5 Best Leveling Kit for 2018 F250-Let’s Enjoy The Best Performance


Are you looking for a high-quality leveling kit for the 2018 F250? The leveling kit takes up the front of your transport. It looks good with the additional inches of lifting. Your vehicle needs remarkable care, accessories, and maintenance to remain in good condition.

There are a lot of circumstances that you want to level your 2018 F250. But the probable reason is you want the best performance from your transport. Finding the best leveling kit for the 2018 F250 is not an easy task especially in the 21st century. There are many Leveling Kit available in the market. We always come with solutions. So, you can put your money on the given list.

Best Leveling Kit for 2018 F250

Product’s Name Key Benefits Price
Rough Country 1.5-inch Leveling Kit Trouble-free To Setup Details On Amazon
Supreme Suspension Improve Ride Quality Details On Amazon
Maxracing 2-inch Suspension Leveling Kit Fine For Rough Road Conditions Details On Amazon
MZS Leveling Kit Increase Riding Safety Details On Amazon
MotoFab 2.5″ Leveling Kit Rustproof And Supportive Details On Amazon

Now check our top researched leveling kits to add some better suspension parts to the 2018 F250.

1. Rough Country 1.5-inch Leveling Kit– Heavy Duty Perfect Fitting High-Quality Spacers Suspension System

Rough Country 1.5- inch leveling kit provides high performance. The leveling kit also ensures protection and a perfect look. There are slight lip spacers that allow you to lock the OEM seat perfectly. The solid spacers freely match the factory angle and orientation.

The leveling kit has the progressing ground clearance for on and off roadside barriers. Apart from that, it gives you a lifetime replacement advantage. The dimensions of the products are 14 x 5.75 x 2.5 inches. There are forged torsion bar adjustable keys in the kit. The weight of the item is 3.9 pounds.

There is a Bolt-On installation by RC. The Bolt-On installation method ensures the quite easy installation of the kit. Even you can install the kit with the usual tools in the home garage. The nose-down looks keep the leveling kit a smooth ride sitting upper in the rear.

The kit keeps the transport lifted to have an enjoyable ride. Besides, it works as a solution to the stock coil. The leveling kit provides you a top-notch durable service. However, the extra height increases the energy to go around 33″ tires.


  • Easy to set up.
  • Upgrade ride quality.
  • Suitable fitting with components.
  • Helpful power tool.
  • The predrilled holes brake bracket machinery.


  • The shocks are a bit weak.

  Available On Amazon

2. Supreme Suspension– 3″ Front +1″ Rear Lift Kit with Robust Materials Construction

T6 aircraft-grade is a superior quality aluminum that builds up the body parts of Supreme Suspension- 3″ Front +1″ Rear Lift Kit. Such a sturdy material makes the kit capable of maintaining an excellent weight-strength ratio. It generates power equal to or more than 35000 psi.

Amazingly, it has high corrosion resistance because of its specially coated spacers. The metal-fabricated technology keeps your F250 stable during even absolute riding conditions. This design provides the kits a great look that is usable for a long time in your vehicle.

On top of that, Supreme Suspension has a perfect fit for all kinds of applications for its precision machining feature. Consequently, you can simply match it with large custom rims. Besides, with its 3″ of front suspension leveling lift, you can have a customized use in medium or large-sized wheels.


  • Easy installation within only 2-4 hours.
  • Hold down factory ride qualities.
  • Superior durability.
  • Enhance ground clearance.


  • Installation instruction not clear

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3. Maxracing 2-inch Suspension Leveling Kit– Give Your Vehicle a Unique Look

When you expect to get a great appearance of your vehicle, you can take Maxracing 2-inch Suspension Leveling Kit for your vehicle. Along with improving the vehicle’s look, the item increases the ground clearance to help the vehicle move readily through rough roads.

Furthermore, you can level the front with the truck’s rear with 2″ by 2″ front leveling spacers. And, the spacer frequently locks in with the assistance of the slight lip. Hence, nothing to worry about for the proper leveling as well as front lifting.

Maxracing 2-inch Suspension becomes installed in 2-3 hours through its bolt-on installation process. At the same time, you can simply set it in your super-duty truck without cutting or other modifications in the factory-provided parts. Above all, the Maxracing Suspension kit is a great fit for Super Duty 4WD, 2005 to 2020 F240, and 2005 to 2020 F350 Super Duty 4WD.


  • Match with factory suspension.
  • Strong billet aluminum material.
  • Attractive price for the product.
  • Last longer time.


