35 Vs 40 Tires – Which One is Competent to You?


In this summer season, you may be looking for the best and solid tires before going on a long journey. You should not be worried about it. The 35 or 40 tires can be the greatest choice for you. Hence, look into our article for getting a better one.

At first, in Ireland, the tires were developed for use in normal light vehicles and cycles. The compositions of current tires are carbon black, natural rubber, synthetic rubber, fabric, etc. When the tire rolls over rough surface features provide a robust cushion and absorb shocks.

From our article, you will know the comparison of 35 Vs 40 tires which help you to solve your problems.

Comparing 35 Vs 40 Tires

Both of the products will give the best performance according to their ability. If you look at the 35 tires, they would be suitable for off-road activities. One reason customers like a 35” tire is that they look fantastic. The products render the entire exterior attractive for your wheels. They’ll also deliver a representation and boost on any potential adventures.

On the contrary, the 40 tires are large. The materials are constructed for all types of pickups and trucks. The substances will provide you a great quantity of road consistency or traction and for your excellent off-road setup. The noticeable features that differ the 35 and 40 tires, given in below;

35 Tires

40 Tires

Average Weight
(16- 81) in pounds (80-112) in pounds
Section Width
12.5 in inches (mostly) (13.5-15.5) in inches
35 40
Rim Diameter
17 in inches (mostly) (17-24) in inches
Couragia M/T, Mud-Terrain T/A KM2, Claw II M/T, etc. Open Country M/T, Baja Boss, M16, Baja pro XS, LTB, etc.
Tread Depth
15.88 32nds- 21 32nds 21 32nds- 23 32nds
Aspect Ratio
(12.5-65) unknown modifier (13.5-15.5) unknown modifier
Load Index Rating
121-125 121-130
Speed Rating
Q or P Q or P or L
Below $800 $300- $1000 or above $1000
Black letters Black
Top 3 Brands
  1. Toyo Tire Open Country M/T Tires -Most offensive style
  2. Federal Couragia M/T Tires– Rugged efficiency
  3. Mastercraft Courser MXT Tires– Quite inexpensive
  1. Pro Comp Xtreme MT2 Tires-Noise free
  2. Cooper Discoverer STT Pro All-Season Tires– Awesome all seasons and off-road performance
  3. Nitto Trail Grappler M/T All-Terrain Radial Tires– Stony off-road representation

Our Recommended Pick- 35 Tires

From 35 vs 40 tires models, we refer you to buy the 35 tires for your vehicle. The reasons behind this recommendation are its ability to enjoy highway and off-road travel during all time. Its unique models enhance the mud traction and provide a smooth resistance to traction. The compounds are made of good quality ingredients.

It combines broad spied and stepped bugs with a balanced and impressive string design that contributes to enrich performance. If you conduct with this component, you will obtain additional tire life and safety. The tires have multi-purpose and you can drive long without any causing problems. We trust that you won’t be hopeless when you purchase these items.

These 35 pneumatic are made, to have husky construction and the right grip for the off roadside support. We have discussed the fundamental features of the product below with details.


The sidewall of the devices is composed of two steel straps polyester that reduces puncture possibilities and makes this one of the greatest 35-inch durable tires on the market. Moreover, the design gives products a longer life. It helps to counter sides cutting and brushes.

The void ratio on the sidewall is a standout feature that helps the tire to clear in the dump place. For this, you can pick BFGoodrich Mud-Terrain T/A KM2 35 tires.

Trade design

The off-road and street tires come with various tread designs. Treads on pneumatic tires are well designed and no major changes are observed for a long time. The design of the treads makes it more robust and durable on off roads. The extensive tread blocks on the tire help cars to move any road and do multi-purpose activities.  You can pick Federal Couragia M/T Mud-Terrain Radial 35 tires.

Radial construction

The newly updated radial construction of this product helps ensure high stability on all types of roads and terrains in which the body of the tire radiates from the fictional center of the wheel. Radial tires, which represent over 98 percent of all tires sold and the popularity of its increasing day by day.

Rim diameter

35 tires can only be used with at least 17” wide rims. Larger tires need bigger rims to optimize the pneumatic profile and increase the maneuverability of your vehicle.

Speed and Loading Capacity

The speed is approximately 33.9 MPH to 67.7 MPH of this brand. By maintaining proper speed, the tires can provide you higher performance. The load capacity of the product is about 2581 pounds.


  • Better tread life
  • Good output in downhill snow
  • Friendly in budget
  • Simple balancing


  • Little bit noise on the lane

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Recent Market Competitor- 40 Tires

The 40 tires are built for trucks of full size and incorporating on-and off-road use. The materials enhance ground clearance, improve load-carrying efficiency. Besides, it increases greater flexibility in off-road and on-road activities. The features of the compound are described below.

Tread design

The powerful open tread architecture was designed with computer simulation to provide unbeatable grip and stability without undue noise. Furthermore, it develops self-cleaning work in snow and mud. The special configuration of the tread components guarantees a consistent surface region for optimum ground interaction.

Sidewall design

You will see the design of the sidewalls of these substances is outstanding. It is developed for awesome off-road sand and rock traction. Further, it promotes on-road function and stability.


  • Free from road noise
  • Greater durability
  • Smooth riding and flexible
  • Comparatively low price and increase outlook


  • Heavy

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What Should Be Your Ideal Pick?

We are comparing 35 Vs 40 tires brands. These tires include several items. When you are going to drive in snowy, wet, and dry weather, 35 all-terrain tires are best for you. Before going to ride in muddy roads, you can purchase 35 mud tires. Besides, snow tires can be your great choice if you drive in a cold and wet atmosphere.

For use in all seasons, 40 all-terrain and mud-terrain tires will be a better option. If you are a pickup and truck driver and want to ride in rocky and oozy roads, then you can pick Toyo Open Country M/T or Pro Comp Xtreme MT2 40 tires.