K&N Vs Bully Dog Cold Air Intake – Which One is Suitable for Your Vehicle?


Are you trying to improve your car or truck efficiency to the next stage? One of the best ways to boost any vehicle’s performance and strength is by improving its pneumatic intake. So, you can choose K&N or Bully dog cold air intake for getting unbeatable vehicle looks and power.

These quality systems aim to draw extra strength out of your machine and to optimize the capacity of your truck and car. We have figured out the differences between K&N Vs Bully Dog cold air intake. Before going to purchase these items, you can take a look at our article for a better understanding between them.

The Basic Features of K&N Vs Bully Dog Cold Air Intake

The K&N intake kit eliminates your restrained stock of fuel, pumping your engine cooler, faster, and cleaner. These materials are reusable and washable and you can conduct it for a longer time.

Bully dog intake comes in a market with an advanced design to enhance airflow, reduce turbulence and minimize consumption temperatures. It also delivers power and reliability to customers who need to pull the truck and records hundreds of road miles.

K&N Vs Bully Dog Cold Air Intake-Feature comparison

Let’s see how the features can vary between the components.


 Bully Dog

Average weight
(11.5- 13.19) pounds (5-8.65) pounds
10- 56.96 10-15
10 year/ million mile or more 1 years warranty or above
Installation Process
Easy and take time less than 1 hour Easy and take time almost 20-25 minutes
$ (213-333) $ (263-369)
Top 3 Brands
  1. K&N 57-3070-Simple maintenance
  2. K&N 77-3070KP-Easy installation
  3. K&N 63-3085-Higher acceleration
  1. Bully Dog- 51205-Higher torque and power
  2. Bully Dog- 51207-Fuel efficiency
  3. Bully Dog- 51104-Outstanding isolating properties

Our Recommended pick- K&N Cold Air Intake

We recommend you to pick K&N cold air intake because it will give you excellent durability, elegant aesthetics and greater performance. The system has a high flow pneumatic cleaner which helps to remove contaminants from the engine. Besides, carefully constructed aerodynamic frames of the device upgrade torque and horsepower.

Furthermore, these intake systems are equipped to increase the engine’s acceleration, towing, and grip reaction while supplying world-class safety. Compared with the OEM system, the components are dyno-examined and offer up to 50 percent additional airflow. Hence, let your motor to breathe openly by using a K & N instrument.

We are giving a comparison of K&N Vs Bully Dog cold air intake and you have to go through the details for removing any confusion. The features of the suggested compounds are described below.


K&N is one of the pioneers of good performing cold air intake solutions for your trucks and cars. Due to the increasing rate of air combustion, cold air helps a large number of fuels to burn effectively. As a result, the horsepower of the machine increases to a greater extent. The horsepower of some engines can be enhanced up to 56.96.

Moreover, with increasing horsepower, automatically the car performances are developed. For this, you can purchase K&N 63-3082 intake kits.

Installation process

This equipment can be easily installed on your trucks and other vehicles. A standard air intake system can be completed in 60 minutes or less with the help of a screwdriver, pinion, and ratchet collection. The manufacturer designs these kits by using mounting points and existing holes in the factory so that the users can install it easily and simply.

The vast number of these instrument induction systems will not require any drilling and slicing. For this purpose, you can buy K&N 71-3070 air intake kits.

Reusable and easily washable filter

The devices are easily washable and we can reuse it. It begins with the largest conical high-strength filter fitted with mounting point and factory hole into the engine compartment. The design supplies extra airflow at minimum restriction. Moreover, it controls and captures the excess dirt and keeps cleaning the air filter just after 100000 miles.

Precision of highest quality

The item is one of the supreme brands in the industry in producing, building, and evaluating cold air intake systems. K&N engineers continue by using 3D-laser scrutinizing to construct a detailed model of the engine bay of the vehicles. The designers develop airflow-optimized products by utilizing the most innovative technologies on the market. Truly, you can enjoy noise-free driving with these soundproof components.


  • Noise-free
  • Higher protection
  • Quick maintenance
  • Simple installation process


  • Cause fouling

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Current Opponents on the Market- Bully Dog Cold Air Intake

The composition of the bully dog intake system will provide you sustainable construction. The manufacturing processes are done by following the ISO 5011 guidelines. Besides, it enhances the gas efficiency. The basic features of the products are explained below.


The fast flow intake system by Bully Dog delivers cold dense air to the engine of the vehicle that provides additional power to the OEM air intakes. The larger horsepower help to increase fuel efficiency and torque. The inductive system of the device is a pneumatic intake system that is completely enclosed. This method is highly efficient to keep heat out of the motor and draws cool air from the engine room outlets.

Reusable unlimited gauze filter

All systems use a flexible, lifetime 4-8 layer cotton gauze filter with a cone pattern inverted at the end of the colander. Its innovative configuration allows a wider filter media region, which helps dust particles of up to 0.5 microns to be captured. The molded design of the instrument improves the motor bay to a personalized finish.


  • Quick and easy installation
  • Refreshing and cleanable
  • Compatible performance
  • Maximize the cleaning surface


  • Difficult to replace

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What Should be Your Pick?

The variation between K&N Vs Bully Dog Cold Air Intake will give you valuable information and you will be known about various models of the products. If you are going to drive Silverado 1500 or Yukon (2005-2007), K&N 57-3050 will be your perfect choice. Furthermore, for 2010-2015 Chevy Camaro SS, K&N 69-4519TP will give you better performance with warranty.

On the other hand, Bully Dog- 53205 is preferred if you ride GM 6L Pickup and SUV (2011-2016). If your car model is Ford 6.7L Power Stroke (2011-2016), you need Bully Dog-51104 cold air intake.