Duratrac Vs Ridge Grappler – Which One Provides The Ideal Tires?


Anyone can be in a dilemma while there is an all-terrain Duratracon on one side and the most growing Nitto Ridge Grappler on the other. If you are one of them, then leaving all the confusion aside, have a read on this total impartial comparison reflecting a complete character in one place.

Yes, we know your car needs. Keeping all the considerations in mind, we have peeped through each of the tire specs with applications and benefits to win over the battle for Duratrac vs Ridge Grappler.

So, what’s making you freeze from further scrolling?  Read now the comprehensive comparison with complete detailed features here.

Comparing Two King- Good Year Duratrac Vs Ridge Grappler

Goof Year Wrangler Duratrac

Nitto Ridge Grappler

Available Wheel Diameter
10” to 30.” 16” to 24.”
Available Sizes
53 different sizes are available 84 sizes of tires are available
Tire Pressure inflation
35 to 80 psi 44- 80 psi
Best Use
Snowflake rated, ideal for ice and slush Hybrid tire, perfect for on-road and off-road as well
Sidewall Design
Soft sidewall design Aggressive sidewall look
Noise While Ride
Louder Very quiet on the road and bearable noise off-road
Mileage Warranty Assurance
Up to 50K mileage warranty Up to 55K mileage warranty
Load Range rating (Average)
C, D, E, F, SL, FL rated C with 6 ply, D with 8 ply, E with 10 ply, F with 12 ply rating
Top 3 Choice
  1. Ridge Grappler-Tire with 17” Rim for Jeep
  2. Ridge Grappler Tire– 20” RIm for 4WD & HD trucks
  3. Ridge Grappler Tire– 18” Rim for Jeeps & Trucks
  1. Duratrac Tire-With 15” Rim for Dodge & Ford
  2. Duratrac Tire– With 17” Rim for Jeeps
  3. Duratrac Tire– With 17” Rim for HD Trucks

Done with an overall comparison checklist? Let’s compare the specs in a detailed view for both tires with some road ruling tire recommendations.

Nitto Ridge Grappler Vs Duratrac- Size Differences

Ridge Grappler tires are from the well-known brand Nitto, and on the other hand, the Duratrac is manufactured by the Good Year Wrangler brand. Both are at a tie-tie point with their quality. But you might not try the two at a time.

So, let’s compare from the basics- available sizes from two tire brands. Good Year Wrangler Duratrac tires have around 53 different sizes of tires according to your vehicle fit, riding type, and lug nuts. On the contrary, the Nitto Ridge Grappler has some more – 84 different sizes. You can get quite more size ranges here with the Nitto.

Nitto Ridge Grappler tires have 3 sizes of deep tread available- 13.5, 16.4, and 18.3.  And the Duratrac also has 3 sizes of depth tread sizes- 15, 16, and 18 in 32nds.  Duratrac has 15” to 22” available rim sizes, whereas the Ridge Grappler tires have 16” to 24” sizes available. So, for larger rim sizes, Nitto gives you a hand.

**Best Pick for Bigger Rim: Nitto Ridge Grappler Tire– LT 275/70 R18 E125/122 Q for Jeep & Trucks

With a quieter ride and better stability, Ridge grappler makes your right fit here. The compound block design helps with better traction without flexing the tread.

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Good Year Duratrac & Ridge Grappler- Comparing the Tread Block Design

The tread block design of any tire decides where you can use the tire and how stable it can be.

If you see the center block pattern of Duratrac tires, you will find small tread blocks with plenty of space to evacuate water, gravel, ice, snow, slush, and all.Tractive Groove technology used in the tire block pattern construction makes the tires ideal for deep mud and snow. Duratrac tires provide improved traction for the rugged off-road terrain road.

Zigzag siping on all over the Duratrac tire block provides better traction. Also, The innovative tread block design in the center picks up rocks/snow. It locks them up, giving you better acceleration and mileage.

On the other side, Nitto Ridge Grappler is a hybrid tire with a harder tread compound. Here you will see a different view than the Duratrac tire block pattern. The Z-shaped blocks with smaller space create a super sticky off-road performance tire with a deep groove. The angeled pattern valley groves here help to flow down the snow, mud, and rocks.

In addition to this, the alternative tapered block edges help to provide more traction on theroad. What is more, the rigid reinforced tread block makes an all-around dynamic tire for off-road performance.

***Best Recommended: Good Year Wrangler Duratrac– 235/75  R15105 S

This tire comes with 7” rim capacity and 2039 load capacity. Heavy-duty construction and radial owl design make it incredible to use on deep mud, snow, and bumpy off-road.