  • Don’t level 2017 models fully

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4. MZS Leveling Kit– An Extra Leveling Efficiency

MZS is an excellent quality vehicle accessory manufacturer that comes with MZS Leveling Kit developed with professional know-how. It ensures true leveling between the front & rear by providing greater ground clearance. The kit also removes the vehicle rake. So, you may have a balanced ride that it supports for your 2018 F250.

The kit’s billet aluminum body structure is CNC machined-out, which raises the front of your truck by 3 inches. Thereby, you can enjoy your ride with improved safety with its strength of construction.

As the measurement for cutting the leveling kit is highly accurate, the users can directly install it in their super-duty vehicle. In addition, MZS Leveling Kit is designed in such a form that you can install it without keeping special tools. However, you will not have to spend more than 3 hours to complete the setting.


  • Provide a perfect stance.
  • Ensure greater looks.
  • Allow more handling capacity.
  • Best fit for multiple heavy-duty vehicles.


  • Little bit pricy

  Available On Amazon

5. MotoFab 2.5″ Leveling Kit– Ideal Match for the Factory Suspension

For matching the leveling kit with factory suspension, MotoFab 2.5″ Leveling Kit includes a black anodized protective aluminum coating on its surface. The non-conductive covering over the kit works for maximum corrosion resistance. Besides, the limp gray aluminum turns into a unique black color that seems more pompous.

MotoFab Leveling Kit raises the truck’s front by 2.5 inch which is enough to level the front to back. Well, the kit has a wide range of applicability being compatible with super duty 2005-2019 F250 and 2005-2019 F350 4WD.

You may rely on the stability or durability of this kit because it enhances the drooping front efficiently. Nevertheless, it offers the leveling kit at a reasonable price range to help you afford it within your budget. Still, it is the fastest cheapest way to level your vehicle’s front. For that reason, it guarantees 100% satisfaction that most spacers cannot ensure.


  • Ensure a lifetime warranty.
  • No need to coil/strut disassembly.
  • Installation within about 2 hours.
  • No unwanted effect on the ride.


  • Require a bit more convention in maintenance

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How To Choose The Best Leveling Kit For 2018 F250?

How To Choose The Best Leveling Kit For 2018 F250

A leveling kit can be of different styles, but suspension experts suggest choosing a particular category for your Jeep, SUV, or trucks. As you attempt to shop, your leveling kit F250, some critical points, will let you get extra ground clearance.

Well, here is a set of considerations that would make you understand that leveling kit can’t be a one-size-fit-each vehicle. Hence, spend some moments to settle upon the right F250 leveling kit.

Types of Leveling Kits

Coil spring spacer, torsion key, and strut extension are three common types of leveling kits. The vehicles that include coil springs can use coil spring spacers to raise the lower or upper spring seats. This type of kit should have a shock extension so that you can get them in hand if required.

Vehicles having a suspension system of torsion bar use a torsion key leveling kit. It comes with replacement keys, which help to maximize the suspension. For front suspension on middle-sized vehicles, strut extension leveling kits are a better choice. It will not require you to change the struts of the F250. So, learn about these categories for better reasoning on leveling kit selection.


Not all types of vehicles will work with all sorts of leveling kits. Then, what you note here is the make & model of the car. So, ensure that the leveling kit you are going to buy will function with the 2018 F250.

Measurement of Key Parts

An exact assessment of the difference between the front vs. rear wheel is essential to know the precise size you need to raise for better leveling. So, take both front and rear readings before purchasing the leveling kit because your F250 may vary in height.

Installation Comfort

If you want the kits installed from the body shop, you can skip the ease of installation. Still, see the layout or procedure of setting the kits up. As it is simpler to install a leveling kit than a lift kit, you may go without professional help. However, coil spring spacer or strut extension leveling kits don’t have an intricate setup method, thereby buy between these two.

Quality of Materials Used

The most commonly used materials in leveling kits are PPA plastic, steel, or billet aluminum. While you want any kit that will resist corrosion, chemical, or heat, billet aluminum can best serve these purposes.

Driving Preference

Furthermore, consider what you prefer while driving. How much rake you expect will determine the type of kits you need to install. For adding more towing power, improve the rear or back slightly. But the users who want to have a level stance should attach more rake to the front.

How To Replace The 2018 F250 Leveling Kit?

Although replacing the leveling kit on F250 is not so tricky, you must have to disassemble or reinstall other parts of your vehicle. That’s why you should first gather knowledge about the mechanical process to make the kits operate accordingly after replacement. At the same time, you should keep some useful tools in your stock to help you get the job properly done.

