5 Best Struts For Nissan Maxima With Full Review


By traveling by Nissan Maxima you can get a beautiful experience. However, you can make sure and hassle-free trips only when you get the maximum performance from your car. The annoying sound of distortion or shaking on uneven roads can ruin the joy of your trip. To protect yourself from these annoying noises or jolts you must add the best quality strut to your Nissan maxima. But most of the time you don’t understand which one might be the best choice for your Nissan maxima.

So for your convenience today we will research the 5 best struts for Nissan Maxima so that you can choose the best quality product of your Nissan maxima in less time.

Best Struts For Nissan Maxima

Product’s Name Key Benefits Price
Monroe OESpectrum Struts Improve Truck Riding Quality Details On Amazon
Drive Tech DTA 50022 Complete Strut Convenient And Supportive Details On Amazon
AUTOMUTO Rear Pair Fit Strut Watertight To Use Well Details On Amazon
Detroit Axle 6PC Complete Strut Portable And Handy Details On Amazon
OREDY Full Set 4Pcs Strut Safe From Vibration And Shock Details On Amazon

So, here are our top 5 struts for Maxima to absorb any bumps and make the vehicle ride with perfection.

1. Monroe OESpectrum Struts– Exceptional Controlling System

This monroe strut increases the durability of the car wheels and maintains the balance of the vehicle. This device has extraordinary endurance to look like a long bar. It is inside the steering arm of the bike. The manufacturers designed it in a way that it fits with brake hose, spring, strut mounting nuts, strut turret mounting.

The Monroe Struts are the best in terms of quality. The bottom of the struts are round, but the OEM is plane.

The struts of this company are better and more attractive than other companies in the market. Struts are the result of many years of research by scientists. Tenneco’s Twin Technology has brought these struts to the market for an excellent car driver’s feeling. It has Impact Control Valve and Patented Low-Speed ​​Tunability.

The ICV is Strut’s exceptional control system, and the LST is a system that isolates noise, vibration, and stiffness. This new technology reduces the friction of the wheels of the car. Its valving mechanism is so advanced that it automatically adapts to the nature of the road to ensure comfort in the ride. The Fluon banded piston located in it blends into the pressure tube and provides excellent service. It increases the durability of the product.


  • Comfortable ride.
  • Fair price.
  • Perfect fitting.
  • Good controlling system.


  • It makes the car very speedy.

Available On Amazon

2. Drive Tech DTA 50022 complete strut– Find upgrade structure and advanced technology!

If you want a hassle-free strut for your Nissan maxima then Drive strut is the best solution for you. The product is always at the top of the list of favorites for the buyer due to the upgraded structure and advanced technology.

The strut has four nitrogen-rich Teflon piston seals as well as advanced technology micro-polishes. The all-weather adaptation strut also comes with a liquid SV3 that will give you a smooth drive experience. Weighing in at 60 pounds, this strut provides a compatible spring seat, boot kit, coil spring, and a full setup that will withstand a variety of jolts on high and low roads during your trip.

You will also find separate smooth support when you turn the steering wheel on different curved roads. The coil spring used here will mitigate the height, weight, position of the car in various adverse environments in such a way that your Nissan maxima will be perfectly safe as well as keep you at ease. Also, the shock absorber of this strut absorbs the vibrations of uneven or jerky roads.

Besides, its spring seat kit will free you from unbearable sound so you can drive smoothly and make your trip colorful.


  • Great structure and well decorated.
  • It keeps his performance just right for a long time.
  • The coil spring is rust-resistant.
  • Get as a full package.


  • Unfortunately, the price is a little high.

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3. AUTOMUTO Rear pair fit strut– Get brake performance as an aid!

This product has an impossible combination of top quality coil spring, strut mount, boot, bumper kit, spring seat so you can notice significant changes in the car from the moment you add this strut to your Nissan maxima. Completely set, this product saves your Nissan maxima by easily utilizing the weight and height of the car if your car encounters any bounce after installation, as well as supports car bearings to avoid accidents and helps to increase brake performance manifold.

When your Nissan maxima are shaken, all components combine to protect your car from damage caused by shaking. Besides, the installation of this strut is so simple that you can change the strut yourself very easily.

It fits perfectly with the Nissan Maxima and provides you with uninterrupted support for easy steering control. When there is a heavy load on your car in different uneven places, the struts split this load to reduce the extra pressure of the car.


  • It is very easy to install.
  • Trouble-free use.
  • Is not damaged by water.
  • The finishing of the product is much better.


  • Unluckily, the outer part is less smooth.

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4. Detroit Axle 6PC complete strut– Gain 70,000 miles of error-free trips!

