How to Set the Clock on a 2001 Dodge Ram within 1 Minute?


How to set the clock on a 2001 Dodge  Ram? Are you facing trouble in fixing it? Read this. You will need only 1 minute to set.

The clock setting option is not in the same place on all the models of the Dodge car. But overall, the setting process is almost similar.

In this context, we will guide you about the clock setting method for both the earlier gen of Dodge Ram and the modern ones. And the process won’t take more than 1 minute.

How to Set the Clock on a 2001 Dodge Ram?

Now, we will show you the clock setting process on a  step by step basis. Read each step carefully. Set the clock without other’s assistance.

Let’s begin the steps.

Step 1: Turn on the Engine

It’s the first step, of course. Turn on the engine. You can’t set the clock while the engine is in off position.

I guess, it was not necessary to include as a step but still if someone of you tries with an off engine. So, it’s one type of alerting step for those.

Step 2: Search & Find out the Time Button

Now, go to the music system panel or the radio panel box. Search and find the time button.

In most cars, you will find it on the upper right corner of the music box panel. Carefully search if you can’t find the buttons.

Step 3: Press & Hold the Time Button

After you have found out the time button, press it and hold for some seconds.

Hold on the time button, until the clock on the dashboard blinks or keeps flashing. When you see the clock area on the dash blinking, leave the time button.

It’s ready to change.

Step 4: Turn the Knob on Left or Right

Now, you can see a knob below the time button. Or it may be in some other side also.

Move it on the left or right side, which means forward or backward. When you are moving the knob or the volume button, you will see the hour time is changing.

Bring the right time by moving the knob.

Step 5: Press the Knob

When you have set the number of hours, press the knob in the middle. You will see the blinking of the time goes to the minutes. It means now the minute number will be blinking or flashing.

Repeat the same as shown in step-4 and set the minute number.

After you press the knob after setting the minute number, you will see the clock is correctly set on your Dodge.

***In some Dodge vehicles such as the 2010 Dodge ram, you may not need to press the knob at the end. After setting the minute number, wait for at least 10 seconds. The clock will stop blinking after 10 seconds. And your time will be set. ***

Alternative for How to Set the Clock on a 2017 Dodge Ram

There is an alternative for those who have the Dodge 2017 or other further modern Ram models. Well, it’s a smarter way for the high-tech touchscreen era.

Check out the smarter steps for it.

Step 1: Open  the Radio Dash

After starting the engine, go to the radio dashboard. These steps are for those who have the touchscreen dash.

Step 2: Go to the Apps

On the dash screen, find the apps option on the lower right corner of the screen.

Touch it to open.

Step 3:  Go to the Settings

Inside the apps, there you will get some options like settings, wifi, and others. Touch the settings option.

Step 4:  Select Clock Option

In the setting option, you will find the option clock or time. Select it.

Step 5:  Set the Time

After you entered into the clock option, you see there are options such as

  • Sync time with GPS
  • Set time hours
  • Set time minutes &
  • Set time format

Among these options, besides the hours and minutes setting option, there is a plus (+) and a minus (-) sign. Use them to set the time.

After that, you can select the option ‘Sync time with GPS,’ so that the clock automatically sync time according to the location.

Oh! If you need to set the time format, you can set that too.

Now, go back or close this option. Your clock setting is done in 1 minute.

Final Words

While driving, it’s essential to check the time. It is not possible always to check the time from your phone. And if you do not set the clock, you might fall in some troublesome situation.

Here you get the way about how to set the clock on a 2001 Dodge Ram or in other models.