Nitto Crosstek Vs Terra Grappler – Complete Review


All season tires are an essential part of Suv and light trucks. They perform in different weather conditions and help to improve your driving journey.

Nitto Crosstek and Terra Grappler are both all-season tires, providing various benefits. Choosing the one from these two can be difficult as both have similar features. To get the best experience, you need to select one that will suit the most with your driving style and vehicle.

To help you out, in this article, we will discuss Nitto Crosstek Vs Terra Grappler thoroughly, including features, pros, and cons. Keep on reading to know more.

Nitto Crosstek Vs Terra Grappler

Nitto Crosstek and Terra Grapplers both are excellent in maintaining good tread life and providing optimum performance. To learn more about their features, we present a comparison table of Nitto Crosstek and Terra Grappler.

Nitto Crosstek

Terra Grappler

39.6-48.1 pounds 33-45 pounds
Selection Width
235-275 millimeter 265-285 millimeter
Aspect Ratio
55-75 55-70
Rim Diameter
16-20 inches 16-22 inchesC
Key Feature
Advanced noise minimization Improved traction in damp conditions
Tread Depth
12.7 32nds -16 32nds 13.1 32nds- 13.4 32nds
Top 3 Models
  1. Nitto Crosstek 2– Improved Steering Response
  2. Nitto Crosstek 2– Minimized Noise
  3. Nitto Crosstek Crossover– Smooth Ride
  1. Terra Grappler– Affordable
  2. Terra Grappler G2– High Quality
  3. Terra Grappler G2–  Great Grip

Our Recommended Pick- Terra Grappler

We recommend Terra Grappler as it ensures a smooth, comfortable ride in all types of terrain in all weather conditions. The tires are sturdy and durable, give your vehicle a great look, and excellent handling of gravel, mud, dirt, etc. They also provide exceptional performance on both on-road and off-road.

The tires come in many different sizes, so finding the right one for your vehicle is not troublesome. One of the fantastic quality of these tires is the smooth handling of rough terrain. They can transit effortlessly to rough off-road terrain. They also offer a limited warranty.

Now, let’s find out the features and functions of the Terra Grappler in detail.

Exceptional Design

Terra Grappler tires offer two sidewall designs, one side with solid outlined lettering and the other with striped lettering. This design helps you to select which look you want for your vehicle. The two different designs do not hamper the performance of the tires. It is an exceptionally stable tire.

Stable Driving

The lateral voids on the tires help in channeling off the water, debris, mud, snow, etc. providing better performance on wet and snow conditions. It also increases stability when driving on the road. The coupling joints act as lugs connector. They reduce tread flex allow stability at high speed.

Prevents Hydroplaning

Driving at high speed on wet road surface causes hydroplaning. The deep siping feature on the terra grappler tire prevents hydroplaning. It creates more friction with the surface of the road, enabling cutting through the water pockets on the


All-Season Traction

Angled, lateral voids and the high density siping on the treads, specially made for channel away water, provide stability, and enhance all-season traction.

Off-Road Performance

Maximum Off-road performance is possible due to the balanced void ratio. The coupling joints placed between the tread also ensures better off-road traction. On the shoulder of the tire, you will find chiseled lugs. They create a staggered layout that enhances traction in loose dirt, mud, deep sand, and snow.


  • Looks good
  • Provides great traction
  • Smoother ride
  • Affordable
  • Offers limited warranty



  • May experience extra tire noise at high speed


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More Review- Nitto Crosstek

Nitto Crosstek from the Japanese Company Nitto is a budget-friendly all season, every day driving tire for SUV, Trucks, crossover, etc. It is not an off-road tire but can provide enough traction over gravel, dirt, and light sand. Here are some features of Nitto Crosstek.


One of the critical features of Nitto Crosstek is the three circumferential grooves for channeling out water from the tire. This feature helps to resist hydroplaning during heavy rain. These tires go through simulation tests, and the result shows that the specially designed tread block and patterns provide a contact patch and improves water clearing during heavy braking.

These tires also feature 3D multi-wave sipes, which add a biting edge look to the tires. As the sipes are interlocking, it improves stability on the road at a higher speed.

Maintenance Indicator

Proper maintenance and frequent rotation of tires are necessary to get the best out of your tire.  The advanced visual treadwear indicator in these tires help you to observe alignment and treadwear easily.

Quiet Ride

You can enjoy a comfortable, quiet ride with Nitto Crosstek tires. The unique tread pattern and circumferential grooves minimize noises. The circumferential grooves come with dense serrations on walls, which reduces the pipe resonance noise.


Nitto Crosstek offers a limited warranty on mileages. The treadwear warranty depends on tire size and models. Some offer a limited warranty for 60,000 miles and some offers for 50,000 miles according to the size and models.


  • Higher traction on the dry walkway
  • Good cornering grip
  • Lasts longer
  • Reduce noises even for large tires


  • Not ideal in wet traction, handling, and off-road duty

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What Should be Your Ideal Pick?

The correct tire can make your ride quality better and improve the overall performance of your vehicle. So choosing the right one is very important. We hope that our article on Nitto Crosstek Vs Terra Grappler will help you find the perfect tire for your SUV/trucks.

If you do on-road driving more, you can choose Terra Grappler. The aggressive-looking tread pattern provides better traction in both dry and rainy weather. It is also an excellent choice for doing heavy off-road duty occasionally.

On the other hand, if you are not comfortable with tire noise, drive on dry weather conditions more, you can choose the Nitto Crosstek. The exclusive design of the tread ensures minimum noise and provides better traction on the highway.