Michelin AT2 Vs Cooper AT3| Compare Now before Going Off-Roads


When your beloved car tire crawls off-roads more, the tire needs to be robust with a better grip. Right? So, you need to be careful enough with picking the right tire for your car.

Today, we will disclose here the clash that we find most people hovering for Michelin AT2 vs Cooper AT3 all-terrain tires. Both perform with their utmost, still remains slight differences that make us choose one over another. Without any further due, let’s get into the details.

Comparing Two Rulers- Michelin AT2 Vs Cooper AT3

Michelin AT2

Cooper AT3

Available Rim Size
4 sizes- 16, 17, 18, and 20 inches 3 sizes- 16, 17, and 18 inches
Tread Pattern
Notched tread block design Individual blocks with zigzag sipes
Best Performance
Best on gravel and stones Overall better all-terrain tire but best on wet
Noise Level
Much louder on highways Quieter
Tire Types
LT and P series tires Only LT series
Vehicle Preferences
Used as OE tire on most trucks and SUVs. Usable in trucks and SUVs but best output for family vehicles
Replacement Tires
Ideal replacement for Michelin, Uniroyal, and BFGoodrich Replaces only the Cooper Discoverers
Tread life Warranty
6 years or 60K tread life warranty Unlimited time or 60K mileage warranty for the tread life.  But it can be the half for the rear if different than the front ones.
Price value
Highly expensive but worth the deal Budget-worthy deal
Top 3 Picks
  1. Cooper Discoverer AT3 4S 265/75 R16: Smooth & Quiet Ride 
  2. Cooper Discoverer AT3 XLT 285/75R16: Extreme Durable Truck Tire
  3. Cooper Discoverer AT3 XLT 275/70R18: Best Traction on Snow & Ice
  1. Michelin LTX AT2 LT 275/70R18: Best Ford Truck Tire
  2. Michelin LTX AT2  P275/65R18: Best SUV Tire
  3. Michelin LTX AT2 LT275/65R20: Best Off-Road Capable Tire

Now, look around the detailed head-to-head discussion of the two.  Oh! We have also gathered some of the best tires from both series that you might like to have a sneak.

Comparing Cooper Vs Michelin in Terms of Size & Look

As from the table comparison, you got the gist of Michelin AT2 and Cooper AT3 tires. Let us make it more vivid here. You see, Michelin AT2 tires come with the availability of more rim sizes than the Cooper Discoverer has. 

Yes, you can find the Michelin tires in 4 robust and must-needed rim sizes are- 16”, 17”, 18”, and 20”. In contrast, the Cooper Discoverer AT3 does not seem to come in the largest 20” wider rim. Well, this is so far. Who knows, Cooper has already started to work on this while we are here making out the opinion.

This lacking in rim width does not make Cooper step behind rather, it is performing on the user’s high demand when it comes to light trucks with towing capabilities. 

However, in the case of appearance, we must say Cooper comes with a more aggressive look and appearance that can bring a game-changing look to your car. On the contrary, most don’t seem to find that aggressive appearance on Michelin AT2 tires but the premium feel.

If you consider the tire weight, yes, the Cooper Discoverer AT3 tire is slightly heavier than the Michelin. 

Our Best Pick for Michelin LTX AT2 Tires– Get All-Terrain & A Season Tires

It has an excellent noise reduction capability and also reduces vibration, which is helpful. For Ford and Ram trucks, this tire is ideal to use.

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Differences in Tread Block Design

The major dissimilarities come here in the tread block pattern on two tires. The Michelin All-Terrain tires have a good biking tread block where you see very minimal siping gaps. 

However, there is a special thing about Michelin tires: the rubber molded compound used to make this tire. This enhances tire stability and reliability. Thus, make this tire more durable with better traction on roads and off-roads.

On the other side, the Cooper Discoverer AT3 tire uses the Durable Tread Technology in making the tire with the best tread block patterns. You will find the Cooper having more stone ejector ledges than the Michelin. And so, for trucks and SUVs with hauling and towing, Cooper At3 works better.

Then again, the shoulder design of the Cooper Discoverer is found more aggressive than the Micheline. Indeed, both tire gives the best on roads and mid-level also off-roads. Michelin makes a long-lasting tire with more traction on gravels, mud, and stones with its biting edges coming from the tread blocks. 

Well, the Cooper Discoverer contains Silica that resists shred and improves the tire balancing stability. In the case of dry traction, Cooper Discoverer can bring a more balanced grip with better bounce.

Best Pick for Cooper Discoverer AT3 Tires– Best & Impressive Performance Tire

This tire has an attractive tread pattern. In both dry or wet conditions, this tire can aid you with better traction and grip.

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Comparing Noise of Cooper AT3 Vs Michelin AT2 Truck Tires

The noise while riding on highways is usual. But some tires seem to be much louder, which many don’t find comfortable. That is why it is essential to be sure of the noise of the tires. 

