Need

Well, there are 3 different types of struts available.

The first and old type is –Pneumatic struts. These struts have oil inside them. And it helps in the compression of the struts. But most often, this seems to leak on rough rides.

The second one is the gas-powered struts. These struts have along with the oil. The gas compression helps it to endure riding criteria and provides stability and desired height. These types of struts are relatively better than Pneumatic struts.

The third and the last type is the coil spring-type struts. These struts have spring coils over the strut rod. The coil spring compression helps the strut absorb bumps by bouncing your car perfectly in a rough ride.

The coil spring-type struts have another feature too. It has a jounce bumper on the top of the coil spring that benefits from an adequate seal to avoid leakage.

So, better to choose the coil spring-type struts. All of the reviews here are coil spring over type struts as the modern car needs something higher.

Get a Quality Struts

You can’t enjoy a classy ride if you can’t have a quality strut for your car. The primary purpose of the struts is to bring the industry riding height back with perfect wheel controlling.

If your struts can’t provide such facilities, no point in buying that unnecessary metals. For this certainty, check the coil spring’s cycle compression rate before buying.

Never Replace a Single Struts

Always replace left and right struts at a time. Never buy a single strut and replace any one side of the front or rear wheel.

Experts and most mechanical stores suggest replacing both passenger and driver side struts to improve practical wheel alignment.

Well, it does not matter whether you are changing the front one or the rear. It depends on your riding expectations.

You can either buy a set of four struts or a pair of front or rear.

Frequently Asked Question(FAQs)

Will this work on impala?

Yes, Monroe 171662 quick strut works for impala. It is well fitted on an Impala car.

Have any warranty for this product?

Yes, this product has a lifetime warranty. The manufacturer company’s authority gives a lifetime warranty, which is the fantastic side of this product. Many people want to know about the warranty time. They worried about that most of the time. But this product ensures a lifetime warranty. And you’ll be able to replace it at any time, which is a great deal to buy any product.

Does it work if you install one unit?

If you want to install just one unit, then you can prefer the front. You can connect only one on the front side of the car. Monroe 171661R is for the right side, and the Monroe 171661L is for the left side of your vehicles.

Wrap Up

Want to ride your Impala with the industry ride height? You must need the right strut. We have found out 3 top best struts for Impala among various brands, including Police package compatibility.

And the practical buying guide will help you choose the right one and improve your riding stability.