Best Light Bar for RZR 1000 – Top 3 Satisfying Picks


Light bar lightens the road when driving, especially any off-road car or truck. RZR 1000 is a decent model that includes a unique combination of agility and power. It consists of design for off-road domination, and thereby only factory headlights are not enough for it. It needs proper illumination to be able to see the night roads and driving in challenging conditions.

To add extra illumination, specialized care for light bar selection is of utmost importance. If you are looking for the best light bar for RZR 1000, then the guideline that we are presenting here will help you choose the most promising light bars to light up properly.

Best Light Bar For RZR 1000

Product’s Name Beam Brightness Key Benefits Price
Arsenal No. 1 32″ LED Light Bar Kit 18,000 Lumens Weatherproof And Durable Details On Amazon
Dasen 30″ Light Bar 12000 Lumens Simple To Attach On Truck Details On Amazon
XJMOTO LED Light Bar 18000 Lumens Lasts A Long-term While Details On Amazon

Let’s discover the top 3 light bars that best matches with rzr 1000.

1. Arsenal No. 1 32″ LED Light Bar Kit– Supplement Your Vehicle Headlight with Super Bright LEd Light Bar

Arsenal No. 1 32″ is a complete LED light bar kit that offers high-intensity illumination. It provides 180 watts, which is enough for getting clear visibility. Its 60-degree flood beam and 30-degree spot beam ensure an exact combination of lasers to have a broad and clear view while driving off-road at night.

With 6000kk color temperature, it maintains a better cooling effect compared to other light bars. No. 1 32″ is with anti-fogging capacity and thereby strong enough to withstand the harshest conditions. The light bar is durable and long-lasting, and the manufacturer provides a two-year-long warranty for it.

The kit includes a sticker pack and front mounts. It also has a rocker switch harness and an operating voltage of 10-30v DC. This No. 1 32″ front line light bar has 1800 lumen, which refers to its brightness power. Therefore, you can rely on it as the best light bar for RZR 1000.


  • Ensure better adjustment.
  • Easy to install.
  • Arrive at a great price.
  • Awesome mounting brackets.


  • Somewhat small in size.

Available On Amazon

2. Dasen 30″ Light Bar– Get the perfect Fit Light with All Mounting Kits

With this 30 inches LED light bar, you are getting 2pcs  4 inches cubic-shaped LED light,  2 pairs of the mounting bracket, and the wiring kits.

You don’t need to modify the light bar or the brackets. This light perfectly fits your RZR 1000. You can install it with the factory nuts and holes in it.

The light is CNC laser cut type light with black powder-coated that makes it look cool.  The 180 Watt of light will work at 9-32 V DC voltage with 1800 LMS of power.

The light bar lens is furnished with toughened glass that can provide both spot and flood type beams. You can ride at any time, day or night, with this light bar on your UTV.

Dasen LED light can enlighten the front of the vehicle for more than 30,000 hours. So, don’t worry about frequent light changing.

The mounting brackets with the rocker switch mount easily and provide rust-free performance as the brackets are stainless steel.

This light bar is compatible with Polaris RZR 800,900 and 1000 and more. You can install it on the windshield roof of your RZR 1000 or the engine hood without additional drilling or cutting.


  • IP67waterproof
  • Massive lifetime
  • Easy installation
  • Cool & aggressive look


  • No mounting instruction

Available On Amazon

3. XJMOTO LED Light Bar– Corrosion-Free Straight Light Bar within Budget

XJMOTO 30 inches light bar comes with a corrosion-free light bar. You will get the wiring and the mounting brackets with this light bar.

It has the ideal 9-32 Volt of voltage with 180 Watt of power. So, this is a perfect fit for your Polaris RZR. You will get both the beam type and flood type lighting effect.

Don’t worry about the performance of this light bar. It is made with the CNC laser cut technology to get a good vision with this.

The mounting kits are black powder-coated for superior performance, and of course, the stainless steel metal makes it corrosion-resistant.

