How to Change Intermediate Steering Shaft Dodge Dakota Easiest Way 


Do you need to replace the steering shaft? Are you looking for how to change intermediate steering shaft Dodge Dakota?

Relax that you have come upon the right content. Here, you will know about the symptoms of a bad intermediate steering shaft and the replacement process.

However, we will also give you some tips that you might need in the replacement time. Check out now!

The Symptoms of a Bad Steering Shaft

Well, a steering shaft helps to control the smooth movement of the front wheels. This component of the vehicle has a connection with the steering wheel and the gearbox.

But if the steering shaft got any problem, you will face difficulty in controlling the steering wheel.

Let’s see the symptoms once to ensure that you need to replace the intermediate steering shaft. By the way, if you wanted to know the 2004 Dodge Dakota steering issues, these symptoms are also considerable.

1. Clunky Noise

You may be thinking; clunky noise can be a symptom of many other issues also in vehicles. But when you’re in a driver sit, you will know very well from where the noise comes.

If you doubt there is a clunky sound from under the steering shaft side, then it’s the lousy steering shaft. Many times, because of rust, it may happen.

2. Problems in Rotating the Wheels

The task of the steering shaft is to keep the wheels’ rotation under control. But when you feel hindrance in rotating the front wheel, then you must check your steering shaft.

3. Steering Wheel Stucked

When you rotate the steering wheel, it forwards the rotation movement to the wheel through the steering shaft.

If you see you can’t have a smooth rotation on the steering wheel, then it’s the steering shaft creating impediment.

4. Losing Control over the Wheel Movement

Somehow, if you find you lose the control over the wheel often, then immediately change the intermediate steering shaft. The shaft may have been loosened or need to replace.

So, when you face any of the symptoms mentioned above, you should change the steering shaft and install a new one.

If you have enough knowledge of the car parts, then you can change it yourself. You won’t face any significant issue. The process we are showing here is as much secure as it can be.

See the replacement process.

How to Change Intermediate Steering Shaft Dodge Dakota

Following these steps, you can replace the Dodge Dakota intermediate steering shaft without additional issues. Follow every step and the instruction given here carefully.

Step:1  Uplift the Car to Get Access to Steering Shaft

Well, the first step for you is to get access to the steering shaft. You can’t find the intermediate steering shaft from outside your vehicle. You need to uplift your car.

You can uplift using any jack stand, or if you have a high-quality car lifter, you can use that too. Some people tend to take the wheel off from the driver’s side and get access to the driving shaft.

That is kind of harder to have access to. So, uplifting the car and changing it from underneath the vehicle is a good option as far.

 Step:2  Find out the Steering Shaft

After you have been able to make out the access to the shaft, find out the steering shaft.

There will be two coupling joints; one will be underneath the brake booster and the other end with the steering rack.

Step:3  Keep the Steering Wheel Fixed

Now, bolts take out time.  But if you can’t see the joining screws on the steering shaft, you can turn on the engine and rotate the steering wheel to have a rotation on the driving shaft.

Keep someone underneath the steering shaft side to check when it comes to the side to take out the bolts. When the screw side comes at the front after rotating, turn off the engine. If possible, take out the keys from the ignition switch.

Once you take out the whole shaft, you have to make sure the steering wheel does not move an inch. Otherwise, you may end up losing the correct alignment and also damage to the other driving components.

Here is a trick for you. After switching off the engine, you can keep the steering wheel in the lock position. To keep it locked, you can take the help of the seat belt. It sounds weird, but this works also.

Step:4  Take out the Bolts One by One

Now, take out the bolts from both ends. Use a long bolt opener or a long wrench to get access to the joint ideally. Take out two bolts from the two edges of the shaft.

After loosening the bolts, you may find the shaft attached tightly to the steering rack. It may happen because of too much rust.

Use a hammer and a flat screwdriver. Hit on the rusted part to loosen.

After the shaft loosens, it may down out all of a sudden. So, hold with one hand while working to prevent any accidents.

Another warning you must keep in mind. Once you remove the steering shaft, make sure the steering rack does not moves or rotates.

If mistakenly, it moves, you rotate the wheel back to the position from where you started the work.

Step:5  Now Install the New One

Install the new steering shaft. Before joining, put some oil into the two holes where it will join the bolts. It will help you have smooth installing. Also, it helps to prevent quick rust.

While installing the new one, make sure of the joining lines from where you took out the previous one.

At first, only join the two ends with bolt nuts. Don’t tighten the bolts now. Join both the sides then, ensure the alignment. And after that, tighten the bolts.

Here you can move the steering wheel to have proper access to tighten the bolts from every side. But make sure you have joined both ends of the steering shaft correctly before moving the steering wheel.

Step:6  Tighten All the Bolts

Now, tighten all the bolts accurately. And your intermediate steering shaft replacement is done.

Concluding Lines

Hopefully, you can now know well how to change the intermediate steering shaft, Dodge Dakota.  By following all the instructions shown above, you can do it correctly without any cause.

But strictly maintain the warning mentioned for each step.