7 Best Struts For Nissan Altima- Get A Hot Ride!


If you are the proud owner of a Nissan Altima or a driver of a Nissan Altima, you need to know about the best struts for Nissan Altima.

Struts is a significant material for your Nissan ultima. Bad struts will give you a bitter experience of driving or riding, and Even it damage your Nissan Altima. Due to a bad strut, your car will vibrate after hitting a bump. It will give you a bouncy ride and make noise when driving over bumps.

Today, we discuss the best struts for your Nissan Altima that give you a fantastic ride and take good care of your vehicles.

Best Struts For Nissan Altima

Get the best struts fro your Altima so that it can ride correctly both on-road and off-road.

1. Detroit Axle 8 Pc– Mount-Ready Complete Front Struts Set

Detroit Axle can be your best struts 2006 Nissan Altima as it comes with all the mounting kits and coil spring.

You will get 2 complete struts with a spring of coil for the front, 2 shocks for the rear, and 4 sway bar links for the front and rear. So in total, you are getting eight complete parts with the purchase.

The benefit of buying the struts from Detroit Axle is that you don’t need any additional installation tools. And the struts are finely coated for the best performance.

If you have the 2002  to 2006 Nissan Altima with a 3.5L V6 engine, you can easily install these struts without any extra tool.


  • Easy to install
  • A complete set
  • Ten years of warranty
  • Finely sealed


  • Expensive

Available On Amazon

2. OREDY 2 Struts– Premium Designed Front Struts

Looking for something premium for your Altima? Check these struts from the OREDY store. These are the perfect struts for 2008 Nissan Altima and upper models.

Here you get two front struts where the coil spring is already inserted finely. You just need to mount the bolt and have it installed in your car.

The upper mounting plate of these struts has the premium style of bearing design with SAE bolts and nuts. And the high-quality bonding of the steel to rubber ensures a corrosion-free quiet ride.

Let’s come to the coil spring of these struts. These are made of SAE 9254 graded steel-based stuff.

After a test of 500,000 times of compression, these struts deform less than 5%. So, you can rely on these struts to reduce any vibration of the car.

The rubbery boot in the middle of the struts keep it dust-resistible and helps to gain more lifespan. Some claim these struts to be brand new even after 4K miles of the ride.

The bottom piston rod of these struts has a rigid body.  It helps most when you drive at the highest.  The antifoam and anti-shear performance keep the struts wear-free and give you pleasant riding experience.

If you want to replace struts of 2007- 2012 Nissan Altima, OREDY struts will be the best to pick.


  • Quick installing
  • Stable & comfortable
  • 18 months of warranty
  • Exact fit providing smooth performance


  • Fits only 2.5L 4Cyl W/ABS

Available On Amazon

3. MostPlus Shocks & Struts-Leakage-Proof Complete Shocks & Struts Set

Do you need quality performance shocks and struts for your beloved Altima? Don’t miss the MostPlus complete set.

Here you will get two front struts with spring coil included, two rear shocks easily installable. You will have a complete replacement with this set.

The upper mounting part of the struts has a high-quality bearing. And the bonding of steel to rubber is so firm to provide superior performance.

Do you know the additional feature of Mostplus struts? The jounce bumper on the upper mount. These bumper helps to prevent any damage provided that the upper suspension loosens.

The superior coil spring secures the stability of the strut in the exact position. However, the upper and lower coil plates help to avoid any vibrations in the spring. Consequently, it provides superior noise-free performance from your ride.

The sealed boot on the struts keeps it dust and debris free. Again, the electrophoretic coating makes these struts corrosion-free and helps to prevent oxidization.

Do you own any of the 2007 to 2011 Altima 2.5L engine? Or you need to replace your struts on the Altima? You can check these struts and shocks set.


  • Complete set
  • High silicon resisting metal fatigue
  • Great defense of vibration
  • Pre-safety bumper jounce


  • No sway bar

Available On Amazon

4. Detroit Axle 4 Pc– Get More Consistency with These Shocks & Struts

Detroit Axle brings these complete shocks and struts for Altima without any sway bar links. People who only need the shocks and struts, not the sway bar, can choose this set.

