Mustang GT 4.6 Vs 5.0 – Which One Should You Prefer


Whenever we think about vehicles, pickup trucks, or sport utility vehicles, there can’t be any doubt that Ford is the top-ranked brand forever. It is the best in offering consumer-friendly features of power, capacity, and storage.

Over the years, several series of Ford has developed, among which Ford Mustang is one of the most promising series. Mustang GT 4.6 and 5.0 are two competing models of the Ford Mustang. When you come to choose one among Mustang GT 4.6 Vs 5.0, you may be in a fix.

We are here covering the fundamental differences between these two, with distinctive features for assisting you in deciding which one is the best.

Mustang GT 4.6 Vs 5.0 Core Differences

We are presenting some significant differences among these two models based on their features and performances:

Mustang GT 4.6

Mustang GT 5.0

24 valves with eight cylinders 32 valves with eight cylinders
Curb Weight
3356lbs 1770lbs
Manual clutch with 5 gears Automatic transmission and 6 gears
Engine Capacity
4606cc 4951cc
2720.34mm 2720mm
Maximum Towing Capacity
1000lbs 11600lbs
Highest Speed
149 MPH 155 MPH
Maximum Engine Power
5750rpm 6500rpm
320 391

Recommended Pick- Mustang GT 4.6

Mustang GT 4.6 is the latest model of Ford Mustang that comes with a reliable and excellent design from Ford. It is a stylish sporty coupe that became most popular in recent years because it strives to come up with impressive features to compete with other contemporary models.

Engine Specifications

The base engine size in Mustang GT 4.6 is 4.6L. It is with single overhead and has the highest speed is 5750 revolutions per minute. Its horsepower is 300 bhp or 3.4 hp, which indicates more excellent performance. Moreover, it has a top speed of 149 miles per hour.

Configuration Combustion

Mustang GT 4.6 has a V-Shaped cylinder that shares a general crankshaft with an eight-cylinder pistons engine. So, it maintains a perfect symmetry of performance and efficiency. There are three valves per cylinder. Its compression ratio is 9.8:1. The stroke and bore are 90mm and 90.2 mm, respectively, which help the engine handle the required rpm.

Fuel Requirement and Engine Fluids

It uses regular unleaded fuel or petrol and has a tank volume of 16 gallons.  The synthetic viscosity of engine oil should be 5W-20 to cover the possible temperature range. The engine typically uses synthetic oil for higher mileage.

Power Features and Instrumentation

It allows an easy and secure lock and unlocks doors with remote keyless power door lock system. It has two one-touch power windows, and as a result, it is possible to roll up or down the windows with only one quick clot of a button. The model also includes instruments like tachometer, clock, and sensor for warning while the fuel level is low.

Exterior Design

The height, width, and length of the vehicle are 1385mm, 1875mm, and 4765 mm, respectively, ensuring an attractive appearance of the car. The front track is 1590mm, which is higher than its rear track that helps to reduce the understeer to keep the car more stable.

Service Intervals

Mustang GT 4.0 needs oil change with the filter change in every one year or per 8000km coverage. The service interval for fuel filter and the air filter is every 48000 km. The engine needs replacement every 80000 km.

Wheel and Tires

There are painted alloy and steel spare wheels in the car. The temporary spare tires and inside mounted spare tires provide the vehicle with better support.


To avoid any mishap, it comes with enough safety measures like control of traction, rear and front ventilated disc brakes, child seat anchor point. There are some other features like emergency interior trunk release, electronic brake force distribution, front fog lights, monitor of tire pressure engine immobilizer, and so on.


  • Long term warranty.
  • Provide fuel efficiency.
  • Extended safety assurance.
  • Stability of engine.


  • Low towing capacity.

Mustang GT 5.0

Mustang GT 5.0 is one of the latest generation models of the Ford Mustang. It is with a unique engine and transmission capacity.

Engine and Transmission

The vehicle can run with a maximum of 155 mph, which is higher than any other model of this series. It has an automatic transmission with six gears. It has a north-south engine layout and a rear-wheel drive.

Outward Appearance

The outward features of the car include a height of 1391mm. The width and length of the vehicle are 2080mm and 4784mm, respectively.


There are two seating rows, and the seating capacity is 4. It has two doors.

Brakes and Suspensions

Both the front and rear brake are disc type. There are stabilizer bars in front and rear suspensions. The front suspension is with a double ball joint MacPherson strut, and the rear suspension is multi-linked with coil springs.

Safety and Security

For safety, there are eight airbags to provide a vehicle occupant prohibitive system. The TPMS system monitors the pressure inside the tires. The central locking system and speed sensing lock for the vehicle’s door are distinctive features of Mustang GT 5.0.


  • High towing capacity.
  • High mileage.
  • Better rear and front suspension.
  • Anti-lock braking system.


  • Not suitable as a family vehicle.

What Is Your Ideal Pick?

Though these two models are from the same series, there are considerable differences between Mustang GT 4.6 Vs Mustang GT 5.0. Mustang GT 5.0 provides the best in speed and engine capacity. These cars are perfect to use for sports purposes only.

On the other hand, Mustang GT 4.6 ensures high protection for the car’s engine and long life. Safety features of Mustang GT 4.6 are best that make the model most competitive. However, it has lots of cool features and conspicuous styling which made it useful for all-purpose users. Moreover, the economy in fuel consumption and high intervals in repair and servicing upholds it over Mustang GT 5.0.

Although it is quite tough to choose any one model over the other, considering every aspect, we recommend Mustang GT 4.6 as your ideal pick.