Simple Solution How to Disable Alarm on Dodge Ram?


The alarm system on the vehicles mainly provides extra security features on our cars. But when the program of the alarm function got some issues, then it becomes a headache in your normal driving.

If you are facing the same problem, and your cracked alarm function does not let you start the engine or stops in the middle, then this article will guide you to the right solution.

Here, we will show you how to disable alarm on Dodge Ram, and you can get rid of this alarm headache.

What Does the Alarm Do?

Before jumping to a disabling option, you should know why the alarm of your vehicle turns on. What if it had no problems in its function rather other engine parts.

Mainly the alarm system is for providing extra security. Especially when we are not around the car and strangers try to steal or open the vehicle without keys, the alarm turns on and keeps horning. Again it turns on in the middle of driving when the engine is having any problem in its program.

But if only the alarm function gets errored, then it may turn on without any other issues. You may find all the engine programs well, and still, the alarm light keeps blinking on the gauge dashboard, and also the sound keeps beeping.

And this beeping sound is so irritating, especially when your Ram stops in the middle of the road. So, if you think your one also has the same cause, then you can disable it by yourself after reading our article.

How to Disable Alarm on Dodge Ram

To disable the function, basically, what you have to do is disconnect the alarm line from the ignition system.

Steps for Disconnecting the Line

Don’t worry, after hearing about the disconnecting. We will show you the most natural way, and you will need not go to the mechanics. So, let’s start!

Step 1: Open the Dashboard

At first, open the dashboard in front of your driving seat and behind the steering wheel. You can use a screwdriver if you see any nuts to open it to see the wiring function.

Step 2: Find the Alarm Line

After opening the dashboard, you will have to find the alarm line. Most often, you can see the alarm line in the front and connecting the battery of the engine. You will see two-way connecting port type cable connecting two sides. One with the battery and another goes to the alarm option.

Step 3: Unplug the Alarm Line

After identifying the cable of the alarm line, unplug one edge of the stupid false alarm connected with the engine ignition switch, and then unplug another one connected with the alarm system.

Step 4: Connect the Ignition System with the Electrical Function

Now you have to connect the line of the ignition system to the main dashboard’s electrical function. It is the bypassing system. If you skip this step, your Dodge Ram will lose the connection of the battery with the engine. So, plugin back to its ignition switch plug.

Step 5: Take Out the Alarm & Close the Dashboard

Now after connecting the wires of the ignition switch to the electrical dashboard, take out the alarm and then close the dash and install the nuts back as it was.

Your alarm disabling is done.


Many times the cars don’t have a separate alarm system, preferably a built-in system.  For that case, you have to cut the two wires coming from the alarm system and then splice the two wires of the alarm switch together. Most of the time, the wire color code of the alarms are pink or white.


Be aware of the fact that, after disabling the alarm, you won’t get any warning alarm on your gauge anymore even when your ignition system is having any trouble. Your truck will stop without giving any blink of light as a signal or alarm.
Again if your cars fall in the thief’s catch, then also you won’t get any alarm. So, it’s better to reset instead of disabling.  For resetting, you can follow this method below.

Method to Reset

Unplug the wire of the alarm and leave like this at least for 10 minutes, then again plugin the cable. It will reset the alarm.

In some vehicles, sometimes, there is a small switch beneath the steering or beside the brake pads. Flip in the switch. It resets the electric system. And then check if your false alarm has been reset or not. If not, then you may go for the option of disabling.

Final Words

The article is about how to disable alarm on Dodge Ram. If false alarm appears, then it’s better to reset than disabling.

But if you think that you can maintain your truck without having any alarm option, then you can go through the steps written in the article. It is safe and tested.