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Differences Between The Side Wall Structure

Among Ridge Grappler vs Duratrac, Ridge Grappler comes with a dual bold sidewall design that makes it different than the Duratrac tires. Here, the twisting point is that one side features the traditional sidewall pattern. The other side features Nitto’s unique, aggressive design and look. This deep aggressive-looking sidewall shoulder lugs make this tire an ideal pick for off-road, mud, and rock crawling.

Unlike Nitto Ridge Grappler, Duratrac comes with a bigger but deep block sidewall design. It can provide a better grip on the deep mud and rocks. However, some of the Duratrac tires come with 4/16 metal studs,which are pre-drilled. This benefits much while riding in heavy snowy conditions.

***Best Pick: Good Year Wrangler Duratrac– LT 315/70 R17 121Q Radial Tire

This tire has 3195 pounds of load capacity. So, for heavy-duty truck towing or hauling, this tire can bear till the end. And mountain or snowflake rating makes it just precise for riding on the snow.

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Nitto Ridge Grappler And Good Year Duratrac Wrangler- Performance Gaps

The Duratrac tire benefits you with the Severe Snow certification. Yes, it comes with 3 Peak Snow Flake Rating that makes this tire just precise to move on heavy ice. The LT size tires are the right fit for people riding in heavy snow. As we mentioned in the last, its metal stud on the tire gives better traction on ice.

But Duratrac tires are ideal to use for truck hauling and towing. And these heavy-duty tires provide you better mileage and acceleration on deep mud and heavy snow.

One of the biggest drawbacks of Duratrac tires is it is louder. The bigger block pattern with plenty of spaces may make them loud when riding off-road, but worth it for improved traction for various road conditions. And from different benchmark ratings, it has been proven the Duratrac tires ride with lower air pressure, quite impressive indeed.

On the contrary, Nitto Ridge Grappler tires provide noteworthy riding features for those who are crazy off-road enthusiasts. And the significant part is Ridge Grappler tires give a smooth but noise-free ride both on-road and decent ride in the snow and bouncy off-road.

Ridge Grappler Tires prove to be an all-around tire combined with the deep groove patterns resulting in a quiet ride on the highways and bearable mild noise off-road.

***Best Recommended For Noise: Nitto Ridge Grappler– 35×12.50 R17 121E A/T Radial Tire

It is an all-terrain tire with a hybrid design combination for mud and snow ride. Again, for the off-roaders, it will not displease you at all.

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Differences In Durability & Longevity

Both tires have some quality mileage warranty. So, the end of that day of tires without mileage warranty. Though here, Ridge Grappler is a  step ahead with a 55,000 better mileage warranty, Duratrac tires are backed by a 50,000 mileage warranty. Howsoever, both are worth it.

Duratrac tires have been provided with a rim protector that proves useful for accidental damage and protection to the wheel.  Again, its tread block pattern features self-cleaning of the tire, providing riding benefits.

Contrarily, Ridge Grappler tires have some innovative styled stone ejector design that ejects stones, gravels and keeps the tire safe from puncture. As a result, the tire stays firm and stable on the road and better off-road.

***Best Pick For Durability: Nitto Ridge Grappler– LT 295/70 R18 129E Radial Tire

If you are looking for a better mileage warranty with durability for your tires, Ridge grappler is the perfect pick. The innovative design for stone ejection makes it a high choice over others.

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Top 5 Picks from Nitto Ridge Grappler Tire

  1. Nitto Ridge Grappler: 35×12.50 R17 A/T Tire
  2. Nitto Ridge Grappler: 35×11.50 R20 A/S Radial Tire
  3. Nitto Ridge Grappler: LT285/70 R17 A/S Radial Tire
  4. Nitto Ridge Grappler: LT 275/70R18 A/S Radial Tire
  5. Nitto Ridge Grappler: 35×12.50 R18 LT Tire

Top 5 Picks From Good Year Wrangler Duratrac Tire

  1. Good Year Wrangler Duratrac: 235/75 R15 105 S Tire
  2. Good Year Wrangler Duratrac:255/75 R17 115S Radial Tire
  3. Good Year Wrangler Duratrac:265/70 R17 115 S Tire
  4. Good Year Wrangler Duratrac:LT 275/70 R18 125Q
  5. Good Year Wrangler Duratrac:LT 285/70 R17 121Q

Which Tire Is for You?

It’s high time we made the decision for which tire we should go for. There are controversies for is Duratrac a winter tire?  You might have got the answer by now.

If we have to pick one over the other from Good Year Duratrac vs Ridge Grappler tire then, the selection relies more on the riding purpose. Yes, for your on-road most but off-road ride on the weekends, both tires are perfect fit just check for the sizes. Nevertheless, if your tire is going to embrace ice now and then, no doubt Duratrac is the ideal tire.

If you think of the noise, Duratrac can be a bit louder, obviously. Still, you get unbeatable traction on an all-terrain ride.