Husky Bed Liner Vs BedRug | Pick Your Ultimate Truck Bed Protection


Nothing can beat a good and sturdier bed liner when thinking about the protection to the truck bed. Mostly we truck owners seem to be satisfied with the spray-on types. Still, the debate continues for the two controversial brands, Husky bed liner vs BedRug bed liner.

So, if you are lingering on these two brands and can’t decide which one you should pick, then go through this entire write-up.

Here, we break down the beneficial features with the drawbacks and compare keeping Husky and Bedrug bed liners side by side. Undoubtedly, it can help you make the decisive choice.

Husky Bed Liner Vs BedRug Bed Liner

Husky Bed Liner

BedRug Bed Liner

Available Series
Heavy-duty, Ultra-fiber, Ultra-grip Classic, Impact, XLT
Material Used
Flexible PVC mainly-Polypropylene, rubber Polypropylene, TPO plastic
Cushioning Thickness
¾’’ padding in the Ultra Grip models ¾”  padding
Best Use
Best for the heavy-duty trucks with hauling Best for full truck bed use with better knee comfort
It takes time to clean properly Easily washable with a pressure wash and air vac
Top 3 Picks
  1. Husky 5.8’ Bed Liner for F-150– Air Dry Nibs Dries out Moisture
  2. Husky 5.8’ Bed Liner for Chevy & Sierra– Easy to Install & Remove
  3. Husky 6.8’ Bed Liner for F-250 Ford– Soft But Sturdy
  1. BedRug 5.5’ Bed Liner for F-150– Durable & Easy to Clean
  2. BedRug 5.8’ Bed Liner for Sierra/Silverado– Anti-Skid Surface with UV & Stain Resistance
  3. BEdRug 8’ Bed Liner– TPO Stuff with Amazing Water Resistance

Let’s get into the detailed view for a deep savvy to pick the best bed liner for truck beds.

Comparing Core Materials of Husky & BedRug

All the Husky bed liners are found made with Polypropylene material. In some models like the Ultra-grip bed liners, there seems to use an Ultra fiber material with ¾” thick cushioning padding to ensure comfort.

One of the members from Husky Bed liner says,

We use virgin material. It’s a flexible PVC. Essentially we are not using any reground plastic or rubber tires. Our goal is to have a map that does not smell like a rubber factory or tire factory.

So, the focusing point of Husky stands that the material used here provides the goal of sturdiness and a better environment quality with material smell.

On the contrary, in the BedRug bed liners, you also find the presence of Polypropylene material. But in some series like the BedRug Impact, and Ultra Truck bed liner has TPO (Thermoplastic Olefin) stuff on the floor side and the Polypropylene stuff on the sidewalls.

The Impact bed liner is made up of combining the construction method of the Impact Mat and the bed liner sidewalls. So, you can get full protection for the complete truck bed.

Best Pick for Husky Heavy-Duty Bed Liner: 6.5’ for Ram 1500 without the Rambox

It fits the 2019 year model Ram 1500 trucks. This anti-skid surface featuring bed liner gives your truck a new hauling way. It has the air dry nibs that do not let soak moisture inside the mat.

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Husky Vs BedRug Bed Liner Structural Design

The structural design represents how sturdy and solid the bed liner would be, along with the load capacity.

After having a close look at the Husky bed liner, we got to know that it comes with DuraGrip anti-skid material. And it helps the bed liner hold the cargo in place. Moreover, the cargo bed is free from any dents, scratches, and dings.

Contrarily, the BedRug bed liner is no less in this case. The construction material is such that the bed liner is free from bleach and chemicals even if it does not mold.

The BedRug bed liner is also UV resistant. There is a close-cell of foam backing on the BedRug bed liner that is ¾” thick cushion padding that is non-abrasive. It is beneficial when you have to kneel over the truck bed most.

Best Recommended BedRug Spray in Type Bed Liner: 5.7’ Fits 19/19+ Ram

It finely gets tuned with the Ram truck bed. This spray-in type is fine for good looking, but folks love it as dirt is easy to spray off in minutes.

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BedRug Vs Husky Bed Liner Ease of Installation

This is the phase where many get confused to pick one. People look for the easiest installation process.

But no more worries about the hassling installation process because the BedRug and Husky both come with a pretty similar installation process. You don’t need too many additional tools to install the bed liner. Rather these can match the factory tools and 3M loops.

What you have to do is install the fastener. It will keep the sturdiness of the bed liner and attach, keeping aligned side by side. No drilling or other tools required.

Note that for the minivans, the Husky bed liner comes with an individual GapGourd to give support to the truck bed and the tailgate gap.

Best Pick for Husky Charcoal Ultrafiber: 5.7’ Perfectly Fits 2019 Ram 1500

This comes with two authentic surface type-Ultragrip and Ultra fiber. Both ensure a tough surface with the finest protection to the truck bed. Again the Gapguard helps to lodge the truck bed and tailgate.

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Maintenance Disparity Between Husky & BedRug Bed Liner

To protect the truck bed from getting damaged soon, we use the bed liner. However, the bed liner also needs some maintenance to keep the truck bed clean and tidy.

When the bed liner is easy to clean and wash, no matter how hard and rough you load and unload goods, it can be the most satisfying thing.

Well, both Husky and BedRug bed liner are easily washable. You can use any vacuum water pressure to wash the bed area, though some find it’s a bit tough on the Husky liners.

However, you can also wash the BedRug bed liner by spraying water. And don’t worry. It won’t mold or mildew, not even any scratch or dent. Rather due to the soft and non-abrasive design, you will find your bed liner new again after the wash.

Best Pick for BedRug Impact Bed Liner: 8’ Fits the Super-Duty Truck Beds

This bed liner is one of the best truck bed liners for its knee-friendly cushy padding. More to this, it is easy to set up within minutes and clean also.

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Warranty Feature of Husky & BedRug

Both BedRug and the Husky bed liners are backed by a lifetime warranty service to ensure durability. Both are made in the USA, and you can relax as there is nothing major to doubt with the quality.

Well, the only thing is the Husky bed liner gives you a limited warranty service where some conditions apply.

Besides, some other conditions depending on states, street law, and the truck type also apply in bed liners.

Best Recommended BedRug Spray-on Bed Liner: 5’7’’ Fits the New Body Style Ram 1500

Durable bed liner lasts a long time. The surface is slip and skid resistant, so no tension for the goods falling away. It does not let water trap for the chemical, water, and stain resistance.

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What Should Be Your Final Pick?

Ended up to the bidding of the debate of Husky bed liner vs BedRug bed liner and making the best choice for the complete truck bed protection.

Both brands are quite at tie points to choose one defeating the other. However, we have to pick one, of course. Based on the user experience and reviews, Husky Ultrafiber bed Liners are the same recreation of the BedRug bed liners.

But you see the heavy-duty trucks that face daily hauling and frequent loading and unloading. Husky Bed liner does the best of it.

On the other hand, the BedRug is the best one to have for your truck to enjoy a comfortable and most cushioning knee-friendly bed liner. Again, the BedRug is quite easy to clean than that of the Husky.

If you think you need to get complete access to the truck bed always and need something cushioning for the knees, go with the BedRug.