Best Exhaust for v6 Dodge Ram 1500- Top 4 Recommendation for You


The V6 engine in Ram trucks/car is strong enough to deliver adequate performance, but the manufacturers still leave enough room for horsepower and torque upgrade. To enhance the overall performance of your Dodge Ram, you need a quality exhaust system.

An exhaust system is very crucial to keep a car’s air clean. It helps to remove exhaust gases from the engine efficiently. It also improves fuel economy and adds power to the engine.

In this article, we will provide you a list of the best exhaust for v6 dodge ram. So read this article and make your Dodge Ram more responsive.

Best Exhaust for V6 Dodge Ram

Product’s Name Material Key Benefits Price
Flowmaster Cat-Back Exhaust System 16-gauge Stainless Steel Reduce Excess Noise Issue Details On Amazon
XsvFLO Exhaust Kits Aluminized Improve Engine Performance Details On Amazon
Magnum Exhaust Kits T-304 Stainless Steel Eco-friendly And Functional Details On Amazon
TOTALFLOW Red 342633 16-gauge Aluminized Steel Rustproof And Solid Details On Amazon

The exhaust system operates to remove harmful discharges, collect exhaust gases, and also balance noise level. But when your Dodge’s exhaust becomes unable to perform, you need to change it.

So we review the best three exhausts for v6 Dodge for you. Just read the whole article below.

1. Flowmaster Cat-Back Exhaust System– Make Your Car Breathe Better

Flowmaster Inc is one of the most reputed and trustworthy technology companies in manufacturing exhaust systems/kits for a wide range of cars, trucks, pick-ups, etc. If you want an exhaust that will not make a lot of noise but improve your V6 Dodge Ram’s efficiency, go for this one.

This cat-back exhaust comes with high-quality stainless bent tubing. The stainless tubing lasts longer and keeps your exhaust, free from rust and corrosion. The pipe also allows for smooth gas flow.

The included hangers and hardware makes the installation process easy. A standard wrench and socket are all you need to install.  It is ideally suited for regular driving and also an excellent investment as it offers a warranty for a lifetime. Dyno test shows higher mileage and power. It boosts throttle response too.

The unique design of this product gives your car a brand new stylish look. It includes exclusive mufflers, which increase the endurance power of your car’s engine and also reduces excess noise.


  • Easy to follow the installation instructions
  • Boasts acceleration
  • Improves sound
  • Comes with the necessary hardware
  • Every part fits perfectly.


  • Pricy

Available On Amazon

2. XsvFLO Exhaust KitsTake Great Sound with This One

Dodge ram 1500 owners who are looking for a perfect single exhaust to ensure higher flow within the ram 1500 exhaust system, should opt for the xsvflo exhaust kits. This one mainly includes Flowmaster super 44 mufflers and 3in tubing facility to provide outstanding performance.

The Mufflers produce with the same technology as the original 40 series mufflers while they capable of showing some extra advantage. The Delta flow technology applied more effectively here to control the noises of engines. Thus, these kits will create a conversion for executing like a dual exhaust system in your late model pickup truck.

In comparison with other competitors, this exhaust offers more. The tailpipes are made of not only aluminized mandrel bent but give you a long time facility. Hence, they directly pressurize the engine to exhaust gazes away correctly.

Further, the Installation process is enough easy and time-saving, which helps you upgrade your v6 dodge ram more effortlessly. It doesn’t require any massive or costly device to set up; instead, you can connect it with basic hand tools.

By and large, you can select this exhaust to get the perfect appearance, sound, or qualification at a reasonable price.


  • Design with modern technology
  • Get 2/3 pieces of tailpipes
  • Start from the muffler inlet
  • Proper installment process
  • 3 inch inside diameter


  • Part of Full exhaust system

Available On Amazon

3. Magnum Exhaust kits– Get Chrome tips with this one

This brand requires top-level qualification to supply the best exhaust system for dodge ram 1500 in the market, giving you the most durable materials to resist corrosion for a long time.

The exhaust kits made of 409 automotive-grade stainless steel enable a high corrosion resistance. Thus, this one remains the same all year round and produces equal performance; besides, fire or heat can’t worsen it.

In fact, it includes two types of muffler according to your demand. One is a single 3-inch stainless muffler, or the other one is a dual 2.5-inch stainless muffler, particularly the dual one join with also 2.5-inch tailpipes to past the rear bumper of the Dodge. And also directly carry away the exhaust gases where this has aluminum construction.

Magnum exhaust designs it in consideration of all wheelbase applications, so quickly, you can fit with dodge ram 1500. Further, this system accomplishes all essential parts from the muffler to the bumper along with exclusive chrome tips.

You can also utilize this to improve dodge performance to ensure the exhaust system gets rid of discharge rapidly.


  • Redouble engine’s soundly environment resistant
  • Easy installment
  • Perfectly fitted
  • Provide lifespan service
  • Any environment resistant


  • Need a professional installer to set up

Available On Amazon

4. TOTALFLOW Red 342633– Get Noticeable Interior with This One

In case you are interested in getting such an exhaust system that equips moderate sound and quite versatile, then the Totalflow 342633 model is the perfect choice for you. This product will give you the top brand facility through a half price in comparison to others.

