A Much-Needed Discussion on How to Reset ESP BAS Light


Whenever there’s some trouble with the electronic stability program of your vehicle, the ESP BAS light will help you with a warning. It also helps when there are issues with the brake assist program.

And this warning is very useful to avoid any further damage by taking measurements quickly. Now when you want to reset the ESP BAS light, there’s a process to follow and it’s very important you know the right rules regarding this for a proper result.

So here we are to help you on how to reset ESP BAS light with this guide. Keep on Reading!

How to Reset ESP BAS Light

We will be discussing the whole procedure in steps for the ones who have never done this before get a better idea of it. So, let’s get into this approach and see what you need to do for the resetting.

Start Your Truck Engine

When talking about how to reset ESP BAS light, the first thing you want to do is to start your truck engine. Depending on what type of truck you use, you want to do the following step.

For a traditional truck user, you want to start your truck engine by inserting the key. Make sure you have twisted the key and start the engine in ignition mode. Before inserting the key, make sure you have picked your truck’s original key to start the truck engine.

If you have a recent model truck, then you want to start your engine by pressing the On & Off button. Make sure you have pressed the On & Off button once to start your engine.

Try not to insert the truck key as it will automatically turn on by pressing the button. After you have started your vehicle in ignition mode, you want to move to the next step.

Use an Advanced Scanner to Read the Codes

The next thing you want to use an advanced scanner to read out the ESP codes. This tool is vital for doing this step. If you don’t have an advanced scanner, then grab one from the nearest market to easily continue this step.

You want to diagnose the ESP BAS light with your advanced scanner to scan the ESP codes and easily erase the memory. The first thing you want to do is to go to the Scan settings to randomly start the process. Then, you want to go to the BENZ settings bar.

To do this, you’ll see the advanced scanner appears with up & down, left & right, and ok buttons to control and select options easily.

After going to the BENZ settings, there you want to go to the 170-SLK Class settings and hit on it. There you will find 2 options one is Left-Hand Steering and the other is Right-Hand Steering. You want to click to the Left-Hand Steering. Then, go to Manual settings.

There you will find ESP settings that you want to click. Wait for a while and then you’ll see the Clear Fault Memory. And then, head to the next process.

Click the Clear Fault Memory Settings

After you have done all the setups, click on the Clear Fault Memory settings to easily erase the whole memory. This process is quite essential for resetting the ESP BAS light with no snag.

To do it in the right manner, you want to hit on the button. After that, you will see a bar is popping up in the front asking for your permission with Yes & No bar. You want to click on the Yes bar to start the process really quick.

Then, wait for a while until you see another bar is popping up on the screen. Again, you want to click on the Yes bar to reset the fault memory easily. By doing these processes, you’ll easily reset the ESP BAS light.

Yet, sometimes this technique doesn’t work out well. If you see no result after doing this process, there is another simple way to reset the ESP BAS light. For that, go to the next step.

Turn Your Truck Steering Wheel to the Right

If the upper step doesn’t work out in the right way, you want to turn your steering wheel to the right side. Make sure your truck engine is activated when you are turning your truck steering wheel to the right side.

By doing this, it will help the car to automatically understand the process of reset. After twisting your steering wheel to the clockwise position, rush to the next step.

Twist the Steering Wheel to the Left

Then, you immediately want to turn your steering wheel to the left side so that your truck can by design activate the reset mood.

If you see your truck screen is shutting down, then it indicating the resetting process. After some time, you’ll see the screen is turning on automatically and showing the signals. And then, run to the next process.

Watch the Truck Screen

After doing the above all steps, you want to watch the truck screen if it showing everything or not. And, you are done.

Wrap Up

And that’s basically everything about how to reset ESP BAS light. Now you should have a clear perception of the whole thing and there must be no confusion related to this topic. However, if you still are not sure about the entire process then maybe getting some professional help is a better solution. There can be trouble with the system that is not letting you get the right result. And an expert will be able to figure out if there’s any problem.

However, it isn’t a very difficult process so even with little knowledge on such things, you’ll be able to pull it off just fine.