5 Best Suspension Lift For Tacoma – That Ensures Comfortable Riding


The suspension is the structure of tire air, tires, shock absorbers, spring, and linkages that connect a car to its wheels and permits relative motions among two. Besides supporting the road holding this system will also help riding quality, which are at probabilities. The design of the rear and front suspension of a vehicle may be dissimilar.

Specifically, the best suspension can maximize the friction between the road and tries to present an excellent handling and navigation ability. This suspension system also offers comfort for rider and passengers to restrict the impact of certain road situations on vehicles and traveler riding inside. For safe and comfortable riding, you need to know which is the best suspension lift for tacoma.

Best Suspension Lift for Tacoma

Product’s Name Material Key Benefits Price
Supreme Suspensions Full Lift Kit Metal Increase Ground Clearance Details On Amazon
Rough Country 3” Kit Honed Steel Lifts In Good Level Details On Amazon
TORCH Off-Road High Strength Steel Rustproof And Durable Details On Amazon
Lift Craft Suspension Kit 6061T6 Aircraft Aluminum Improve Off-road Ride Details On Amazon
Wulf Suspension Lift Fabricated Steel Grants Perfect Truck Height Details On Amazon

Here are the list of top 5 suspension lift with detailed guides.

1. Supreme Suspensions Full Lift Kit– Make friction-free, Comfortable riding

The main objective of this kit is to improve the looks of your car or vehicles. This suspension is enhancing the clearance of the ground and letting you fit bigger custom rims. The Tacoma contains a 2inch rear suspension and a 3inch front suspension lift kit.

However, it helps to develop and thoroughly tested by interior engineers. Your front support rear and spacers blocks are exactness CNC Machined using only the newest in metal manufacture technology. The quality of structural integrity is high. They maintain works of ride superiority.

It is effortless to fix, and you have to install it with the highest confidence. You can quickly fix this kit within 2-4 hours. Featuring quality is excellent with the resistance to corrosion and strength to weight ratio. But the front insertion thickness to boost is not a 1:1 ratio.

Receiving a special covering through production to defend against the essentials ensures a time of reliability below even the most exciting riding situations is the most impressive qualifications of this lift kit.


  • Easy fixing process
  • Take a short time to install
  • Improve ground clearance
  • Maintain works ride excellence
  • Mount larger tires


  • Instructions are not great

Available On Amazon

2. Rough Country 3” Kit– Balance Your Tacoma with Sleek Off-Road Performance

Rough Country brings you a full suspension lift set. Here, the parts include 2 N3 shocks that are the Nitrogen shocks. And these shocks can work far better than the standard hydraulic shocks.

This suspension set from Rough Country will help both with the high wheels and large tires set. It will lift your vehicle 3 inches on the front and 2 inches on the rear side.

Now, this might be confusing you why 3″ on the front and 2″ on the rear. Well, when you carry loads, you will have a perfect and smooth balance with this unparalleled lift height.

In this suspension set, you will get the differential drops.  These will help the vehicle have a perfect geometry leveling with the loads and bumps it faces in riding.

And the U-bolts will make the perfect leveling with the leaf spring. You can have your Tacoma riding to thrilling bumpy roads without any hindrance in balancing.

If you wanna have rides on-road or off-road, climb shaggy rocks, or uneven roads, these suspension kit set will assist your vehicle. This suspension lift set is a budget-worthy kit with significant including.


  • Perfect balancing
  • Absorbs crazy bumps
  • 3 years of a limited warranty
  • Easy to install


  • Will fit only (05-20) 6-lug Tacoma

Available On Amazon

3. TORCH Off-Road– Raise Your Tacoma with Lifetime Warranty & All InstallationTookit

It is an all-in-one suspension lift set. The suspension will lift your vehicle by 3 inches on the front side and 2 inches on the rear side.

The set includes two spacers to install on both the front and rear. It can accurately fit your Tacoma 4×4 vehicle and get you off-road driving performance.

Additional including here are the differential drops that will help in leveling the front spacers with the rear one. And the U-bolts in this kit assist you in making your Tacoma perfectly keep harmony with the lift blocks.

We are not finished yet. The specialty of the Torch Off-Road lift set is you get all necessary bolts and nuts with it. So, you can just purchase and install.

This suspension set comes with an instruction guide for easy installation. So, if you have the 4WD Tacoma and you crave off-road riding often, this will be the best lift kit for Toyota Tacoma.


  • All bolts included
  • Budget-friendly
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Comes with a DIY installation guide


  • Differential drops won’t fit Toyota 2WD

Available On Amazon

4. Lift Craft Suspension Kit– Change the Tacoma Appearance without Changing the Ride

Lift Craft introduces a suspension set that can raise your vehicle by 2 inches on the front and 1 inch on the rear.

