Magnapack Vs Glasspack – Which One Sounds Better?


The exhaust system of the internal combustion engine produces loud sound during functioning when the engine runs. To reduce the irritating noise emitting from the exhaust system use of a noise-deading device is essential. Magnapack and glasspack are two mufflers that we use as a device to reduce the loudness of the sound pressure.

Magnapack and glasspack provide an acoustic quieting to restrict the unavoidable noise. The reduction in back pressure boosts engine output and slightly abates fuel consumption of the engine. We use both magnapack and glasspack for nearly the same purpose. In this article, we will help you to choose one between magnapack vs glasspack and let you know their differences and features in detail.

Magnapack Vs Glasspack- A Quick Comparison

The distinctive features in magnapack and glasspack put you in indecision regarding selecting the better one of them. They have numerous resemblances to them. So, let’s get a view of their substantial dissimulation to make a wise judgment in choosing one superior muffler among magnapack vs glasspack.



Stainless Steel Aluminized Steel/Steel
2.25 to 5.5 Inches Exhaust 1.75 to 6 Inches Exhaust
Maximum Body length
About 27 Inches About 31 Inches
Aggressive Tone Deeper Tone
Inner body
Inner pipe is with tiny holes on it Inner tube is with sticking louvers

Recommended Pick- Glasspack Muffler Review

You will require a glasspack muffler to unleash a fantastic roar when you blast across the route. It offers a range of amenities by creating a distinctly deeper sound, which will no more annoy your neighbors. Now we will discuss its excellent features that generate many other additional advantages and provide fantastic sound on your performance ride.

Perfect Fitting

Glasspack mufflers fit perfectly to the car’s exhaust system. The inlet and outlet size of the muffler matches the size of the vehicle’s exhaust system. It also includes both single and dual mufflers to match the specification of your car. So you can ensure custom application of glasspack with its extendable bushing feature.


Glasspack usually use heavy gauge aluminized steel. As there is a coating of aluminium-silicon alloy metal, there will be less possibility of corrosion. It will better resist rust and tear. Moreover, aluminized steel is cheaper and long-lasting because it goes through proper welding. That’s why the muffler will offer a heavy-duty service to the exhaust system. There is also red powder coating over the aluminized steel that makes it look good.

Exterior Design

A longer muffler is more suitable to reduce noise than the shorter one. The length and width of glasspack ensure alignment with the different types of vehicles to cover their varied exhaust design. Glasspack provides up to 31 inches long and 26 inches wide muffler that provides the deepest growl to your car. It is thereby applicable to small as well as larger vehicles.

Interior Design

The absorbing material and inner pipe complement each other. The muffler creates a unique sound by uniting the inner pipe holes with the internal absorbing material. Then the absorbing material distorts the exhaust gases while passing through the inner pipe holes.

Acoustic Engineering

It includes acoustic engineering to cut the noise and produce a classic sound. Its sound-absorbing material comes through sophisticated technology and craftsmanship. As a result, the ride produces a smooth, mellow sound.

Fuel Economy

Glasspack mufflers provide resistance to the vehicle’s exhaust gas flow. While producing a distinctively deep tone, it extends the horsepower of the engine. In this way, it contributes to the fuel economy of the engine.


You can expect a longer life of the glasspack because its materials are resistant to corrosion and rust. So you can go for a longer time without replacing it.

Easy Installation

You may easily install a glasspack muffler if you can take the correct measurement of the exhaust. Then you can simply slip it over the exhaust pipe. If it requires welding and tools are not available, take it to any exhaust shop.


  • Powerful sound-absorbing system.
  • Available in different outlet sizes.
  • Offer a better rumbling sound.
  • Come at an attractive price.


  • A bit heavy.

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Other Best Alternative- Magnapack Muffler Review

Magnapack is a well-performed muffler for a vehicle. It has a full application to reduce the side effect of noise and stop the exhaust gas flow. It potentially controls excessive noise pollution, which is harmful to the people inside and outside the vehicle. It is essential to know the specific features of magnapack to extract its maximum benefit by picking the better muffler for the car’s exhaust.

Materials used

The stainless steel construction of magnapack muffler is the highest quality material for exhaust parts. It ensures protection in any type of environment.  Stainless steel in it drastically improves the performance of the engine.


It has a smooth internal and external design. The intermediate pipe and absorbing system restrict the exhaust gas flow. The maximum length of the muffler is about 27 inches, and this ensures a direct fit to the vehicle’s exhaust system.

Long Term Performance

It includes a built-in engineering system that ensures the longevity of the life of the product. It is resistant to rust in a moderate climate. It won’t corrode over time if you offer proper maintenance.

Aggressive Tone

It has the lightest weight, and the sound that the car produces with it is loud and aggressive. There will be no sound degradation over time if you have it.


  • OEM specified.
  • Straight-through muffler.
  • Provide necessary installation hardware.
  • Lifetime warranty.


  • Excessive heat changes the color.

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What Is Your Ideal Pick?

When you come to choose between magnapack Vs glasspack you will see many instances where one is better than others. If a user prefers the bright appearance of the exhaust muffler, he can choose magnapack. Some people look for having a bit more tone. In that case, magnapack will best satisfy their expectation.

Glasspack with a more extended muffler design sounds good. The users searching for a classic muscle vehicle sound can be happy with glasspack. Moreover, its impressive interior design and cost-effectiveness make it more accessible. Although it is too tough to pick either one among these two, glasspack seems to be more worthy. So, we recommend you give glasspack a bit more weight while picking one between them.