3 Best Radiator For Jeep TJ – To Get Stable Drive


Jeep TJ is famous for its reliability, strong performance, and durable construction. Masculine looks give the insane effect for its offroad fans. In its construction where everything is durable, but it does not carry the smart engine compartment. It is a common problem for all of the jeeps. Yet no need to worry about it. There is a solution to this problem.

The radiator is the capable one that can cool the engine from overheating. Therefore, it is an essential fixture for the engine to be in a nice mode. So you have to pick a better one to keep your engine active. Let’s pick the best radiator for jeep TJ from here then.

Best Radiator For Jeep TJ

Product’s Name Core Thickness Material Key Benefits Price
CoolingCare Full Aluminum Radiator About 3 Inches Full Aluminum High In Quality Details On Amazon
Alloyworks 3 Row Radiator 2.1 Inches Firm Aluminum Increase Heat Dissipation Details On Amazon
Mishimoto MMRAD-WRA 1.97 Inches Brazed Aluminum Durable And Consistent Details On Amazon

Let’s introduce you to some of the best radiators we brought out after reviewing some practical usage.

1. CoolingCare Full Aluminum Radiator– Provide High Performance Without Any Cutting Issue

CoolingCare radiator is formulated with brick strong construction. Its Aluminum design has the durability power for longer use. By this radiator, your car will not have overheating issues and also improve engine capacities. Give

It is a lightweight radiator with a metallic finish and also magnifies cooling capabilities by up to 35-45%. This radiator has a 3-row capacious core and bears up to better coolant. In each and every cooling are radiator, there is a direct OEM fitted.

You will be able to install the radiator without any problem. It makes installation effortless but professional mechanisms are highly recommended in these kinds of works. It is giving your jeep a high performance without any modification.


  • Well built and easy to install
  • Fits perfectly without modification
  • Worth the price
  • Good quality with 2 years warranty
  • Excellent function without leaking


  • Need to drill a hole in the bottom of the radiator shroud

Available On Amazon

2. Alloyworks 3 Row Radiator– Exact Fitting Racing Design with Most Cooling Efficacy

Love to ride off-road often with your Jeep TJ? You need a good radiator with an optimum number of rows of the fin.

Alloy works to introduce a Jeep TJ radiator with the exact fit. For the better heat scattering, this radiator will perform a better quality for 3 rows of the fin.

This radiator is made of Aluminium fins that make it durable with a long life span. No matter how you ride your Jeep, you will get the engine performing enough cold with perfection and no sludge in the flow.

With 18.11” Height and  20.14” width of core sized radiator will fit the Jeep TJ model. And if you need to know the overall size, this radiator is 22.95” long and x 25.87” wide.

High performing radiator from Alloyworks is built as the racing design. And it is moduled to cool down up to 35% to 45% of temperature.

Do you tend to go off-road with your Jeep TJ?  Then, Alloyworks radiator is highly recommended for you as it is compatible with 1987 to the 2006 year model of Jeep TJ models.


  • Direct fit radiator
  • Improved heat dissipation formula
  • Outstanding off-road experience
  • Durable


  • Fits Wrangler Jeep models only

Available On Amazon

3. Mishimoto MMRAD-WRA– Increased Heat Dissipation with Some Brand Authentication Features

Mishimoto radiator gets you the exact fitting assurance. It has 2 rows of Aluminium fins that help to dissipate more heat.

Do you often ride thrilling shaggy roads? Then, your TJ engine tends to be heated very often. This Jeep TJ Aluminium radiator claims to provide around 20% of cooling efficacy. For its upgraded cooling capacity, it is the ideal replacement radiator for the Jeep TJ factory radiator.

Mishimoto radiator features a dual-core design that is so lightweight. This awesomely upgraded cooling feature can give your off-road vehicle engine superior horsepower that many stock radiators can not provide.

100% of Brazed Aluminium made radiator is durable enough in terms of running for a long time with a rough ride. TIG welding module applied finely polished end tank provides increased protection from overheating with a longer life span. It can even hold up to a coolant of 36 per gallon.

On top of that, the magnetic drain plug helps with increase cooling performance too. Furthermore, the radiator cap of this radiator includes a high-pressure feature that can practically raise the boiling point-almost 20 deg F drop compared to other OEM standards.


  • Direct OEM fit
  • Easy & quick installation
  • No modification needed
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty from Mishimoto


  • May not fit in upgraded year models

Available On Amazon

How To Pick The Best Radiator For Jeep TJ?

How To Pick The Best Radiator For Jeep TJ

The radiator is needed in all the car engines, but for a terrain riding vehicle like Jeep TJ, the features will be different, of course. So, you must look for some of the key factors in the radiator before buying it.

Let’s know about them for a better and guileless purchase.

Radiator Size

The size of the radiator is vital to check. You can find a car radiator from a minimum of 16 inches to 22 inches or more in overall size. Most of the Jeep TJ under hood has enough space to fit the big size radiator for more cooling f[roperties providing superior torque.

For the right size, check the vehicle manuals or measure it from the stock TJ radiator.

Number of Rows

There are dual row, triple row, and sometimes four-row design radiator. For the increasingly heated engine like the Jeep TJ,  you better have the double row or the triple row design.

The number rows define the more fins in the radiator, providing more heat-dissipating space.

Radiator Material

The material of the radiator is crucial to be confirmed durability. Aluminum material is the most top quality providing radiator. But the radiator cap can be plastic no matter in that case.

There is variance in the Aluminium also. The most high-quality one will provide a rust-free, corrosion-free service with a long-time performance.

Price & Warranty

The price can vary from brand to brand and quality to build type. So, look at the excellent quality within your budget limit. Sometimes, the well-branded expensive one can not provide the top quality. So, look for the quality of whatever brand or price you can afford.

From other factors, the warranty comes in amid. If you can get the warranty service at least for some months, it builds trust for the brand and the radiator quality.

So, choose the correct radiator for your Jeep Wrangler engine and enjoy any thrilling riding without causing unwanted trouble in the midst of riding.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Why does a Jeep TJ need a Radiator and what will happen if that part is empty?

The radiator sends liquid coolant to the engine through the different blocks and heads. For this reason, in a jeep, TJ radiator is a must part.
If the radiator part is empty then it won’t cool down the engine. The worst part is your jeep’s engine will face failure and deteriorate all other parts as well.

Will we be able to drive a jeep without a Radiator or with a broken Radiator?

Without a radiator, your jeep’s engine will be overheated. And that will harm your engine life.
With a broken radiator, it will be dangerous for you to drive. If you do so then contact a mechanic to repair the radiator.

What type of Radiator does the Jeep TJ need?

For most of the vehicles like Jeep TJ, the radiator needs to be a glycol-based antifreeze coolant. But in most cases, you have to mix some waters with it. It is the best type of coolant all the vehicles need.

Wrap Up

Jeep TJ engine includes a reverse counting engine. For the proper heat dissipation, the stock cooling fan sometimes not be enough. So, you should replace the factory radiator with some quality heat protecting features.

Our this review shows 3 best radiator for Jeep TJ, perfect for both regular and terrain riding.