The exhaust kits are designed with a single chamber muffler containing aluminized steel to create aluminum-silicon alloy on both sides, typically appearing in a painted exterior with only 18.96 pounds.

The muffler enables the engine to join directly to produce aggressive sound while the tailpipes are a little maneuvering; still, the aluminum coating protects it from occurring oxidizing or corrosion.

Actually, the exhaust kits don’t provide a total back-cat system; only the hardware, clamps, and essential hangers require to maintain muffler activity. Hence, you don’t need to change tailpipes, so that the installation program will be quite fast. The whole installment you can finish within less than one hour.

In fine, this one provides the top-notch, or super-fast fuel mileage goes down exhaust equipment to manage exhaust gases with excellent sound quality; try it to get the highest advantages.


  • Great long time investment
  • Compatible with 09-18 dodge ram 1500
  • Heavy gauged materials used to built
  • Fully durable
  • Noticeable interior


  • Don’t provide tailpipe with it

Available On Amazon

How To Select The Best Single Exhaust For v6 Dodge Ram 1500

How To Select The Best Single Exhaust For v6 Dodge Ram 1500

The exhaust system plays a vital role to divert exhaust fumes away from the dodge engine and protect significant deterioration. So if you merely take any, you must suffer from Dodge’s lousy performance. Then, it would be best if you were concern about how to make a selection. We find out some facts to help you.

Product material

You can find two category exhaust systems in the market, mode from stainless and aluminized. Aluminized steel appears at low cost, lightweight, even easy to use in comparison with stainless. Mostly they are more comfortable protecting the metal from rusting. On the other hand, stainless steel same rust-resistant as aluminum but aesthetically more pleasing, also expensive. So first decided what type of exhaust you want to buy.

Aluminum tubing is most standard if you work in the dry side but if you drive such an area that combines salty and moisture road, then definitely take stainless steel type exhaust. Generally, T409 stainless steel is relatively famous for the exhaust system.

Select exhaust type

According to your dodge capability, you have to choose how much you want to change. For you, the Best exhaust is divided into axle-back, cat-back, and header back systems. Everyone shows different features. You can change your entire system by header-back exhaust system, containing the header collector to the tailpipe.

Cat-back simply changes muffler and tailpipes, also famous for easy modification. At large, the axle back carries all the parts from the exhaust tip to the rear axle but demands low cost than others.

Sound quality

Before buying, you have to consider an exhaust sound quality. According to exhaust quality, they can make a mild, moderate, or aggressive sound. If you drive constant long-distance droning may be annoying for you. So, check how much sound your selected exhaust can produce before installment.

Installment process

Most of the exhaust doesn’t require any modification, but some can appear with minor welding to set up on rare cases. This fact will have in the product description, so to make your installment easy must check this issue and avoid that exhaust system for your Dodge. On the contrary, if you are willing to hire an installer or manage, buy your exact product.

Look for the warranty

Product warranty plays an essential role in buying while ensuring safety against defective products that can fail to satisfy consumers. It also works as a protectoral tool. Each brand shows its warranty process in the description for customers. So to get the best exhaust for your dodge ram 1500, check the warranty.

Exhaust capability

We know that each of the dodges maintains a tremendous amount of power and torque. Before applying an exhaust system, check the engine model because horsepower or torque varies from engine to engine. A new exhaust system can upgrade engine capability more efficiently and decrease your fuel cost with increasing gas mileage.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Is it hard to install an exhaust system?

Some exhaust systems can apply with necessary garage tools, but some require unique installation performance. Basically, this process depends on what type of exhaust you choose.

Can I install a new exhaust in dodge ram 1500?

Yes, this is possible. Nearly all types of exhaust systems can support the dodge ram 1500. But before using a single or dual exhaust system, check the dodge engine function.

Should I buy a stainless steel exhaust for the best result?

Stainless or aluminized exhaust both equally helpful, but stainless steel more expensive and well rusting than aluminize exhaust. If you have a high budget, then think about that.

What is the approximate cost of an exhaust system?

 If you buy a cat-back or axle-back exhaust system, it will cost you around $300 to $1200. The ultimate cost will depend on the material, muffler quality, thickness of the steel, etc.
The cost will vary if you buy only the parts of exhaust systems. Mufflers will be around $75 to $300, and exhaust tips are about $25 to $150.

How would I know if my exhaust system is not working?

The most common reason for not working exhaust system is leakage in the system. You may hear some popping sound when you run the engine. You may also notice the exhaust smell inside your car.
You can check the exhaust leak using a flashlight. Park your car, turn off the engine, and let it cool down, then scoot under the car to see the exhaust system.

Do pipe size matters in performance for the exhaust system?

Yes. Buy an exhaust system suitable for your car’s model, year, etc. to get the correct pipe size.

Bottom line

Dodge ram 1500 released with v6 engines to supply high performance; the stock exhaust system unleased only a part of its power after using a long time. Because of this condition, you might think about replacing the exhaust system to improve gas mileage and make the engine faster.

This task is not easy to get a perfect one from among many great options; however, a new exhaust system equally extends your fuel efficiency, horsepower, and torque. So if you want the best exhaust for v6 dodge ram 1500, pick up one of them from our recommendation.