4 Best Oil For 3.8 Jeep With More Power, More Comfort!


Jeep is an American brand. It is most famous for its quality. The price of a vehicle is high, but people don’t hesitate to pay for it.  And the 3.8 jeep is a much higher mileage car.

This car’s engine is very long-lasting. It lasted more than 100,000 miles. And a well of maintenance gives you about 400,000 miles when a regular vehicle faced with terrible damage after 100,000 miles.

So, you need proper maintenance for the jeep engine. To keep the 3.8 jeep engine, you can use synthetic oil. For that, we help you to find the best oil for 3.8 jeeps.

Best Oil For 3.8 Jeep

Here are the top 4 oils that suit well with jeep 3.8. Let’s go!

1. Valvoline High Mileage Synthetic Blend Motor Oil– The Best High Mileage Oil for Engine

The Valvoline High Mileage with MaxLife Technology SAE 5W-20 Synthetic Blend Motor Oil is the best oil. Many people give their positive opinions to this product. According to their views,’ we recommend you to use that oil.

Valvoline manufactures this oil brand. It made for high mileage cars. It gives a smooth and clean texture to the engine. And keep the engine quite good. Give you a soundless startup. It can save the engine from misfiring. You can realize the product advantage while you use that. You can drive without any doubt, and it doesn’t create any smoke on your engine.

It is a mixture of synthetic and premium conventional base stocks. And this type of oil is the best oil for the 3.8 jeeps.

You can find this product on Amazon available. It is a natural process to buy this product from Amazon. Here you got this product at a lower price than any other side. We include the product link so that you can check the reviews and identify the product quality correctly.


  • Outstanding quality.
  • Run smoothly.
  • Smoke-free oil.
  • Reasonable price.


  • Not suitable for diesel engines.

Available On Amazon

2. Castrol Edge 5w-20– 3 Times Stronger Synthetic Oil for 3.8L Jeep

Castrol Edge 03083 brings a fully synthetic oil that works positively against viscosity breakdown.

This engine oil has Titanium technology that ensures optimum engine performance. And you will get the same strength in acute pressure.

At what speed you ride will not matter anymore with the Castrol full synthetic oil. It can help to reduce the metal-to-metal contact resulting in engine wear.

When the metal contact increases, this can lead to even 10 tons of pressure per square centimeter. And Castrol Edge can provide 3 times more robust protection than other industry oils.

This proper viscosity level of oil is a perfect lubrication system for Jeep 3.8 engine. Moreover, the oil does not let any oil deposit in the engine, giving your engine long life.

The best part of this advanced level oil is the test approvals. Castrol Edge motor oil has passed the approval of API( American Petroleum Institute) SN, SAE( Society of Automotive Engineer), ACEA A1/B1, Chrysler MS-6395, also some requirements of Ford WSS certification number.

So, for the Jeep Wrangler 3.8L turbo engine, this can be the ideal motor oil.


  • Best oil for money
  • Dexos Gen 2 approved
  • Perfect lubrication for the turbo
  • Unbelievable noise-free performance


  • May not be useful to regular duty vehicle

Available On Amazon

3. Royal Purple Synthetic– Ethanol Compatible 5w-20 Oil

Royal Purple 51520 is the full synthetic oil for high-performing gasoline engine such as the Jeep Wrangler 3.8 V6 engine or any other.

This oil optimizes your engine performance and provides the fullest protection. Royal Purple 5w-20 oil uses the ZDDP (Zinc Dialkyl Dithio Phosphate ) additive formula that is patented. It is Zinc-based, so it helps in providing the engine an optimum level of protection.

API SN-approved oil got no rust creation at the time of testing. So, your engine can run safely with this group IV motor oil.

It also prevents the oil from creating any white sludge or carbon build-up. Consequently, your engine runs smoother with your desired higher mileage.

If your vehicle factory recommends the mineral or the synthetic, you can rely on this oil in both cases. For effective fuel performance, this is the best oil for Jeep Wrangler JK.


