Toyo Open Country at2 VS Nitto Terra Grappler g2 – Find the Best out of the Best


Finding one best tire is already enough tormenting, and you push the limit while stuck between the wars of Toyo Open Country at2 VS Nitto Terra Grappler g2.

Both of these tires have similar details, no wonder as their manufacturer country is the same. It is the reason why getting into the comparison and coming out with an exact result is quite hard. So we have thought to shed light on the core trifles, which will spare you from walking on the road of confusion and assist you in making the right decision within the earliest time possible.

Here we present the comparison of these tires. You will surely be able to indicate the differences and highlight the best features. So stay with us until the last.

Toyo Open Country at2 VS Nitto Terra Grappler g2- Brief Review

Here you can take a look at all the basic facts about these two tires. The table and other descriptions will initially draw your mind to the one you prefer most. So have a look:

Table of Comparison

Toyo Open Country at2

Nitto Terra Grappler g2

Item’s Weight
  63 pounds  44.5 pounds
 11.5 x 34 x 34 ( in inches ) 32.76 x 32.76 x 11.5 ( in inches)
Stable, long tread life Stable, comparatively less tread life
Sturdy, Aggressive Stylish and bold, two different designs
Main Attraction
Indicator for tread wear Running flat

Recommended pick- Toyo Open Country at2

All season Toyo Open Country at2 tire has some extraordinary features. It is one complete package with what you get every benefit enough to satisfy your riding. The external and internal efforts of the tire, hardcore building, and durability are worth trying once. Let’s know them elaborately to have explicit knowledge of this product:


Toyo Open Country at2 has an aggressive sidewall that builds a severe outlook. The performance on-road or off-road doesn’t forget to impress you. The sturdy build of the sidewalls easily overcome a distressful muddy, rocky, or rough roads.

Though the void spaces on the surface may raise the illusion of producing noise, still the performance is noise and vibration-free as much as you would expect from the best tire.


The compounds Toyo has used for tread have manufactured by keeping in mind to resist wear, which has a direct connection with the durability. On the other hand, you can predict less treadwear, and the longevity of this tire is their best shot among some additional features.

Besides, deep grooves on its construction avoid the pressure in one area and enhance the tread life. It works both as a unique design and increases the lifetime of tread undercover.

Sipes Design

There are visible zig-zag sipes that they applied to ensure better outcomes driving on wet and ice-covered roads. They firmly hold the grip and refuse to slip even on the toughest situation. Similarly, the blocks with polygonal shape serve the strength to keep on going over dry roads.

Shoulder Variations

Open Country at2 introduced us with their three different shoulder design. They have created a difference based on the size as well as construction. They have P-Metric, LT-Metric, and Xtreme sizes. The models divide the categories for us, which makes it easy to find the right one.


By all means, Toyo tires promise less traction and better contact with roads. It reduces wears and increases the tire’s efficiency on off-roads and wet or snowy roads.


  • Excellent durability and generous performance.
  • No existence of noise or vibration.
  • Capable in wet, snowy, or dry and off-roads.
  • Different block and zig-zag designs.
  • Available in three shoulder designs.


  • No choice for sidewall pattern.

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Fellow Competitor- Nitto Terra Grappler g2

Again, Nitto Terra Grappler g2 also has some fantastic offers to accomplish your search for the best tire. Its features are not less than any best tire you can compare. Though rather than durability and off-road performance, it concentrates more on the dashing outlook. And here, you get to know more.


Nitto Terra Grappler g2 indeed showed an extra effort toward the tire’s sidewalls. They have different sidewall designs on each side. Both are strong and commendable, leaves you with a choice for selecting your preferred one.

One is their default tire sidewall design, must have heard about the bold pattern ‘thunderbolt,’ an upgraded version from their previous models. Another is their new arrival ‘blade’ design, which you can notice slightly connected with shoulder lugs to the middle surface.


Nitto again experimented with the compound to reduce tread wear as well as increase the tire’s lifespan and possibly got it right this time. They offer 50,000 miles to 65,000 miles on different metric sizes without any treadwear, which is an irresistible deal.

Sipes Design

With the sipes design, Nitto tried to make an improvement both on driving wet and snowy roads and help in decreasing tread wears. The sipes were more in building depth rather than getting an advantage from their shape.

Shoulder Variations

Nitto g2 has biting edges near the sidewalls, which helps it smooth driving on off-roads. They do not provide any extra benefit by forming a well-planned shoulder.


  • Two different sidewall designs.
  • Bold and robust tread pattern.
  • Money-back trial for 45 days.
  • Lightweight and more significant dimensions.
  • Outstanding performance on dry, slightly snowy, and on-roads.


  • Doesn’t offer any high shoulder lugs.

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Which is the Ideal Selection for you?

Now that you have every detail you should know before buying Toyo Open Country at2, what is it stopping you? As we have already said, the similarity and capability may confuse to find out the best. But it has all the qualities for on-road but specially off-roads. If you are an adventure lover, often go out at the country road without any extra preparation, then Open Country at2 got you back.

But if you are not much of an off-road user, then you may grab Nitto’s 45 days trial deal they are offering. You can buy Nitto’s tire and analyze the experience using it for 45 days. They assure you the performance of the product will occupy your mind, but if not, you can return the tires and get back the amount you spend on it.

At last, we can assure you these two tires may have a few changes and improvements in their structure. But whichever you will select, you would always be in a win-win situation.