This Toyota lift kit will provide a smooth balance when all the spacers are correctly installed.

The strut spacers included in this set are Aluminium. Also, the lift blocks are of Aluminium and easy to install. You can get higher off-road performance.

The Aluminium coating helps the kits keeping free from any corrosion or rust. And to talk about the differential drops, they are finely installable.

You can be able to place the lift blocks between the leaf springs to absorb the bumps correctly. Then, the U-bolts provided here will enhance the capability to support heavy loads and give a smooth performance, whether on-road or off-road.

For the Tacoma vehicles, you may need to grind a little cut for fixing correctly. Whether you have the 4WD model or the 2WD, this suspension lift set will raise your vehicle, balance it, and provide you with a pleasant experience for a craggy road ride.


  • Good product within budget
  • Rust-free coating
  • Highly recommendable
  • Provides aggressive ride experience


  • Not for 5-lug Tacomas

Available On Amazon

5. Wulf Suspension Lift– Lift Your Tacoma with Equal Height on the Both

Wulf introduces some different lift kits than the others. This kit can raise your vehicle equally, 3 inches on both. It can be surprising, but Wulf has launched this kit after being confirmed indeed.

The suspension set includes 2 rear blocks, 2 front strut spacers, 2 Wulf shocks for the rear, and of course, the differential drops to have a perfect balance. Whether you have the 2WD or 4WD model, you don’t need to cur or grind in the installation.

With this suspension lift set, you will get all the necessary mounting bolts and nuts. And this makes this set quite a premium and authentic one.

Even if you never did the suspension installation, you can do it yourself with the step-by-step instruction guide provided with it.

And the extended rear shocks will help in finely balancing your vehicle during the off-road ride and even the on-road daily ride.


  • Super easy installation guide
  • Authentic balancing technology
  • Exact fit for the 6 lugs Tacoma
  • No welding or grinding required


  • Expensive

Available On Amazon

How Can You Choose the Suspension Lift for Tacoma?

How Can You Choose the Suspension Lift for Tacoma

When you go for buying the suspension lift kit, you will need some information. And it is necessary to buy the right one according to your needs.

So, we are guiding you to buy the right Tacoma lift kit. And after reading this, you will have a clear concept. Thus, you can get your best way to lift a Tacoma.

Let’s have the treasure hunts for Tacoma suspension buying.

Exact Fit

When you want to buy a suspension kit, you must check the exact fit for your vehicle. If the suspension lift set does not fit your car, you can’t get the sound working performance. Rather, you may bring the enemy to your engine blocks.

So, look for the exact vehicle fit when buying the suspension lift kit. There also be variations in a different model of Toyota Tacoma. And for the various model, the suspension kit can be different.

Lifting Height & Purpose

The height of the lift here does not refer to the diameter or height of the lift spacers or struts. It refers to the size that the vehicle will get from the ground after installation.

When you think about a suspension lift, it means you wish for off-road riding, and your vehicle needs some ground clearance.

According to this riding purpose, you can lift your vehicle with 3″ on the front and 2″ on the rear side for an off-road ride. If you are often gonna ride on uneven stones, you can go for the 6″ lifting option.

In this case, the tire size is essential to know. How your tire is, comparing to that, you need to choose your suspension lift and lift your car off the ground. And a suspension lift kit will not only make the ground off your vehicle but create a balance of the vehicle front with the rear.

Whatever lift size you choose, make sure it fulfills your riding requirements. Otherwise, you may face the god turning into evil.

The heat of the Shock Absorber

The heat of the shock absorber is a must to check before buying. The shock absorber must not get too warm.

Some companies tend to have some tests and provide the resulting temperature it becomes in time of pumping. Suppose the shock absorber gets around 42% warm while running, it is cool enough and can give your vehicle the proper vibrant absorption.

So, you must check the shock absorber does not get too warm in time of running; otherwise, it may fail to provide the proper performance.

Easy Installation Guide

The suspension lift kit set is an entire set of some toolkits. And it may need some hours to install completely.

Some companies provide an instruction manual with the lift set. Following the installation guide, you can easily install all the aftermarket parts into your vehicle all by yourself.

So, don’t miss to have the easy instruction manual for quick installing.

Warranty Service

Most of the well-branded companies provide some years of free warranty service. Check the warranty services are available or not. It would help in buying reliable and quality products as well as satisfactory for the right kits.

You indeed spend valuable bucks on the best lift kit for Toyota Tacoma, and so you should not compromise your equipment with the warranty service.

Considerations For Tacoma Lift Kit Installation

Considerations For Tacoma Lift Kit Installation

I will now share some tips that you might be loving because they may help both in buying and installation.