In this set, you will get two front struts and two rear shock absorber. These need no additional tools or coil spring as the coil spring already comes with these struts.

The piston seal between the strut piston and the tube helps maintain the seal and prevents any leakage. It also benefits a longer span of life and a more consistent outcome.

The rear shocks here are top quality and provide maximum performance. These shock will help your car avoid any uneven bumps and absorb them.

The O-ring here in the shocks helps provide precise pressure to the inner tube and is firmly sealed. If you are looking for the struts for 2002 to 2006 Nissan Altima 3.5L V6 only, pick this set.


  • Wear-free
  • Fatigue-free
  • Complete front & rear set
  • Firmly sealed


  • Does not fit the V8 engine

Available On Amazon

5. UNITY AUTOMATIVE Struts– Get the Exact Height with These Front Struts

Can I replace struts myself? If you have this thought in your mind, then the answer is yes, especially when you have the install-ready kits such as the Unity Automotive struts.

Each strut includes upper mounting plates, bottom bearing plates, coil spring, jounce bumper, and the coils spring.

All the kits come already assembled with the strut. You don’t need any efforts to join them. Just install and fit in your car.

These struts are compatible fit to tackle the front two wheels. Each strut fits precisely and provides superior performance with the utmost stability of your car.

Also, the struts will help your car to get back to its proper height. It is a compatible fit for the 2002-06 Nissan Altima with the V6 engine.


  • Hassle-free repairing
  • Proper fit for the front
  • Long-lasting
  • Delivers top quality


  • Only fits V6 engine & SE-R models

Available On Amazon

6. KYB Shocks & Struts– Restore the Factory Designed Stability with This Set

KYB has always been a reliable brand for auto parts. In the case of the struts, it is not lagged.

This strut set from KYB is a complete set of shocks and struts with an exact fit for your Nissan Altima.

The set includes 2 front wheel struts and 2 rear wheel shock absorber. And all the assembly kits such as the coil spring,  coil bearing plates, etc. come already set into the struts.

You will feel like these struts be exact that your Altima needs. The struts feature that you will find them new and rust-free even after 50K miles of running.

KYB struts will help in getting the appropriate ride height. The struts body is efficient and thick enough to maintain the alignment of the wheel so correctly. Also, this will help you to keep in control in the time of riding.

The struts are so practical enough to get the wheel’s correct alignment increasing the wheel’s life.

For the searchers of 02-06 Nissan Altima struts can buy this and get your Altima ride like brand new again. And the lifetime technical support from the world-class struts of KYB is a win-win point with this set.


  • Sturdy & effective enough
  • Excellent ride quality provider
  • 100% Squeaky- free
  • Dramatic handling capacity


  • Only fits SE V6 engines

Available On Amazon

7. COMPLETE STRUTS Rear Struts– Get a Quality Rear Strut Set for the Older Year Altima

Didn’t you find your pick yet? Do you need the struts for the 1993-1999 Nissan Altima? Complete Struts brings a rear strut set for you.

With the struts set from Complete Struts, you will get 2 coil springs, 2 top mounting plates, 2 bottom bearing plates.

The pair is for rear wheels. You will find them coming ready with the coil spring and bearing plates. So, no worries for the assembling.

It will help in ensuring proper wheel control. Also, you will have a more smooth riding performance and control.

If you need struts for the 93-99 Nissan Altima with 2.4L 4cyl Sedan body, pick this now without a second thought.


  • Install-ready struts
  • One year of warranty
  • 100% Squeaky- free
  • Budget-friendly


  • Only fits the 2.4L engine

Available On Amazon

How To Pick The Top Struts For Nissan Altima?

How To Pick the Top Struts for Nissan Altima

Choosing struts is not like selecting any housing stuff with any fit. It’s the engine parts that will impact your riding quality and control. So, you must choose very wisely after a lot of considerations.

