How To Remove Fuel Plate on 12 Valve Cummins In Easy 6 Step


So, the whole fuel plate thing is here to make the fueling method even more efficient. And that will make the 12 valves have a better overall performance on board. This is because of the efficiency provided by rack travel controlling of the pump itself.

However, due to certain circumstances, you may have to think about removing the fuel plate on 12 valve Cummins. It’s surely a risky thing to do but not impossible. You just have to know the right way on how to remove fuel plate on 12 valve Cummins that involve less risk.

How to Remove Fuel Plate on 12 Valve Cummins

We’ll be disclosing the entire process into several parts, six in total. This is to make sure you are engaging with each step the right way and no important point is missed out. And hopefully, that will lead towards a better result at the end of the day. So, Let’s Get into It!

Buy the Right Tools to Start With

The first thing you want to do on how to remove fuel plate on 12 valve Cummins processes is to buy some essential tools. There are some tools you want to use on the actual process of removing the fuel plate housing.

When you are on a store, grab the impact screwdriver, flat screwdriver, wrench, and a good pair of gloves. These tools actually help the detaching process to be done in less time. Also, try to buy some lubricant if your vehicle fuel plate hasn’t been opened for years.

After you have bought all the stuff, make sure you have taken the stuff in a good place to continue the following step.

Take Out the Bolts of AFC Housing with a Flat Screwdriver

The next thing you want to do is to take out the bolts with a flat screwdriver. Before that, make sure your vehicle engine is not on. If your vehicle engine is on, then make sure you have turned it off.

For traditional vehicle users, take out the key form the vehicle to turn it off. If you have a recent model vehicle, make sure you have turned off your vehicle by pressing the engine off button. Also, don’t forget to wear your bought gloves to do the process with no mess.

After turning your vehicle engine off, open the vehicle hood to locate the AFC housing part. It should be in the front side where you’ll see 4 bolts are attached to the surface.

Then, make sure you have pulled out all the bolts by using the screwdriver. After that, take out the AFC housing and head to the next step.

Clean the Surface

Afterward, you want to clean the surface by using your bought lubricant to do the following step at ease. If your car hasn’t been opened for years, the parts can get tightened and jammed. So, the simple solution to get rid of this trouble is to use a lubricant only to the bolts.

Take a clean brush and drip your bought lubricant to the brush so that you can run it on your vehicle parts easily. Make sure you are using the lubricant only to the area of the bolts as they are hard to pull out. After you have cleaned the surface, go to the next process.

Detach the Bolts of Fuel Plate with an Impact Screwdriver

Next, you want to take out the 2 bolts that are attached tightly to the fuel plate. This step is quite essential for you to easily detach the fuel plate.

For doing this process in the right manner, make sure you have to grab your bought impact screwdriver to take out the bolts that are fitted tightly to its surface. Use your impact screwdriver by twisting it to the left direction to take out one bolt easily.

After you have detached the one bolt, use the impact screwdriver to take out the other bolt as well. Once you are done detaching the bolts, you will see a flat looking platter which is a fuel plate. Take out the fuel plate to finish this process.

Now, if you want to attach another fuel plate, then make sure to follow the other processes. Otherwise, end here.

Loosening the Pressure Liner Hose Clamp

Then, you want to loosen the pressure liner hose clamp with your bought wrench to make it right. To do this process rightly, you want to twist the wrench while it is attached to the hose clamp in the counterclockwise or left direction.

By doing this, you’ll see the pressure liner hose clamp is loosening so that it could support your new fuel plate to attach easily. After you have loosened it, run to the next step.

Attach New Fuel Plate on 12 Valve Cummins

Next, you want to insert your new fuel plate on 12 valve Cummins and put in all the bolts to attach it in the right manner. After attaching the 2 bolts, insert the AFC housing and install the 4 bolts by using the flat screwdriver.

Then, you want to tighten the pressure liner hose clamp by using your wrench and attach it in a secure fit. And, you are done.

Wrap Up

And that was all about how to remove fuel plate on 12 valve Cummins.These steps are easy to follow and simple to understand. So hopefully this will be enough for your confusions to fade away. If you still have some points not cleared, research further. Don’t try to proceed without bringing absolutely sure about the entire process.

That’s the key thing you need to do for a safe result overall. Make sure you don’t mess with that.