Borla XS Vs XR1 – Ultimate Review


A muffler is an essential part of your vehicle’s engine. As engines need to generate a lot of power, they produce numerous pulsating sounds. Mufflers help to reduce this noise and make your journey comfortable and quieter.

Choosing the correct muffler is essential as it improves the overall performance of your car. It also helps in increasing the lifespan of your vehicle. Borla is a well-known experienced company for manufacturing high-quality mufflers. Today we will discuss thoroughly on Borla XS Vs XR1, two highly rated mufflers.

We hope our article will help you to find out which Borla muffler suits your vehicle the best. To know more, please keep on reading.

Borla XS Vs XR1

Borla XS and XR1 both are high quality and efficient mufflers for enhancing your driving experience. When comparing these two, we find several similar qualities between them. So let’s check out the critical features that distinguish them from each other.

Borla XS

Borla XR1

8-14 pounds 6.8-9 pounds
Key Crafting Feature
Superior quality stainless steel Advanced multi-core technology
Affordable A bit costly
Best Suited for
Daily driving Racing
Top 3 Models
  1. Borla XS– High-Quality Construction
  2. Borla XS– Great Price
  3. Borla XS– Outstanding Exhaust Emission
  1. Borla XR1- Great Sound
  2. Borla XR1- Enhance Power
  3. Borla XR1- Upgraded Performance

 Our Recommended Pick- Borla XS Muffler

We refer to Borla XS from Borla XS vs Borla XR1, and there are many reasons for this recommendation. The main reason would be its high quality and long-lasting performance. This muffler efficiently reduces the engine’s noise and provides you a quieter ride.

It also reduces the backpressure by enabling more airflow to the engine. The increased airflow provides higher power and throttle response to the car. It also ensures efficient fuel consumption as the motor circulates more air.

The easy installation, affordable price, and availability in various sizes, shapes makes it a perfect choice for your SUV and truck. So, let’s check out the elaborated features of Borla XS muffler.

Premium Quality

Borla XS mufflers crafted with high-quality stainless steel. Rust on mufflers is a common issue, and it happens due to the accumulation of water inside the exhaust system. Living areas, weather conditions also influence rusting.

Living in an area with high rainfall/snow leads to muffling rusting. The stainless steel in Borla XS mufflers resist rust and corrosion and make your exhaust system last longer.

Maximize Performance

These mufflers release more horsepower and torque response from the engine as well as enhances the sound quality. The advanced design of the muffler minimizes restriction and raises exhaust gas velocity. This design helps in absorbing the sound waves without unsettling the power waves.

Fuel Economy

These mufflers play a significant role in reducing fuel consumption. The efficient use of fuel helps you improving your carbon footprint. It also saves you a lot of money at the gas pump as the gas lasts longer.

Easy Installation and Great Service

Borla XS mufflers are available in a variety of sizes, inlet, and outlet configurations. So you can easily pick the right one according to your vehicle’s configuration. The installation process is flexible due to the reversible design. It also provides a million-mile warranty that will outlive your vehicle’s lifespan.

Great Replacement

Borla XS mufflers offer‌ ‌a‌ ‌deeper‌ ‌exhaust-tone‌ and less back pressure compared to the mufflers provided by the factory.  They make the cruising tone quiet and mild, even at an increased level of RPM.


  • Affordable
  • Great quality and sound
  • Easy installation
  • Construction provides optimum strength


  • May cause chirping sound when heats up

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More Review- Borla XR Muffler

Borla XR1 mufflers are a popular choice for oval/drag track racers. Crafted with advanced technology, it provides optimum performance and quality sound. Here are the features of Borla XR1 in detail.


The race-proven uninterrupted-flow design makes these mufflers unique. It features multi-core technology and delivers exceptional exhaust emission. The premium quality stainless steel material makes it durable and rust-free.

Enhanced Sound Control

Borla XR1 mufflers meet the strict requirements of noise control. The steel wool packing feature efficiently controls sound. The high-temperature continuous filament fiber (CFF) feature in Sportsman mufflers works excellent in managing noise.


The 100% welded construction ensures increased longevity and durability. It provides a great sound to your vehicle. These mufflers offer a great balance between sound and power.

Increase Horsepower

These mufflers come with the ideal diameters and low restriction flow that stimulate scavenging. The new parts go through dynamometer testing, which ensures power gains in your vehicle.


  • Easy to install
  • Produces deep, sufficient rumble
  • Efficient fuel consumption
  • Comes with a variety of sizes and shapes


  • Expensive

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What Should be Your Ideal Pick?

A quality muffler is necessary for your vehicle to function correctly. Without the correct muffler, you will notice engine issues such as louder noise, higher fuel usage, lousy smell due to leakage, etc. These issues can turn into a bigger problem and ultimately damage your car if precautionary steps not taken.

Now that you know everything about Borla XS Vs XR1, you can easily select the best one for your vehicle. If you need a muffler for regular driving that will provide high-quality performance without spending a lot, you can choose Borla XS. The high-quality, durable design of this muffler makes your car last longer and reduces any unwanted noises.

On the other hand, if you are into racing and can afford to spend a little more on the muffler, you can choose Borla XR1. This muffler produces the desired deep sound without being overbearing. The exclusive design reduces noises, ensures durability, and enhance your vehicle’s performance.