Best Light Bar for RZR 800 – Top 6 Picks With Updated Buyers Guide


Are you looking for a bar to purchasing? Then you have to know about the Best Light Bar for RZR 800. The best light bar may easier to mount than big, smoothed driving lights and may even be trim to roof racks.

Do you know about its importance? It is essential to make your driving tension free. This product will help drive correctly on the road with its LED lighting function, which clarifies your vision, particularly in the night.

When you drive, it is challenging to see well in front of you, especially wildlife, is present. You can provide relief yourself in this kind of challenging situation with the best-LED light bar. Here we enlisted some best products.

Best Light Bar for RZR 800

Dig out the best light bar for your buggy that we got from our core search and ride with your own desires.

1. 30-inch straight LED Light Bar Rack– Enjoy the lifetime warranty with amazing featuring

The LED mount rack provides different Polaris models. Including hardware and mount, it offers an excellent opportunity to have a superior product. This sturdy bar affords a mounting point for enormous LED lighting, though also defending your light bar from branches, mainstays, and rollover harm.

Can you imagine this light bar rack will provide you a lifetime warranty? It may be the most wanted or demanding product for its attractive warranty offer to people. However, it featured in the USA, which must make you ensure to choose this one for purchasing.

This product does not give only a better fitment but also swelling tabs for your 30-inch straight light bar. It has an exceptional manufacturing process to establish a light bar as a fit. During development, use of black powder coat in finishing to contest your stock cage that may defend the light bar since damage.


  • Easy to use
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Different models
  • Highly accepted
  • Exceptional featuring


  • Desires little improved fitment

Available On Amazon

2. XJMOTO 30″ Light Bar– Get a Precise Fit & 5 Minutes Installation Toolkits

XJMOTO light bar can be mounted to 2011 Polaris RZR 800 and some more as well. This 30 inches light bar can be a perfect choice for your RZR. you will get all the wiring and mounting brackets with it for easy installation.

This LED light bar comes with a wiring kit and below roof mounting brackets for easy installation. Moreover, you don’t need to drill holes for its attachment.

Aluminum alloy is used for LED light bar casing, and anti-corrosion steel is used for mounting brackets to provide better strength and long life.

Furthermore, the operating life of the LED is more than 30000 hours. Moreover, it is water-proof. It provides a combined spot and floodlight for better illumination. It gives 18000 lumens output at 180W of power.

XJMOTO’s light bar will be the perfect choice to illuminate your riding experience. It offers you unique features.


  • Powerful Illumination
  • Price-worthy
  • Water-proof
  • Suitable voltage operating range 9-32V


  • Not curved

Available On Amazon

3. Nilight 22′ Light Bar– Get a Brighter LED with Triple Rows

Nilight introduces a super bright light bar. Do you know why you should pick this light bar? It is entirely authentic than others as it can refract the light at multi-angles.

To talk about the beam type, it has been formulated to enlighten with combine beam- flood and spot. So, ride both on-road or off-road with this light bar with the brightest illumination.

Its LEDs are spotted with glue sealed that helps in water resistance. And you will be jumping to hear that this light bar has 12 pieces of colling fins that can continuously dissipate heat.

The design of this light bar is totally different for the reflective cup on both sides. And the mounting brackets included are firmly set and mounted to the place.

If you want some brighter illumination with increasing power, Nilight 22 inches light bar is the best light bar for RZR 800. it can enlighten its surroundings with 27000 Lumens of light at 270 Watt of power.


  • Super bright
  • IP67 water-proof
  • Comes with 2 years of warranty
  • Runs up to 50,000 hours at normal usage


  • No wires included

Available On Amazon

4. DWVO 29″ Curved Light Bar– A Light Bar with Increasing Power & Vivid Refraction

DWVO also brings a triple rowed LED light bar but slightly longer in length and brighter in illumination.

This light bar has the extremely high Lumens of LED light: 35,000 Lumens at 390Watt of power. And the LED beads here have a super multi-type of combination-spot and flood beam.

The light bar has a reflective cup design in the middle. And the multi-angled light refraction formula helps to a vivid type of visuality in any rough or rainy weather.

This light is not only water-resistant with high approvals but helps in foggy weather. Moreover, the mounting brackets come with it are rotate-able at 360°.  Also, these are corrosion-proof.

You will get the right amount of cooling fan design in this light bar. So, how heat the lights get up, the aluminum spinning fans will dissipate them at a time.

However, installing this light bar has another benefit. Whether you ride your RZR in too rough terrain, the mounting kits will absorb any shocks, consequently preventing fractures.

Are you searching for an optimum level of light with the highest level of apparent brightness and enlightenment?  Shop this DWVO 29″ light bar that will cover 32″ with the brackets.