The lens of this light bar has the PMMA lens material that is a quality acrylic glass material. It makes the light shatter-resistant and lightweight.

If you are looking for a budget-friendly, good light bar for your RZR 1000, nothing can be better than the SJMOTO 30 inches light bar.


  • Water-resistant (IP67)
  • Acrylic glass lens
  • Easy to mount
  • cheap


  • Not curved

Available On Amazon

How to Pick the Best Light Bar for RZR 1000?

How to Pick the Best Light Bar for RZR 1000

When you decide you need a light bar, you must consider some facts before buying. These facts will help you to choose the right fit with excellent outcomes.

Let’s dive into the facts.

Look for the Compatible Fit

Well, vehicle compatibility is the first thing you must check. You want a light bar for Polaris, but you take the Toyota compatible light bar, there will be no benefit of buying.

So, make sure you are selecting among the Polaris RZR 1000 compatible light bars.

Consider  the Size of the Bar

The light bar size is crucial to look for at the time of purchase. In general, you will find 5 inches to 50 inches of the light bar.

You must know that the longer the light is, the more enlightened the surroundings can be. Also, the price can vary based on light sizes.

Well, 30 inches to 40 inches would be ideal for mounting in the RZR 1000. More than 40 inches may look a little odd. On the contrary, less than 30 inches may seem too small.

The rest choice and preferences are yours.

LED Light BeamType

In the light bar, of course, you must choose the LED light. It is the safest and latest technology to use beneficially.

Here, can be two types of a light beam in the lights. One is the spot, and the other is the flood type of beam.

Spot beam is perfect when you are driving in road traffic areas. For off-road, rough-riding with your UTV, the flood beam is a must for a clear view of the front ground.

Some lights come with the combined beam type. That is a winning point if you can get this type.

Number of LED Rows in the Bar

Most of the cases, people forget to have a view on the row number. There can be a single row of LED lights in the light bar or a double row of some LED lights.

The fact is simple—double rows, more enlightened. Now, you choose what you need.

LED Light Color

The color of the light comes here. Many people with a new UTV or ATV tend to choose a colorful light bar. But they forget that the white color light is the brightest ever.

Indeed, red, blue, or other colors can impact an impressive outlook. These colors of lights can bring some cool, aggressive look to your RZR. But in case of the viewing function, the white light can show you brighter.

Should Be Water-Proof

The light bar should be waterproof. Check this before buying. You may be taking your RZR on a rough ride or in rainy weather. So, the water-resistance feature can protect the light bar from fast decay.

Look for the Mounting Tools with It

You are buying a light bar after such considerations. So, you might not like to purchase additional mounting kits separately. That is why look for the light bar with all the mounting brackets and wiring.

Most of the light bars nowadays come pre holed. So, what you need to do is buy, connect all the kits and nuts and install within minutes. No trouble for any drilling or making space for mounting bolts.

Price & Lifetime

The essential thing to consider is the; price, of course. You must look at what is within your budget. If you have the proper buying guide, you can make a good purchase within any price range.

And yes, don’t forget to get a light bar with a massive lifetime.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Which color light is best for your RZR 1000 light bar?

Depending on the temperature, the manufacturers recommend different colors for the light bar. The white color will be the best for lighting RZR 10 00. Your driving will be safe because white light offers the highest illumination.

Where is the right place for installing a light bar on vehicles?

The right place to install the light bar is on the hood or roof of the car. The higher the right bar, the better it will be. To get the highest efficiency, you should ensure that the light reaches as far down the route as possible.

Do you need to clean the light bar?

Yes, it would be best if you cleaned the light bar regularly while washing the vehicle. You can use car washing for cleanup the light bar. The car washer can cause damage to mounted accessories. So, first, unmount everything from the vehicle.

Final Words

Having a light bar in your RZR can benefit you to ride at any time. So, you can have a view of our top 3 picks of the best light bar for RZR 1000. And the complete in-depth buying guide will guide you to pick the right light bar according to your riding passion.