See the Safe Way of How to Turn Off EGR With Mini Maxx


With the right type of EGR, your mini Maxx can provide a substantial increase in mpg. It’s all about flashing the right race tune for a specific model truck. And that will bring pretty good results with inactivating the EGR system. The possibility of a leak is even better eliminated with kit conjunction along with the tune. The proper usage of Mini Maxx for turning the EGF is simple but only when you understand the entire process well.

It’s not only one fast way but pretty inexpensive as well for inactivating EGR. And so, we are here to talk about how to turn off EGR with mini Maxx the right way.

How to Turn Off EGR With Mini Maxx

Let’s find out the right way to turn off the EGR. To make things simple we will be clearing every phase of this process. Even the never-did-it-before folks will be able to sort it out with that. Enjoy!

Turn Off Your Vehicle

If looking for how to turn off EGR with Mini Maxx tuner, your first step is to turn off your vehicle to safely do other processes. For that, make sure you have switched off in a secure manner.

While doing this step, make sure you have placed your vehicle in a good place where you can freely do whatever you want. Also, if you have a traditional car, then try to keep the key in your pocket after turning off.

And for the latest cars, press switches off to shut the engine easily. After you have done shutting your vehicle, rush to the following step.

Locate EGR Throttle Control Valve

Then, the next thing you want to do is to locate your EGR throttle control valve to run your Mini Maxx tuner easily. This step is really essential for you to find the right EGR valve it can be more than 1.

If you leave the EGR valve in the car it’ll eventually result in your vehicle with less speed and erratic engine responses. And, for that, you want to find the EGR valve as fast as possible. Now, the quickest way to find the EGR is it should be fitted in your vehicle front side.

You want to locate the intercooler and the intake manifold on the front side of the engine compartment where the EGR is rested. So, once you find the EGR throttle control valve, you want to follow the next step.

 Unplug the EGR Throttle Control Valve

The moment you correctly find the EGR Throttle Control Valve, you want to take it down by pulling the wire harness. Before starting this process, you want to wear a glove and make sure to wear plastic sandals to avoid injury.

Now, you’ll see a light gray type harness wire that should be located on the backside of the Throttle Control Valve, and once you notice it make sure to unplug it. This wire is completely visible that should be seen quickly from above for its different colors.

Some vehicles may vary different color harness however it would be designed in a different color to identify easily. When unplugging the wire, make sure you have moved the red locking tab in the side. If you are done unplugging it, go to the next step.

Find the EGR Solenoid

For installing the Mini Max, you want to get rid of all the EGR parts to be set up in the right way. So, it is vital to locate the EGR solenoid on the backpressure transducer.

To find it properly, you want to know where the back-pressure hose located is. Once you have found the place then see where it is being attached as the EGR solenoid usually stands on it. You also don’t need much work to do for finding it as it is visible at the intake manifold.

On top of that, it should be in the middle of the vacuum hose and the backpressure hose. After you have located the EGR solenoid, run to the next step.

Remove the EGR Solenoid

The next thing you want to do is to remove the EGR solenoid that is being attached to the backpressure and vacuum hose. To detach it in the right manner, you want to go through some techniques.

To remove it, you want to unplug the wire that has been attached to the EGR solenoid. Try to do this step slowly and carefully as you don’t want to break anything. You’ll see the wire as it is colored in brown that is definitely different than others. So, once you locate that, unplug it.

Just like the EGR Throttle Control Valve, this part also can be different in color based on your vehicle models. So, you want to check it first carefully then detach the EGR solenoid wiring. Then, head to the next step.

Install Mini Maxx Tuner

After detaching the EGR, run the Mini Maxx by attaching the cable to your vehicle and the OBD ll Adaptor plug that should be down on your left side of the driver seat. Make sure you have hidden the vehicle plug where you pull out. And, you are done.

Wrap Up

And that brings us to the finale of how to turn off EGR with mini Maxx. It’s time to bid goodbye but before that, we will suggest one last thing. Please make sure you understand the entire process before trying it out in actual. If there’s confusion yet residing in your mind, sort it out first. Don’t proceed with any perplexity since that will cause obstacles later on. So, take your time to understand the matter well. We Wish You A Good Luck on That!