  • Anti-glaring light glass
  • IP68 water-proof
  • Shock-proof
  • 50,000 hours of running life


  • No wiring harness

Available On Amazon

5. Tusk 30″ Light Bar– A Premium Level Curved Light Bar with Osram’s LED

Tusk comes with a 30 inches LED light bar with all mounting kits and wirings. It includes 60 high technological Osram LED bulbs.

Each LED consists of 3 Watt of power consisting of 180W of power in total. As a result, the light bar illuminates at 11,250 Lumens of power.  It is quite bright for all conditions.

The light bar comes with mounting spacers, wiring, bolts, nuts, and brackets with rolling clamp bars.  So, you don’t need to buy a single piece of additional toolkits.

The polycarbonate lens in this light bar protects the projection of the lens. Again, the combination beam design can illuminate both in spot and flood type.

If you concern with the light quality, this premium-level LED light bulbs from Tusk can meet your needs of the RZR 800.


  • Absorbs vibrations
  • Water-proof with IP67 rating
  • High quality LED bulbs
  • Rubbery mounting kits


  • Expensive

Available On Amazon

6. Xprite 30″ Strobe Light Bar– 5 Blocks of Multi-colour Lightbar  for a Dazzling Look

Xprite Led light bar is a 30 inches light bar. But it is different than the other four lights shown above for its color.

It is a strobe-type LED light bar with 5 blocks of different lighting styles and colors—each block consists of 5 LED bulbs. And you can choose the 5 color combination of the LED bulbs at the time of purchase.

The first block and the fifth block of LED  work for the running, turning, or brake signals. The second block and the fourth work as the strobe of seven different patterns. The third block is a solid or reversing style.

This light bar is for multi-tasking with one tool. You will get two different types of switches with the light bar-  the rocker type switch and the in-line dual switch. You can use both buttons for both the on/off and strobe pattern changing functions.

You get all the mounting wiring harness, mounting brackets, nuts, and 116 inches of wiring cable with this light bar. And the mounting tools are so durable that resist shocks, vibration, and even shattering for terrain land rides.

This light bar from Xprite is not the white one. So, people wanting a cool-looking light bar for their RZR 800 can buy this one. It will give the perfect illumination with facilities more than your expecting desires.


  • Water-proof with the IP65 rating
  • Scratch-proof Flood Lens
  • 2 handy switches
  • Increasing visibility & safety


  • Short wiring harness

Available On Amazon

Ultimate Buyers Guide To Pick The Best Light Bar For RZR 800?

Buyers Guide To Pick The Best Light Bar For RZR 800

When choosing a light bar for your Polaris RZR 800, you must consider some points, and then you can buy the right one.

So, let’s help you by showing the points you should check before buying to avoid any deception or incompatibility.

Size of the Light Bar

Well, the first consideration comes for the light bar size. The size of the light bar is essential to choose wisely. If you buy a larger one, you can not fit it into your UTV. On the contrary, if you buy too short, it may not enlighten your visual clarity.

Therefore, choose the right size of the light bar according to your preferences and mounting place.

There are a variety of sizes of light bars in the markets. If you want to mount the light bar in the vehicle’s roof, choose any from 10 inches to 42 inches.  If you want to mount it on the engine bumper in the front, you can choose a shorter one within 20 inches for a better fit.

Remember, the short light bars from 10 to 15 inches can illuminate a less than the 20 to 30 inches sized light bar.

Look for the LED Beam Type

The beam type of LED light bar is crucial when you are riding on-road or off-road. There are mainly two types of beam you will get- the flood beam and the spot beam.

For the on-road riding purpose, the spot beam is a good one to pick. And if you are a rough off-road rider, you should not forget to pick the flood-type beam.

However, nowadays, different companies are bringing a combined beam in light bars. You should choose that type for more incredible benefits and performance on both types of riding criteria.

Color of the LEDs

Well, now the color of the LED bulbs. Most people make a mistake here, you know. Some like the white bulbs and some colorful ones. But do you know the purpose and benefits of using the solid color of the light bar?

Let’s take you in detail then. The white color LEDs are beneficial for a clear and vivid view of the front. If your purpose of mounting the light bar is a clear view, don’t make the mistake of buying a colorful light bar.

But if you are a cool type rough rider and want a signal creating light bars or some attention seeker, go for the multi-color.

This type of light bar benefits more in showing different riding signals and possessing an advanced outlook for your RZR 800.

The More Rows, the More Enlightened

The less considering facts come- the number of rows of LED in the light bar. Here, different people have different choices—some like the single row light bar, some double, and some like the triple rows.

But do you know the more rows your light bar has can enlighten the more? It should be noted that the increasing number of rows will also increase the price of the light bars.

Installation Kits Included

When you buy a light bar, make sure the light bar includes the mounting toolkits with it. Most of the companies likely provide mounting brackets, nuts, screws, and wiring cables.

You can look for the one that your needs meet. Some companies don’t provide the wiring harness as they sometimes fail to fulfill the users requiring size.

