Best Lift Kit For 4 Runners- Get The Top 3 Picks


Many people use lifting kits in their trucks, jeeps, and other 4×4 vehicles, which is the practical application of the vehicle lifting process. When a lift kit fits into a car, its purpose is to move from stock-sized tires to larger-sized tires. There are many types of lifting kits available in the market. If you have no experience with lift kits, choosing the right one can be a little daunting.

If you want to add a lifting kit to your 4 runner car, then you need to choose the best and advanced quality lift kit. We are going to help you choose the best lift kit for 4 runners. So let’s get started.

Best Lift Kit For 4 Runners

Product’s Name Material Key Benefits Price
Daystar Lift Kit Metal Gives Good Space Details On Amazon
SKULL OFF ROAD Lift Kit Billet Aluminum Safe And Rustproof Details On Amazon
Motofab Lifts 2′ Front Lift Kit Aluminum Sturdy To Stand A Long Time Details On Amazon

However, let’s read the reviews with top recommendations.

1. Daystar Lift Kit– Enjoy the Exciting Ride Along with it

Lift Kit made of polyurethane material, which improves the suspension handling and durability of your vehicle. The daystar Lift Kit will extend your 4 runners up to 2·5 “in front and 1·5” in the rear. It minimally affects the SUV’s OEM. These kits design to be quick and easy to install. It does not make any contact between metals and metals.

DayStar lift kits have used with pride around the world since 1977. It has engineered for your best performance, comfort, and longevity. The Day Star Lift will give you these three things – make the vehicle look taller, provide more clearance at the bottom, and house the wheel wells for the main road. But it also increases the gravitational force that can make your body roll while taking turns.

Its suspension lifts are well designed. It helps increase the height of your SUV and gives you more space for bigger tires. Its components, such as ball joints or control arm bushing, do not create excessive pressure and do not get tired quickly. So it does not need to be changed prematurely.

These lift kits add weight to your vehicle, enable the addition of the most massive tires, and add larger disc brakes to power off. It gives your car a nice ride. It helps your vehicle to move from rock crawling to potholes.


  • Long-lasting
  • Quick and easy to install
  • Reduces costs
  • Good product


  • Grease may leak

Available On Amazon

2. SKULL OFF ROAD Lift Kit– Anodizing Coated Lift Kit for Plus-Sized Tires

THE SKULL OFF-ROAD lift kit brings a pair that will raise 2.4 inches on the front part and 2 inches on the backside. These are excellent lift kits for 4 Runner of 1984 to 1995 4WD models.

Here, you will get a CNC (Computer Numerical Control) method, which helps to fit the kit precisely in the vehicle. This lift kit is made up of Billet Aluminum that is far better than Aerocraft Aluminum.

You will get a swing system bar drop and a differential drop with the kit. The anodizing coating over the lift kit protects from any harder situations.

On the back lift blocks, you get a Floflex polyurethane kit, which gives a corrosion-free covering.


  • Safe & standard quality
  • Rust-free coating
  • Frequent decay-free covering
  • Black powder coated matching with factory suspensions
  • Easy to assemble


  • Does not come with any instructions

Available On Amazon

3. Motofab Lifts 2′ Front Lift Kit– Strut-Free Installing with This One

The USA-made front lift kit from Motofab Lifts will lift your 4 Runner by 2 inches on the front. The featuring highlight of this kit is you don’t need any spring or coil or any struts to install it.

This lift kit gives you a lifetime warranty, which is a remarkable fact concerning durability. And this feature makes it one of the best 4 Runner lift kits.

You will get 100% satisfaction after buying it because you can’t compare its durability with other typical lift kits. These lift kits are not like other kits that usually get cracked.

It is a USA-made lift kit with CNC technology. The lift kits are made from Billet Aluminum, which covers better quality.

And the black powder coating on the coverage provides decay-free finishing for a longer time.


  • Easy to install
  • Corrosion-free covering
  • No need for a differential drop for installation
  • No rust or crack line over years
  • Comes with complete instructions & hardware


  • Not 1:1 ratio of a thickness of the lift spacers & the lift

Available On Amazon

How To Pick The Best Lift Kit For 4 Runner?

How To Pick The Best Lift Kit For 4 Runner

Want to choose your 4 Runner lift kit? It’s quite harder to choose the right one with the right quality also.

Have a deep sigh because you’re getting here some considerations that will help you choose your lift kit for your beloved 4 Runner.

Vehicle Compatibility

Vehicle compatibility is the first fact you must consider before buying. When you choose the lift kit for your 4 Runners, make sure the equipment is compatible with your vehicle and fits perfectly.

Lift Kit Height

The height of the lift kit is another prime fact you need to decide before you buy. You may find different types of lift kits available varying from different heights such as 1.5 inches, 2.5 inches, 3 inches, 4 inches, etc.

For 4 runners, you should choose the height according to your driving criteria. If you’re going to ride off roads, you can go for more considerable heights.

Tire Size Recommendations

You must consider the tire size before buying 4 runner kits. The primary aim of the lift kit is to lift the vehicle when you have broad tires. So, choose the lift kit height according to your tire size.

In general, tires from 17” to 19” do not need a lift kit. But above that, you can have a lift kit of 1.5 inches high or more.

Check Lift Kit Materials

Check the lift kit materials. Some are of a poor quality cheaper material that does not last for long. Avoid them. You will not be installing the lift kits very often in a year.

So, choose the one with good material like aluminum or polyurethane stuff. It will have improved quality, especially in the case of durability.

Lift Kit Vs Leveling Kit- Same or Different?

Lift Kit Vs Leveling Kit

Lift kit or the leveling kit? There always has been confusion between these two. You must have a clear concept so that you don’t mess up with these two and get the leveling kit instead of a lift kit.

In general, when you carry heavy loads on your car, there may be an imbalance of the rear side’s height with the front side. When you wish to bring it to the same height, you need to use a leveling kit.

So, the leveling kit levels the height of the car from both sides.

On the contrary, a lift kit is beneficial when you are riding off-road especially. The lift kit lifts your car off from the ground and makes your riding smooth and bumps-free. This lift kit also helps to raise your car to balance with the large tires.

So, before you buy the 4 Runner kits, make sure you know your vehicle’s needs very well.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

Can another kit be used on a suspension kit?

If you have a kit installed in your vehicle, we recommend that you not use another suspension lift kit. However, these suspension lift kits can use with body lift kits specially designed and tested for vehicles.

How to determine what kit is needed to flatten the car?

An excellent way to flatten your car is to park your car on a level first and then measure the distance from the center with a tape measure. Measure both front and back then subtract. This size is the right size to flatten your car.

How long does it take to install the lift kit?

Anyone with installation experience can install this kit. It takes 1-3 hours. We recommend that you install it with a professional mechanic.

Final Verdict

If you want to lift your 4 Runner and look for the best lift kit for 4 Runner, you should read this article.

Here, you are getting some cool-looking lift kits for your 4 Runner. Apart from this, you will get the chance to know about how to choose a lift kit so that you don’t get a victim of the fraud sellers.

Read this to make your car ready for any off-road tracking.