Install according to Target Lift Height

Always be sure about the lift height. How high you want your vehicle off to the ground plus the tire height makes the lift’s total height measurement. If you have the 30″ tires and install 3″ lift kits, you will get a full 33″ ground clearance.

Install all the lift blocks & the Leveling Kits

Don’t make the mistake of buying only the lift blocks. Get the leveling spacers, and differential drops for a perfect balance with the lifting.

Set the Right Angle in Rear Blocks

In case of installing the rear blocks, make sure to install it at the right angle. If the blocks are not correctly angled with the leaf spring, it won’t give the exact performance. And the vehicle can not absorb the bumps rather cause harm to the suspensions.

Don’t Forget to Align the Wheels

Align the wheel right after the installation. In general, most of the suspension lift kit does not require to align manually; still, you must double-check for better safety.

Leveling Spacers Help in Sway

Rear sway bar installation is vital to have. It helps a lot in the time of taking turns. You will not face any sway if the leveling spacers are correctly installed in the vehicle.

Remember Your Target Ride

Remember your goal ride always. If you are usually driving on-road traffics and lift your vehicle for the off-road tracks, your car won’t benefit rather than be frustrating to operate. Install the kits according to your exact driving target.

Lift Kit Vs Suspension Lift Vs Leveling Kit

Lift Kit Vs Suspension Lift Vs Leveling Kit

Do you know the difference between the suspension lift and the leveling kit? If you don’t have the proper ideas, you may be befooled by the wrong equipment.

Let’s make this clear for your today. So, you can select what you require according to your ride.

Lift Kit

A lift kit will simply lift your vehicle suspensions and help make the vehicle off to the ground. You may feel the necessity to keep your car off the land for driving on uneven stones or bumpy roads.

When you install the lift kit in your vehicle, you can get a sleek riding output without getting any bumps or crashes underneath the car.

Leveling Kit

Here comes the leveling kit. The purpose of installing a leveling kit is far different than the lift kit.

There is a rake suspension in the superior type of trucks, cars like the Tacoma. This rake makes a slope from rear to front and raises the rear slightly higher than the front side.

To bring this in a balanced height, you can install the leveling kit. The leveling kit will raise the size on the front and get the car to a proportional height balance.

The leveling kits are necessary when you carry loads on your Tacoma trucks. And Tacoma is a very high range of lightweight trucks to install these suspension kits and have the proper balance.

Suspension Lift

Now, time to know about suspension lift. Well, the suspension lift kit is a set of lift spacers and differentials. At a time, it will raise the vehicle to make the ground off the suspension and level height of the front with the rear.

So, if you want to have an optimum level of performance from your Toyota Tacoma, especially in off-road driving often, you will need the suspension lift set.  It will help your Tacoma absorb bumps and cracks and keep balance in climbing stones and hilly tracks.

Once you install the suspension lift on your car, you will face no more side sway in taking turns. Again, suspension kits also benefit when you have massive tires.

The suspension lift kit includes the front and rear lift spacers that lift the vehicle off from the land. It also comes with differential drops that help keep the balance of the front with the rear lift.

Which One Is for You?

So, now you know the real purpose and toolkits about these three. So, we hope you can be able to decide what you need.

If you often need to carry heavy loads and so want to raise your Tacoma, you can go for the leveling kit. It will help by equalizing the rear and front height and give you a  hindrance-free driving performance.

However, if your vehicle will be running off roads and climbing stones and cracky, bumpy roads, don’t forget to lift your truck with suitable lift kits. Otherwise, your vehicle’s underneath suspensions will cause immense damage.

Finally, if you want your vehicle to go on a sober rough ride along with perfect balance, installing the suspension lift set is the best way to lift a Tacoma with a smooth balance.

Know your riding target, then install the correct aftermarket suspensions.

Frequently Asked Question(FAQs)

Why the car suspension is so important?

The suspension is essential for safe car riding. It supports and absorbs the car’s weight and reduces the friction between road and tires, making your driving happier. There are many needs of the suspension you can realize after using this.

What are the purposes of the suspension?

For many purposes, this suspension system is responsible for leveling out the drive and help to keep the car in your control. It provides reliable braking and handling. With preventing the first tire from wearing, it also maintains an active wheel configuration.

Is there any need to fix the suspension?

suspension is necessary to make tension-free, friction-free driving. If you want this kind of enjoyable riding, you need to install it.

Wrap Up

Toyota Tacoma is a high-ranking beneficial vehicle to run both on-road and off-road. If you can give your Tacoma the proper installation of the compatible kit, it will make you feel like flying with it.

After going through our recommendations of the best suspension lift for Tacoma, we believe you can make the right purchase. Also, the additional guidelines given here will help you in solving the lift set puzzle.

Don’t rush. Better to take your time to choose the right tools for your aggressive Tacoma!