Well, the noise reduction depends on the construction of the tire. And Cooper Discoverer AT3 tires are ahead in this step. It uses a Whisper groove’s design on the tread block that makes a barrier to louder road noise. And you can enjoy your rides without a headache.

However, the Michelin also no less in reducing the vibration and noise. The Control Comfort Technology of Michelin helps the tire reduce any vibration at the same reducing the noise, though, in a side-by-side comparison, Michelin is found louder than the Cooper AT3.

Best Pick for Cooper AT3 Tires– All-Season & All  Terrain Tires

Rocky gravel to dirt and pebbles can make your ride bouncier.  But with this tire, you get better traction with abrasion and puncture resistance features.

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Cooper AT3 Vs Michelin AT2 Tire Best Performance

Now comes the bigger crunch to bite. Both Michelin and Cooper are all-terrain tires giving you the best performance with better traction on roads and some off-roads without sacrificing the highway crawling ways.

But the clash arises when it comes to the road-based performance consideration. The Cooper At3 is designed to give the ultimate rugged capability on mud, snow, gravel, and stones. Contrarily, the Michelin can give you better performance on roads and highways, including gravel roads.

However, the Michelin tires seem to provide enhanced traction on snow, but it seems to lose traction when the tread wears with time. Just on the opposite, the Cooper Discoverer AT3 tires perform better on snow though not having any snowflake rating as the Goodyear has.

Don’t worry. The Michelin tire picks up more gravel and stones that are somehow irritating to some. But when it is about trucks with towing and hauling, both can perform their best. 

Besides, the Cooper AT3 tires are smooth with less bouncy and can be considered ideal for family vehicles.

You will see most of the trucks and SUVs like Ford, Silverado, and Tacoma having  Michelin tires as their OE tire. Indeed, the Michelin is more long-lasting.

Best Pick Goes for Michelin AT2– Best Tire for Ford Trucks.

This tire will give your Ford truck a new era with more improved traction while riding. And you can easily ride with a long tread lifespan.

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Tread Wear Warranty on Cooper and Michelin

Cooper Discoverer AT3 and Michelin AT2 come with the best tread block shape with wear resistance feature. 

Okay, the Michelin LTX AT2 tires come with a 60,000 mileage warranty for the tread life. However, Michelin claims to provide 35% more lifespan on gravel roads. 

And in the Cooper AT3 tire also has the 60,000 mileage of treadwear warranty features. But Cooper seems to be more rigid and firm on gravel, loose soil, and wet, snowy roads. But less grip on mud roads. 

Best Pick for Michelin AT2 Tires– Great Tire for Ford Truck

This is the Michelin LTX series meaning a bigger size. So, you can get this tire over gravels and loose soil, etc. And you can ride smoothly without any vibration and louder noise.

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Price Gap on Cooper Vs Michelin Tires

Another twisting part is the price point that insists you make the decision for one over the other. And in the case of price, some find Michelin over-priced, and some find it worth for the commercial and premium longevity features.

Yes, the Michelin is highly pricier than the Cooper Discoverer is. If you get to check the features deeply, you find Michelin to be price-worthy as giving such a commercial OE quality performance tires.

Good stuff can cost you high, of course.

Best Recommended for Cooper Discoverer AT3– Great Tire with Unbeatable price

It is best on both wet and dry roads, and you can get the deal within your budget. Vehicles with heavy towing and hauling are also ideal with this tire.

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Top 5 Tire Recommendations for Cooper AT3

  1. Cooper Discoverer AT3 4S 265/75 R16: Smooth & Quiet TIre
  2. Cooper Discoverer AT3 XLT 285/75R16: Extreme Durable Tire
  3. Cooper Discoverer AT3 XLT 275/70R18: Best Tire for Snow & Ice
  4. Cooper Discoverer AT3 LT 265/ 75 R16: Best for Towing & Hauling Trucks
  5. Cooper Discoverer AT3 LT 275/ 65R18: Best Tire for Offroad Riders

Top 5 Tire Recommendations for Michelin AT2

  1. Michelin AT2 LT 275/70R18: Best Tire for Ford
  2. Michelin AT2  P275/65R18: Best Tire for SUVs
  3. Michelin AT2 LT275/65R20: Best Off-Road Capable Tire
  4. Michelin AT2 275/55R20: Best Tire for Extreme Condition Ride
  5. Michelin AT2 P265/70R16: Best for HD & LD Trucks

What Will Be Your Final Pick Then?

To conclude the clash for Michelin AT2 vs Cooper AT3, we have discussed all the significant qualities along with the best suggestive facts. Now, the decision-making time goes up to you.

Michelin LTX AT2 tires are something that you will want for your trucks and SUVs. On the other hand, Cooper Discoverer AT3 is for those who need some within budget. 

But these things need to be clear also. Michelin AT2 is all-terrain, not all season. So, it seems to give a poor performance on snow. Indeed, you find this 15 times better traction with Cooper.

Undoubtedly, Michelin can give the best traction with lower road noise on the dry road like highways.