Best Belt for Can Am Outlander – Top 5 Picks With Buying Guide


A belt is a limber material with loops. The use of it is to connect two or more shafts that rotate mechanically. It works as a source of motion that offers transmission of power proficiently between shafts.

The Outlander is a wide & durable vehicle of Can-Am that has terra cross tires of 26 inches. It is a great vehicle for crawling over rocks and for clawing up over steep places. These cars have belt drives that are highly strong and transfer powers to engines & wheels.

Here we bring you some best belts for Can Am Outlander vehicles to assure an effective replacement of the drive.

Best Belt for Can Am Outlander

Product’s Name Material Key Benefits Price
Evolution Powersports EVO Drive Belt Aramid Fiber And Polyester Shockproof And Durable Details On Amazon
East Lake Axle Drive Belt Strong Material Flexible And Heatproof Details On Amazon
NICHE Drive Belt Tensile Aramid Fiber Simple To Install Details On Amazon
SuperATV Belt Aramid Fiber Good For Long-term Use Details On Amazon
BRP Can-Am Belt Aramid Tensile Improve Working Efficiency Details On Amazon

Dive into the top best belts reviewed here that we chose after long research to make the right fit.

1. Evolution Powersports EVO Drive Belt– Design of Bottom Cog Improves Ability of Rotation

The manufacturer of this EVO drive belt is GBoost & the brand name for this product is Evolution Powersports. This belt contains the highest rate of loading shock to stand against a machine that has 400hp powers. Its latest bottom cog model enhances the ability of rotation of shafts in a vehicle & ensures they rotate fully.

Evolution Powersports belt has Aramid Fiber string wraps against polyester over its bottom cogs. This feature of the belt increases the strength of its bottom cogs. Its weight is not more than 15.2 ounces.

The package dimensions of this product are 10.6 inches, 6 inches & 1.5 inches. This EVO belt is for the riders looking for a belt with the latest technology & vindicated performance. It holds a manufacturer part number, which is CL-CAM-OG-WB. In terms of connecting & handling RPMs, it works like the OEM belt.

The performance of this belt is worthy of any race. It is one of the best belts for Can-Am Outlander as well as for Commander, Renegade & Maverick. You need to pay around 152 dollars to buy this belt drive.


  • Dissipate the heat quickly.
  • Improve the work efficiency of clutches.
  • Long-lasting performance.
  • Keep the clutch cover cool.
  • Grip the clutch slot tightly.


  • It will not fit other vehicles except for the required one.

Available On Amazon

2. East Lake Axle Drive Belt– Substantial for Heavy-Duty Performance

As you are looking for a can am belt, then East Lake is a suitable option. The belt replaces the OEM drive belt felicitously. At the same time, the kit has the imperious tolerance for long hour’s performance. Due to the fact, in 20 miles it can carry out two cycle’s heating. In that way, the gear can perform a heavy-duty function.

The installation process is quite easy. Follow the manufacturing specifications to do that. Well, using a brake cleaner is prohibited. However, the belt can conduct the full shift range with a limit of ¾ strangle. It requires 15 minutes to bring back to the general working temperature. Later, close down the power. Lastly, leave the kit 30 minutes for cooling.

There is a one-year warranty for this gear. For that reason, people will find reliability while using it. Along with that, the materials used in that belt are hefty to slow decaying. So, if you are in a quest for an economic belt with high capacity, you can choose it.


  • Cost-effective to maintain.
  • Reduction of noise.
  • No requirement of the parallel shaft.
  • Activate clutch action.


  • Compatible for specific ones.

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3. NICHE Drive Belt– Study Materials with Highly Warm Resistance

Specializing in supplying the highest quality materials, the Niche Drive belt is always a great name. The belt is well-built with chloroprene rubber, which makes it potent while rough using. Even the Aramid Fiber is for fortification. On the other hand, the tool is extremely hostile to warm temperatures.  With that in mind, the rating of the temperature is up to (-) 40 and (+) 112.

The horsepower speed is sufficient to run. Hence, the rating is 450. You can easily set up the belt with no problem. Like the original one, their service is good too. There is no major difference with your previous belt. Another benefit, you won’t experience any kind of notice. It fits a couple of models. So, check twice its details.

If you are seeking an outlander belt then, this belt can be the possible choice. Certainly, it will fulfill your expectations. On the road or off the rod, you will find it smooth to operate. Other than that, the kit is flexible enough to adapt. You can rely on this item without any hesitation.


  • Brand loyalty.
  • Impenetrable to vibration
  • Great integration with the engine.
  • Thickness in size.


  • Limited to some other models.

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4. SuperATV Belt– Ultimate Badass Kit in Extreme Using

In terms of the premium category of belts, SuperATV Belt is well-known for its badass nature. The belt can bear severe abuse while using it. There is an additional shock load for heavy applications. Besides, the gear has maximum tolerance to high temperatures.  Compared to the other aftermarket as well as OEM belts, it encounters more solidity.

This CVT drive belt possesses aramid fiber, which makes it super strong. The fiber cord can control the tension of 10,000 pounds. For that reason, it doesn’t face any stretch or breaks down. The addition of DUMAX leads it to the highest level of flexibility, robustness, or anti-heat. You can even compress the belt harder for lower slippage along with tuning opportunities.