But to avoid the trouble of spending extras for installing brackets, it would be better to buy the one with kits.

Other Considering Facts

Well, some other things you should check before buying. If the light bar is waterproof, you will face no issues in any weather.

Some light bars seem to be very efficient in absorbing shocks and vibration. They are so beneficial when you are riding in the terrain lands or riding the mountains.

So, you can check for these features in your light bar before you buy it.

You will buy spending your precious penny. So, look for the utmost features that you can avail of with your budget.

How To Install Light Bar In RZR 800?

Tired of reading? Have a drink to chill out your mind. We will now show you the installation process of the light bar on RZR 800.
Whatever light bar you choose, the primary installation process is the same.

Additional Tools You Need

Necessary mounting tools come with the light bar most often. Besides, you will need some few tools such as-

  • Masking tape
  • Zip ties (black is preferable)
  • 11mm wrench
  • 5mm Allen wrench

Let’s start installing.

Step 1: Mount the Clamps

Take out the clamps that came with the light bar.  Before that, measure and select the distance where two clamps will be mounted to hold the light bar. Define it according to the size of the light bar.

Mount the U bar clamp on two sides around the roll cage. You must make sure these are on an average distance to hold the light bar and balance it.

Put some masking tape on the roll cage. Then slide in the clamp. It will help to avoid any scratches when inserting the clamps. Take out the masking tape After you have inserted the clamp.

Tighten the clamps with the bolts using a wrench after inserting around the roller.

Step 2: Install the Brackets

When you have mounted the U-bar clamp, your main crucial task is completed. Now, install the brackets with the mounting clamps.

Make sure it fits right and will be flexibly rotating after installing and tightening the nuts.

Step 3: Attach the Lightbar

Noe, attach the light bar with the mounting brackets. Keep the wiring harness from behind the light bar and bring it out from the right side that is the driver’s side.  It will help as the battery, or the wiring connections are on the driver’s side.

When attaching the light bar, make sure the spacers are firmly set between the light bar nut and the bracket.

Step 4: Connect the Wiring

After you have attached the light bar, fit it where you want. You can tighten the bolts keeping the light bar over the roller cage or at an angle with the rod.

Then connect the wiring. If your light bar comes with any rocker switch, you can secure it in front of the driver seat. It will benefit by giving easy access to the switch when needed.

You can use tapes to attach the hanging wires beside the roller rod to the battery connection, or you can also use the zip tie cable and fix the extended wires to avoid pulling or tangling.

And you are finished with your light bar installation.

So, what is the need to go to a mechanic and spend an unnecessary penny if you can follow the steps mentioned above

Benefits Of Using The LED Light Bar For RZR 800

Benefits of Using LED Light Bar for RZR 800

Listen! Are you still confused if you should mount the light bar or not? Then read this section to know the benefits of using a LED light bar.

Though there are factory headlights in all Polaris LED light bar is needed for a vivid view of the front.

Brighter View at Dark

Sometimes the factory headlights don’t seem to be enough for a clear and brighter view, especially in the dark.  The LED light bar gives a broader coverage of view than the traditional factory headlights.

Different Angles of View

Again, the various sizes and designs like the straight bar, the curved bar help with a broader view from different angles.  You can get an illumination of a wider range of light of refractions and reflections.

Various Dimensional View

An LED light benefits more in terms of giving a different dimensional view. With the typical factory lights, you only can get a one-dimensional view.

But with the LED lights that have a different beam and reflecting cup design, help you to get a vivid three-dimensional visualization.

Longer Life-Span

The long time running ability is another benefit of using a LED light bar.  The filament of the LED is so durable that it can lighten for a longer time. Research shows that the LED lights can run around 15000 times more than a typical light bulb.

Frequently Asked Question(FAQs)

Why light bars are essential?

The light bar is essential to make a problem free riding. If you want to drive entirely, it is the prerequisite to a clear vision of the road. This LED light bar supports you in seeing the way clearly and helps avoid any unwanted happens.

Is it have any effects on your driving experience?

 Yes, the best-LED light bars can light up the driving experience of you. If you find the right light accessories, it will enhance your driving skill and keep away from any accident. This product needs to have an enjoyable car riding.

What are the facilities of the LED light bar?

LED light bar is one of the utmost elastics, flexible bar options accessible for almost any car going off or one of the roads. It is quite expensive but mostly needed equipment for car driving. Each specific light bar originates with everything required for fixation.

Final Words

Being a sports vehicle lover, you cannot wait to test and drive the Polaris RZR series in the desert and mountains. It gives you an excellent riding experience.

However, your riding experience becomes more joyful at night rather than a day. For enjoying the riding at night, an LED light bar will enhance your riding experience.

So, check these 5 top best light bar for RZR 800 reviewed here above. We have provided a researched buying guide and the installation steps too!

Lighten up with your RZR 800 by reading our complete solution to the light bars.