  • Compatible with Ethanol fuels
  • Dexos Gen 1 approved
  • Prevents corrosion
  • High choice of the Turbo owners


  • Not for diesel engine

Available On Amazon

4. Mobil 1  Advanced Oil– Most Reviewed High-Mileage Synthetic Oil

This Mobile 1 advanced synthetic oil has the 5w-20 grade of viscosity. It is an ideal motor oil for turbo engines.

Mobil 1 is the first-ever company making the full synthetic oil. So, you will not have any issues with quality.

It has been formulated with some exceptional technology that provides a particular type of engine protection.

From the first ride, you will find this oil bringing a change in performance. And that will be with clean and smooth oil flow.

Some users claim to find this oil clean and new even after 12000 miles. So, this is so reliable, and test-approved oil for the Jeep 3.8L engine.

However, the oil protects your engine from any wearing and prolonged life of the engine.


  • Highly reviewed by users
  • Helps in engine startup
  • Fights against oil sludge
  • Budget-worthy


  • No Dexos approval

Available On Amazon

How To Select the Oil for 3.8 Jeep?

How To Select the Oil for 3.8 Jeep

To buy oil for your engine, you should consider some facts and then select the right one. Here, we are showing you those facts as your buying guide.

Choose the  Right Type of the Oil

What is the 2011 Jeep Wrangler 3.8 oil type? A few days ago, a jeep user was asking me. Well, before knowing the right answer, let’s clear the primary oil type first.

The oil type is crucial to consider before buying the engine oil what your vehicle recommends to use– the synthetic, conventional, or synthetic blend oil.

Wrangler 3.8L Jeep engines are the turbo engine. And these engine needs the full synthetic motor oil.

So, choose any synthetic oil to enjoy the full mileage performance of your splendid Jeep.

Select the Correct Viscosity Grade

The viscosity grade is for decreasing the oil breakdown and benefits in the startup.

For the 3.8L engine Jeeps, the factory recommends using the 5w-20 viscosity of the oil. We have shown some top reviewed oil above with that viscosity, and people love to use them.

You can also use 5w-30 or 10w-30 grade of oil according to the climate, as some are using and no significant issues.

For the colder regions, choosing the wrong viscosity grade may cause hindrance in engine startup. Select the compatible viscosity of oil according to your riding features.

High Additive Formula Can Be Considerable

Some oil brands like the Royal Purple use high-quality additives. These additives do not make the oil synthetic-blend rather increase in performance.

These types of oil with additives can be choosable for the turbo 3.8L engine.

Different Test Approvals

While choosing the engine oil, you can check different industry certifications or approval. It helps to be sure of the oil quality and performance.

You can pick the oil that has been passed by more tester. Among these, some vehicle recommends the Dexos gen 2 and some Dexos gen 1approval.  If your car suggests any particular, you can choose according to that.

These are the significant factors that you must not forget to check during buying. There are other facts and features that you can look for-the oil performance, protection providing features, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

What oil is best for a 3.8 jeep?

Synthetic oils are best for the 3.8 jeep engine. It gives the engine a smoother and clean surface. That helps your car to save the engine from misfiring. A blend of motor oil also works well.

Have any problems with the 3.8 jeep cars?

Generally, there aren’t any problems with this. This car is popular in the world. Many people like the car for its right sides. Therefore, it is an American brand that’s why people like it more. Sometimes the high mileage can create any thorny issues, but it is not so much.

Do the 3.8 jeeps last longer?

 Yes, it lasted longer. It can run 100,000 miles without any problems. But proper maintenance can give it more lasting power about 400,000 miles.

Wrap Up

Jeeps are so stunning to off-road lovers. And to run your engine with the desired mileage, you need good motor oil.

In this writing, we list out the 4 best oil for 3.8 Jeep to fly your Jeep to the fullest. And we hope the in-depth buying guide will surely help you select your right oil for your Jeep.