Necessary Materials

  • Floor Jack
  • Sturdy Jack Stands
  • Socket
  • Wrenches
  • Ratchet
  • Torque wrench
  • Hand gloves
  • Safety glass
  • Step-By-Step Procedure for Installation

Wear the hand gloves first. Follow the below-mentioned steps to install the kit safely:

Step 1: Lift the Vehicle’s Front

Lift the vehicle’s front side by losing all the lug nuts. Put the jack stands to keep the balance. This will be helpful to lift the wheel off the ground. Use a wrench to do so. Then dispel the front tires. Now, with a floor jack, raise the suspension to remove the springs easily.

Step 2: Put off Swab Bar & Shock Towers

Using a socket or ratchet, remove the sway bar as well as shocks. Before doing so, you should put off the bolts in front fenders, which take place in the engine compartment. Also, disassemble the speed sensor clip.

Step 3: Lower the Axle Housing & Font Axle

For removing coil springs, it is ideal for lowering the axles enough. Put out bump stop brackets along with radius arm bolts first. As a consequence, you will need less effort to bring the coil springs out.

Step 4: Install Leveling Spacer

On the peak of all coil spring mounts, place one leveling space at this step. Set the dismounted coil springs again at their previous places. Before reinstalling the parts, you can also grease or clean the removed-part spaces plus wheels.

Step 5: Re-set All Demounted Parts

Put the springs to their original positions. Jack up the wheel back, re-establish other parts, including sway bar, shock tower. Check carefully that all components are assembled. Otherwise, you may miss any crucial object. Finally, reinstall the tires.

Body Lift And Leveling Kit- Major Differences

As an owner of an F250, you may be having a difficult time settling upon a body lift and leveling kit. These two are well-known aftermarket compositions to apply on jeep, truck, or SUV. As both include designs to increase the vehicle body so that you can make it fit for increasing larger tires.

While leveling kits can raise the font to a minimal, body lifts can take up the truck to maintain 10″ or more high by providing various shapes of spare parts. Whatever, if you want a clear idea about body lift and leveling kits, behold the comparison table here to figure out their significant distinctions.

Body Lift

Leveling Kit

Front Vs rear
Lifts both front & rear Lifts only front
Height of lift
2 inches to 10 inches 1 inch to 3 inches
Match for tire size
Goes with larger tires Good for medium or small tires.
Cost of replacement
More cost involvement Less cost involvement
Installation comfort
A bit complex installation procedure Easy installation procedure
Effect on comfort or ride
Effects ride comfort more Less ride comfort effect
Change in style
Greatly changes the style or appearance of the truck Comparatively less variation in style
The gap among frame and body
Creates a gap in frame & body Guarantees no gap between these
Off-road application
Greater usefulness for off-road application Not used for off-road driving
Towing capacity
Doesn’t enable the truck to tow heavy-weight Adds much to tow heavy-weight

The comparison table implies the appropriateness, advantages, or drawbacks of body lift as well as leveling kit. If you require heavy tow materials but afraid of top-in-sky-show trucks, you will be best equipped with leveling kits.

You will still prefer body lift, which goes smoothly through mud, water, or other rough spaces. So, pick a body lift to enjoy hunting while off-roading. Concededly, it’s all up to you what you really want out of your F250.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Does the leveling kit affect the ride quality for 2018 F250?

No, the leveling kit doesn’t hamper the ride quality. Rather, it increases ride quality. If you set up the right leveling kit for the 2018 F250, you will enjoy a smooth and better ride for sure.

Do you require alignment after installing a leveling kit for the 2018 F250?

Yes, you require alignment after the installation process of a leveling kit for the 2018 F250. There are leveling kits that have the component to perform it. If you fail to carry out an accurate alignment, it will cost you poor performance and decay the tire wears.

Does a leveling kit hamper the gas mileage of a 2018 F250?

No, nothing hampers a leveling kit for 2018 F250 especially in the on and off-road functions. However, neither it affects the gas mileage nor the tires. Rather, the leveling kit expands the tire life and fuel economy.

Final Verdict

Just different from other modifications, the leveling kit is to engage some value, suspension, preference, or style with the vehicle. Since there are so many moving components in a vehicle, it is natural to fall in indecisiveness in finalizing the ideal kit.

But, we have broken down the best leveling kit for 2018 F250 with adequate research or analysis. Besides, the buying guide with the replacement method will keep you out of fairness concerning unjust or wasteful shopping. Yet, it will support prompt kit set up. So, confined your choice list and pick the aggressive leveling kit.