How to Reset Lamp Out Light on Dodge Ram – Quick Fixing Methods Explained


Are you getting the “lamp out” light signal on the dash?. Don’t worry. We have the best solution to this problem if you don’t want to spendthousands on this.

When there is any faulty bulb socket orissue with the FCM or IPM, the Lights out signal comes up on the dash.Here, we will be showing youan easy method on how to reset lamp out light on Dodge Ram and fix the issue. However, this method is practically experienced.So, it is totally safe to try.

Why Do You Get Lamp Out Light Signal?

High-loaded vehicles or any modern cars got a useful monitoring dashboard in front of the driver’s seat. If any warning signal or indicating signals are needed, the dashboard auto shows the various warning lights. We can check to be alert.

Similarly, if any lights are out, it shows you the signal/bell on the dash saying “lights out” or “lamp out.”Lamp out meaning to have any lights out. These lights can be the headlight, tail light, brake light, turn signal light, fog light, etc.So, we need to check out which lights are at fault.

Check Your Lights

Before proceeding with with the method to reset, check all the lights and be sure which light is causing the problem to show up the warning on the dash. For this, check all the lights one by one and find out the faulty culprit. You can take someone’s help here to assist you in checking the lights, especially when you turn on the brake light and ask someone to have them checked.

If you don’t find any, then check all the lights from the close cut. Yes, open the pan of the lights and check the light bulbs. You will get a faulty bulb or bulbs, such as having any broken filament or fuse bulb.

How to Reset/Clear Lamp Out Light on Dodge Ram?

how to clear lamp out light on dodge ram

When you have got the faulty light, replace the bulb and fix the light out lamp signal. Let’s reveal the super-effective method on how to reset lamp out light on Dodge Ram to try out at minimal cost. If there is no major issue other than the bulb, this easily doing bulb replacement method will do the job finely.

Though the method has been experienced on Dodge, this works for other vehicles also.

Let’s know.

Reset Lamp Out Light By Replacing the Faulty Light Bulb Socket

Sometimes there can have any bad connection or cracked socket, but your lights are working well.  In that case, the dashboard function can’t secure the proper context from the bulbs and results in showing lamp out light signals on the gauge.

But you cannot identify it from outside. The lights will be visible as finely working. No issues. Again, if you need to know how to reset the lamp out light on the 2015 Dodge Ram, it will work.

So, let’s proceed.

Things You Will Need Here

Have a look at the tools that you need to replace the bulb socket and grab them at hand.

  • High Temp Headlight Socket
  • Waterproof butt Connectors
  • Heat Shrink Tubing
  • And some tissue paper or towel
  • Ratchet
  • Splicer

APDTY Headlight Bulb Socket- Comes with Wiring Harness

  • Heavy-duty wiring, easy to hook up
  • Pre-wired,no additional wiring required
  • Heat-resistant and does not melt

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TICONN Sealed Wire Connector- Heat Shrink & Insulated

  • Avoids wire slipping
  • Solder inside connects the wire firmly
  • Waterproof with dual wall design

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Let’s start the process now for replacing the light socket.

Step-1: Disconnect All the Connections

Before starting with the lights, make sure you have disconnected all the connections from the battery. Otherwise, it may have a risk of having electric power shocks. To avoid any further incidents, disconnect the battery terminals.

Step-2: Take Out the Bulb

From the light pan (front or back), open it and take out the bulb. Don’t touch the bulb barehanded. It might burn your hand. So, use a paper towel or tissue paper to remove the bulb.

Step-3: Take Out the Tape and Socket

Take out the tapes from over the wires of the socket. Now, unplug the socket very carefully, and before disconnecting, be sure of the wires’ colors.

Identify and mark which color of wire will go where the color does not match with the older socket.

Step-4: Connect New Socket

After you have correctly identified the wires, disconnect the old one, and connect the new socketin the similar way that the previous socket went with.

Pro Tip: Use a splicer; it will lessen your work.

After connecting correctly, wrap the wires with heat shrink tubes.

Step-5: Connect the Light Bulb

After securing all the connections, connect the bulb light as it was, and join the battery terminals also.

Now, start the engine and see no more lamp-out light signal.

In some cases, it happens like the filament gets a little broken, but lights do work. That time also, you may get the lamplight out signals. For that issue, you can only change the bulb filament instead of buying a whole light.

Lamp Out Light Signal, But No Lights Are Out!


However, there are some possible cases that due to some technical problems, we may face these signals for nothing, which is so irritating. And the signal keeps beeping, which brings a headache. In this case, if you go to the car mechanics, most of the time, they try to make you have a fuse box replacement, which may cost you a lot.

If you find out the reason, you will see any bad connection or improper setting inside the dashboard panel is causing this. Besides, sometimes the lights-out signal shows up as a sign of any light going out later.

Well, here, most of the mechanics seem to suggest buying a new fuse box, which may cost you very high. But we don’t want to have such expenses, rather try with the cheapest best one.

Try these 2 methods to remove the lamp out a signal while there are no lights out.

Method-1: Resetting the Dashboard


The function inside the dashboard is similar to a computer function. So, sometimes because of any technical issues or functional problems, the wrong signals can show up.

In that case, you can try with the primary but standard method- resetting the dash. For that, what you have to do is-

Step-1 of 1: Push the Probe on the Dashboard

Push the small trigger/probe on the dashboard with one hand and then turn the ignition key with the other. Don’t start the car; just twist the key once.

Step-2 of 1: Hold on Like This for Few Seconds

Now, wait for some seconds, holding the probe pushed. The dashboard function will take resetting. You will see all the gauge cycles are completing automatically and having a check-up.

Step-3 of 1: Leave the Probe & Restart the Engine

After the resetting is complete, leave the probe. Start the engine and check if the lamp out/ light out signal is gone or not.

With this reset option, you can fix any functional short on the dashboard. If this method does not work, go for the second method.

Method-2: Resetting Battery Connection

how to Resetting Battery Connection

If resetting the gauge monitor does not work, then you can try this. There can be connection issues like a loose connection or bad connection due to resistance increase or too much dust inside.

In this case, resetting the battery connection can fix the problem. Don’t panic. You don’t have to work with too many wires or risky electric connections.

Steps for this method are-

Step-1 of 2: Get Access to the Battery

Turn off the engine and wait for some time to cool down the engine to avoid burn injuries. After that, open the front engine hood, get access to the battery.

Step-2 of 2: Take out the Battery Terminals

Disconnect the battery terminals from both negative and positive.

Step-3 of 2: Connect Two Terminals

Carefully connect two terminals and keep them connected with any connector clip. If you don’t have any connector clips can get one. These are so useful. The Nilight Metal Alligator Clip comes with a budget pick.

Leave the wires connected like this for at least 10 to 15 minutes.

Step- 4 of 2: Reconnect the Battery Terminal

After then, take off the clip and reconnect the positive terminal with the battery at first and then the negative one, respectively.

Go inside the car and start the engine. Now, check if the lamp out light signal is removed or not. This method fixes all the bad connections or malfunctions. So, this method is very fruitful for resetting any other false light signals too.

If still your signal does not go rather keep danging, there might be some other malfunction inside the Power Module. Reset the FCM (Front Control Module) or replace the fuse box.

Final Words

Here, we have mentioned the method of resetting lamp out light signals with the probable reason. Besides, we have also included solutions to remove lamp out signal without actually having the lights out.

If you have this problem or you want to know the ways for others, you can read our article on how to reset lamp out light on Dodge Ram of any year models. And the method is also applicable to other vehicles.