The manufacturer has given all these qualities to this product, we couldn’t help but add this product to the list of best struts for Nissan maxima. You can safely make a great trip of 70,000 miles without changing the strut.

Durable metal, as well as rust-resistant coating, has been used which will serve you for a long time so you don’t have to worry about performance. The 24 × 8 × 18 inch strut has a much stronger elastic component than the coil spring which will give smooth flat road orientation even on any shaking or uneven road.

To reduce a load of your Nissan maxima in adverse conditions, a complete front strut along the driver’s side as well as coil spring and sway bar links have been added to the passenger side to keep all the parts of the car safe which have taken this product to unique heights.

Absolutely free from the shaking and annoying noises on the street. Also, you will get the opportunity to replace it.


  • It shows the highest performance on any road.
  • Find unique designs.
  • Spring seat kit is of much better quality.
  • There is an extra coating on the inside.


  • A little overweight.

Available On Amazon

5. OREDY full set 4Pcs strut– Discover additional device-free installation!

Practically and logically proven based on the needs and reactions of the customers this product keeps the performance much better besides long-lasting and worry-free. You can install it yourself without an expert, so you don’t need any extra equipment, just remove the old one and insert it.

The size is given in OREDY 4Pcs strut as 25.59 × 18.8 × 10.04 inches abreast weight is kept at 81.5 pounds. Its design is a bit hollow inside but it is strong enough and quickly adjustable. Made with advanced technology and hybrid metal, this product will carry the extra weight of your car in any situation as well as give you a flat road orientation on uneven roads.

The use of steel and iron alloys such as coil springs, shock absorbers, strut bearing, knuckles inside which keeps you completely safe from shaking or vibration in any high or low place as well as keep your car 100% safe.

So this product can be the best pick on your shopping list.


  • Capable of adapting to both cold and hot environments.
  • Compete with any other product at this price.
  • This product is very shiny.
  • Sturdy and easy to portable.


  • Many people weigh very little.

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What To Do When Choosing The Right Product?

What To Do When Choosing The Right Product

You need to be a little careful to choose the best struts for Nissan maxima.

Coil Spring

One of the most important aspects of the strut is the coil spring. Because this coil spring will maintain your force and increase the elastic strength to keep your Nissan maxima are free from shock damage. You need to consider whether this spring coil is rust-resistant or made of hybrid elastic to get the best performance. Ordinary elastic is not able to provide maximum elasticity so good results are not obtained. So the coil spring must be hybrid elastic and rust-resistant.

Shock absorber

One of the most important parts of the strut is the shock absorber. . It is a hydraulic mechanical device that absorbs excess pressure as well as prevents your car from crashing by spreading the excess energy around your Nissan maxima.

Also, it controls the flow of oil through the internal piston so this shock absorber which is of high quality should be carefully selected.

Spring seat kit

Shaking your car on uneven or damaged roads can cause unbearable noise, rattles, vibration, or squeaks that can make your trip annoying and bothersome. So to get rid of this kind of embarrassment, you need to take the right spring seat kit. Generally, the size of the spring seat kit is 7.9 x 7.3 x 3 inches with a mass of 1.5 pounds or less as well as products made of chromium and steel. This type of spring seat kit can be the best choice.

Steering knuckle

When you shake in an uneven place, your steering may get out of control, which can lead to problems and even accidents. The only way to deal with this situation is to keep your steering wheel and the wheel in the right position at the same time. So there is no substitute for taking the best quality steering knuckle-rich strut to avoid problems or accidents. So, when buying struts, you have to take the kind of struts whose steering knuckle is of the best quality.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Are these struts best for Nissan Maxima?

Yes. These struts can fit with Nissan Maxima. The manufacturers designed these struts to make your car speedy and comfortable. It is perfect for your favorite Nissan Maxima. If you don’t believe it, you can try one before buying it. You can come to the shop.

Why should I buy extra struts for my Nissan Maxima if I have struts in my car already?

If you go on a long journey and your struts stop working, what will you do? There will be no shop. So you can buy extra struts for your Nissan Maxima

What are the rules to change if you buy defective  Struts for Nissan Maxima?

If you buy the struts from a third-party unauthorized agency, there is no chance to change it. But you can change your defective strut if you go to change it to its authorized dealer. For doing this, you have to keep your receipt carefully. You need to show your receipt as proof at the time of change.


Your Nissan Maxima gives you the advantage of some thrilling experience. But, it is always seen that you have a lot of trouble during the trip due to not using the best quality struts. This ordinary strut damages your nice Nissan maxima just as much as it makes you feel annoyed.

So, pick your Nissan maxima suitable product from the 4 best struts for Nissan maxima are given to us as soon as possible.