With great rotational efficiency, the item allows it to be flexed with stiffness. So, if you want to check up on the best belt for can am outlander 1000, don’t be hesitant to put it on your list. Similarly, the kit is suitable for a large tire, clutch kit, and gear concession. You may also be able to run in the zigzag slow low mud road with the kit.


  • Excellent management in torque pulling.
  • Viscous throttle adaption.
  • Easy installation.
  • Pedal down with a giant grip.


  • A bit weighty.

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5. BRP Can-Am Belt– Off-Road riding with vehicle performance Maximization

In off-road riding, BRP Can-Am Belt is a notable alternative for you. The belt allows it to conduct in the mud, dirt, especially in the rough terrain.  At the same time, the kit is built to enhance the performance with its elite horsepower. No extra pressure comes up while installation. Other than that, it is vastly preventive to heat.

The classy UTV/ ATV belt is premium in nature. So, it uses an aramid tensile cord for the structure. As a result, the tensile cord ensures additional life for long-term use. In that case, the dependability increases among the users. On top of that, the collaboration with the engine is remarkable. There is no noise in it.  As much as possible a quieter ride is on your way.

No matter what, this product will give you a primary balance. The gear is a perfect match for Can-Am Outlander. Besides, you can fit it with a renegade, commander, ATV – 500CC with others, and Commander MA. If you consider the speed, you will get sufficient speed. Above and all, the belt will assure you of incredible handling.


  • Crack resistance.
  • OEM specification fulfillment.
  • Stretch truculent.
  • Utmost load tackling.


  • A bit pricey.

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What to Consider buy the Best Belt for Can Am Outlander?

What to Consider buy the Top Belt for Can Am Outlander

A detailed research results in a gainful outcome, anything you are eager to buy. The set of rules may help you to avoid deceitful eventually the wrong product. You may doubt in mind about your desired items. Well, it’s completely okay. Regardless, follow the guidelines to purchase the best belt for Can Am Outlander. Take away all of your confusion.


Quality materials certify the durability of any product. So, the material of the product should be of high quality. Moreover, premium elements offer resistances to heat or getting stretchy. Thus, it allows you to continue the functionality for a longer period without any complexity.


For numerous people, budget plays a key factor in purchasing the belt. Sometimes, prices specify the quality creating the difference. The lower prices bring a cheap quality product. Not every time it happens. Explore the best you can, if you have a tight budget. Because multiple satisfactory products are out there in the economic range.


All will go in a vein if the belt is not compatible with your vehicles. As you are willing to buy a belt for Can-Am Outlander. Double-check the specifications, whether it matches or not! Don’t be so hurry to buy the kit. Put your clam head in it.


When you want to purchase such a significant gear, try to buy it from a brand. Don’t choose a local product. The local market has a chance of serving you duplicate products. The brand item will deliver reliability under loyalty. You will find less risk if you acquire the belt from a renowned brand.


Look up the warranty, whenever you are going to pay for the belt. The warranty will give you the advantage of replacement with some specific conditions.  As a result, the customer builds a good impression in their mind for the kit. They consider it dependable enough.

Up to date Other Parts

If the other parts have a fault, there is a possibility of failure in performing the belt operation. On account of that, the belt won’t work properly. Make sure that all the components of vehicles are okay. Therefore, defective sections lead to damage in the belt. Keep updated on each part.


Sizes do matter while buying a belt. You must require an ideal size. Otherwise, the belt won’t go along with the engine. Check the parts number referring to the manual. Then, match including the descriptions. According to that, identify the exact size.


Most of the items don’t show the range. The general expected range of the belt is 60,000+ for continuing. But the luxurious belt delivers 100,000+. Contact the manufacturer regarding this. They can suggest to you about the range.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

What is the replacement cost of a drive belt?

A drive belt needs replacement when it becomes thin or breaks. The replacement of a drive belt will cost you around 120 dollars – 160 dollars. The labor cost will be approximately 80 dollars & the parts will cost around 60 dollars.

Is it possible to drive with a broken belt?

Some cars have belts that conduct with a water pump & some have more than one spiral belt. It depends on your car, which one will work & which one will not. Also, it depends on which zigzag belt you break. The best thing is to avoid driving a car that has a broken belt. Not even for a short space.

What will happen to a car if it has a broken belt?

The power of the steering system of the car will suddenly decrease if the belt breaks. As a result, it will be hard to turn the steering wheel. It stops the circulation of water through the cooling system of the engine. A broken belt can overheat the engine.

Final Words

Replacing the belt isn’t an easy task. A belt is a vital component of any transportation. So, you must inspect it from time to time with other parts. The broken belt indicates the malfunction of separate segments. Some of them or any particular part don’t work accurately. Keep your eye on them too.

When the belt of Can-Am Outlander is ripped out, try to alternate the belt higher or similar quality. It’s not only for the great working purpose but also the safety measures. We have presented the best belt for Can Am Outlander. All the belts are standard enough to give you an excellent service. If you stick to our preference, you won’t lose your way.