However, we have brought out those indicative factors to choose the right fit and good quality.

Vehicle Compatibility is a Must

Well, the first thing that comes is the compatibility of your vehicle. Different vehicles have different sizes of compatibility for the suspension parts. So as the struts.

Always check first whether the strut will fit your Nissan Altima engine or not. The rest of the features are next. If you don’t get the right fit, you can’t install them in your car.

If you think you will install without the exact fit, you may have trouble in time or riding; it is not only confined to that but also damages other suspension parts.

Pre-Assembled Tools

Nowadays, many brands are available selling struts with other necessary essential installations. Choose the one that comes install-ready. It will help you with easy mounting as well as time-saving.

Further, you don’t need to joint the kits on the struts; rather, mount it to the car.

Struts Type

There are mainly three types of struts: pneumatic struts, gas-charged struts, and the coil covering struts.

Pneumatic struts contain oil inside it. That helps only to dampen the shock by compressing oil.

The gas-charged struts are a way ahead than the pneumatic struts. This type of struts contains both oil and gas, powered by gas, though. This type of suspension struts helps to reduce the foaming and effective than the pneumatic ones.

Finally, the coil covering struts come. These struts are more effective, sturdier than others. Modern vehicles are more likely to use coil covering struts for better performance and control.

So, you can choose the coil covering struts with the coil ring included and assembled with it.

Rear or Front Struts

In most cases, people use struts on the front two-wheel suspension for the exact ride height. But there are also some struts to mount with the rear wheel.

Decide first which strut you need front or rear, then go for buying. Or you can take some expert’s help to inspect your car and suggest you the mounts for you.

Quality of the Struts

The performance quality of the struts is crucial. You will be buying the struts for a specific purpose of riding. So, check them well.

In general, check the struts’ weight transfer rate from the coil’s compression. You can also check the top to bottom bearing quality and wear-free coating. These are essential for the durability of the struts, as well as your suspension parts.

Warranty & Customer Support

Some company provides warranty service for a limited time. These reflect better quality. Again, some seem to provide technical support for a lifetime or for a specific time. These are indeed appreciable.

Check for the struts having any such service to ensure the quality and durability of the parts.

Struts or Shocks? Anyone or Both?

When talking about the suspension system, both shocks and struts peep into the topic. But both have different purposes with different working criteria.

Struts are used to maintain quality height during riding and maintain the stability of the car. A car without struts will have trouble balancing side to side, breaking with the exact position, and controlling the wheel’s alignment. All these issues will be solved when your car has the right strut in it.

On the contrary, shocks mainly absorb shocks and bumps during the rough ride.  If your car often faces the shaggy craggy street and endure bumps, you must install good shocks to absorb those bumps and give you a smooth, comfortable ride.

Well, some companies provide shocks with the struts whereas some only the struts. You can choose as you need.  Always replace both side struts left and right at a time instead of replacing a single one.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

How do I know that my struts need replacing?

If your car makes a sound from your driver side only, driving over bumps or even at relatively slow speeds. Or if the sounds come from both sides. And if it vibrates after hitting a bump. And when it gives a bouncy ride. Then it is the perfect time to replace your struts.

How much time and cost need for replacing?

It depends upon the mechanics. But generally, it takes 2-3 hours to replace struts. Many people can replace it on their own. Many are experts about it. So they require very few times without any cost. And if you do it with mechanics, then it requires very few times and costs.

How often do struts need to be replaced?

It depends upon the manufacturer’s company. So the company recommends 50,000miles. Some are 100,000miles. So generally, it is between 60,000 to 100,000 miles. And if you replace the struts as routine maintenance according to your usages, then it is perfect for your vehicles. It also gives better handling of your cars.

Final Words

Car owners always have a particular corner for their car’s safety and maintenance. And if you can’t enjoy a pleasant ride, you indeed need to check the struts.

Our reviews of the top 7 best struts for Nissan Altima will help you to get the exact riding comfort.  Also, the buying guide will surely help you to make your decision to pick the right one.