Motorcraft Full Synthetic Vs Blend – Which one Makes Your Car Faster


Currently, you may be using conventional oil for your car engine, and you are worried about upcoming cold weather because in this situation conventional oil doesn’t work properly. So, you need synthetic oil for greater performance and more lubrication in your motors.

On the market, Motorcraft full synthetic and synthetic blend obtain their highest peaks at selling which will be best for your vehicle running. Both of them look similar, but they are different in their composition, performance, price, etc. For better understanding the comparison, you should go through Motorcraft full synthetic Vs blend and get your needed one.

Features of Motorcraft Full Synthetic Vs Blend

These recommended two products are top brands and used in BMW, Ford, pickup, truck, and Honda etc. in a large number. They give their higher working ability and performance according to their aspects. In some cases, they show variation to each other. Now, explore the information between them and find out how they differ among themselves.

Full Synthetic


Average Weight
(1-23.9) pounds 24 or more
Average Size
(1-12) QT (1-12) QT
SAE Oil Weight
5W20-5W50 5W20-5W30
 Run about 5000-10000 miles or more 15000 miles Run about 5000-7500 miles
30 percent more than blend and the differences is about $8-$9 per 5 quarts 18.76$-19.79$ or more
Materials Composition
Fully synthesized in lab and contain additives and other conventional oils Contain mixtures of synthetic and conventional base oils
Top 3 Models
  1. Motorcraft full synthetic XO-5W20-QFS 12 Qt– Higher viscosity index
  2. Motorcraft full synthetic XO-5W50-QGT 12 qt– Compatible other synthetic formulations
  3. Motorcraft full synthetic XO-5W30-QFS 1– Quart resistance to oxidation
  1. Motorcraft blend SAE 5W20-12 quarts– Easy to use
  2. Motorcraft blend SAE 5W30- 12 quarts– Minimizing engine deposits
  3. Motorcraft blend XO-5W20-5 quarts– Develop fuel efficiency

Our Suggested Pick- Motorcraft Full Synthetic

Nowadays, many car drivers like to use these full synthetic products due to its high quality and effective performance. We think that the ingredients will be suited to your motor and further, it offers those engines superior safety. Besides, the components have high tolerance levels. Moreover, a new standard of these categories is improving the gas economy and decreasing the friction. As a result, various parts of your device can last for a long time.

Since the shear and chemical stability has improved, you can get better viscosity activities at low and high temperatures, oxidation free, and sludge and deposits free compounds. Hence, you can purchase these items without any confusion. To know more details of the Motorcraft full synthetic Vs blend, you should read the following points with patience.


By using a great invention of technology, the materials help to reduce friction and deliver outstanding wear security and energy-conserving functionality to your machine. Furthermore, it dramatically increases fuel saving as contrasted with SAE 10W-30 and 5W-30. The friction will be small, when the composition contains low viscosity.

Lower viscosity can enhance the flow property of the oils via the oil pumps and needs less fuel to transfer the oil to vital areas of the motor. These features also help to minimize interaction between concrete and metal and automatically reduce tear and wear.


The full synthetic oils are accurately managed ingredients that are synthesized in the lab by oil scientists, engineers, and chemists. When integrated with an additives kit of high performance, this leads to a lubrication and engine well-being with the highest rates. Instantly, you can get uppermost models with higher reliability, better cleaning qualities, and improved heat resistance.


If you use full manufactured oil, you can prolong the time between oil alterations. According to the guidelines of the distributor, the compound can last up to 10000 miles. Any recommended periods on these can be shorter or longer. In some cases, the components show their long-lasting periods which is about 15000 miles. The lifetime of it depends on how many times you run your engines.

Oxidation free

As the ingredients are fully analyzed, they don’t easily interact with other metal type components. So, the degradation of chemicals decreases to a greater extent. It saves your vehicle life from extreme temperatures, rotting, and cracking.


  • Remove sludge
  • Free from chemical degradation
  • Greater viscosity index
  • Extensive flow property


  • Comparatively expensive

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The Latest Challenger- Motorcraft Blend

An impressive mix of materials is contributing to flawless engine output during temperature fluctuation in the system. Such amazing fabrics have an extremely viscous index to help maintain the oil safely as the device runs in a large variety of operating conditions. The additional features are described below.


It is a complete merge of conventional oil and synthetic oil. This mixture helps to resist oxidation and gives awesome temperature characteristics and is approved for heavy-duty engines, buses, vans, and SUVs. The motor is gradually working more smoothly under the control of the polymer mix and eliminates tear and wear.

The materials are highly robust for oxidation of temperatures and incredibly turbocharger particles, allowing the engine to run better when increasing the temperature gradient.


The longevity of this blend oil has improved. The manufacturers make a report on it that the compound has life on average between 5000 and 7500 miles. Moreover, in the presence of the oil’s significant viscosity index rating, it maintains its capacity to pour despite being exposed to extreme cold or heat.


  • Increasing cleanliness
  • Enhancing wear protection
  • Maintain oxidation
  • Better fuel regulation


  • During transition potential  bottle breakage

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Which One Will Proper Pick for Your Vehicle?

It is not easy to choose motor oil, particularly in a competitive market today. But we are here with Motorcraft full synthetic Vs blend information so that we can help you with your findings. If you are a car racer, then you can pick Motorcraft full synthetic XO-5W50-QGT 12 quarts oil. For top brands like Lincoln, Ford, and Mercury passenger vehicles, you can buy Motorcraft full synthetic XO-5W30-QFS 12 quarts oils.

On the other hand, for trucks and pickup, you need to purchase blend oil Xo-5W20-5Q3SP. Moreover, when you want to smoothly run your SUVs and Ford engine, you can choose blend oil of Xo-5W30-5QSP.