User-Friendly Guide on How to Replace Transmission Cooler Lines on Silverado


Light-duty and powerful pick-up trucks from Silverado has their own reputation for bringing much more usability on the user side rather than concerns for maintenance or repairs. Upgrading to a transmission cooler is probably one of the greatest maintenance decisions you’ve taken for your Silverado. It’s basically going to prolong the transmission life of your vehicle in the best way possible. The installation or replacement process is not very confusing unless you have never done such DIYs before.

And to help you with that we are going to talk about the entire process of how to replace transmission cooler lines on Silverado. Keep on Reading!

How to Replace Transmission Cooler Lines on Silverado

We will dive right into the entire process by discussing several steps. This will make it simpler to grasp even if you are the ultimate novice in such matters. Enjoy!

Buy Some Tools

The first thing you want to do on how to replace transmission cooler lines on Silverado is to get the tools that will need on the following processes. You see, there are some tools that you want them to be right beside you when doing all the processes.

For that, you want to buy a wrench, flat screwdriver, and floor jacks from the closest market. If you don’t have a good pair of gloves, you also want to buy them to do the processes easily. After purchasing all the essential items, go to the next step.

Wear the Gloves

Now, you want to take on your bought gloves to start the processes really quick. You see, the gloves are worn for avoiding all the messes that can cause your bare hand to become oily when doing the processes.

To avoid the fluid and filth, wear gloves in both hands. After that you have done putting on your gloves, move to the next step.

Slide a Bucket under the Cooler Lines

The next thing you want to do is to put on a bucket under your truck where the cooler lines located so that you can avoid the fluid later. As you have using the transmission cooler lines when driving your Silverado that may result in some fluid to come out when replacing.

And if you don’t put the bucket under the cooler lines, it will result in fluid contact with your truck’s other parts. That will eventually cause nothing but rust and corrosion. So, insert a bucket and head to the next process.

Life up Your Truck

Then, you want to lift your Silverado by using your bought floor jacks. To do the processes, you want to slide the floor jacks under your truck in the front area so that you can lift the truck in a good position. Make sure you are using 2-floor jacks for lifting rightly.

After that, do the same thing by attaching a floor jack under your truck back area for lifting it rightly. Try to set it as close to the gaps of the axle. Done lifting up your truck? Go to the next process.

Detach the Pan Bolts and Gasket

Now, you want to detach the pan that is set on the transmission cooler lines. Make sure the bucket you have placed under the cooler lines is on the same place when detaching the pan.

To remove the pan, you want to take your bought wrench to loosen the bolts that has been attached to it. Try to twist the bolts in a gentle manner so that they can detach. After that, use your bought flat screwdriver to remove the pan gasket that is attached to the cooler lines.

After you have removed the pan gasket, you want to take out the bolts to secure in a good place. Then, rush to the next step.

Remove Transmission Cooler Lines from the Side of Transmission

After that, you want to take out the transmission cooler lines from both sides of the transmission. And when you are removing the cooler lines form the transmission make sure to use your wrench to easily detach them.

To start with, use the end of a wrench when detaching one side of cooler lines in the left direction so that it could loosen up. After detaching the one side, make sure you have taken out the cooler lines from the transmission.

Then, go for the other side of cooler lines that are attached to the transmission. You want to do the same process to detach by using the wrench. After detaching them, take them in a secure place. And then, run to the next process.

Install the New Transmission Cooler Lines

Next, take out your new transmission cooler lines and place them carefully without bending or kinking. Do the same thing to the other side to attach in a loose fit.

Then, use the wrench to tighten them rightly. Also, attach the pan bolts and gaskets to secure the new transmission cooler lines.

Lift Down the Truck from the Floor Jack

To finish all the processes, you want to lift down your Silverado truck by detaching the floor jack.

Wrap Up

That’s how to replace transmission cooler lines on Silverado the right way. We hope now you have a broad idea of this matter without much confusion. You can try it with all the necessary safety requirements and knowing.

However, if you believe the task is overwhelming for you to complete, it’ll be better to seek professional help. Proceeding for such replacement without having the entire concept understood might not be safe for you as well as the vehicle.

So, make sure you consider the safety part seriously as well. Good Luck with Getting Better Results!