How to Reset DEF System on Dodge Without Any Problem?


Did you just fill the DEF tank but still getting the service DEF system error code on the dash? Does not your Dodge let you start the engine? Then you should know how to reset DEF system on Dodge Ram because resetting is the only option to get out of this trouble code.

Sometimes, malfunction in the ECM(Electronic Computer Module)can cause the error code to pop up on the dashboard while everything is properly fine. And if you are far away from home, in the middle of no dealer near at hand, need some DIY to fix it out.

So,please don’t waste your time searching here and there because we have already done that for you. Just go through this entire write-up revealing some DIY tricks for the message-“Service DEF System See Dealer” reset.

How to Reset DEF System on Dodge Ram?

We will show you 3 ways to reset the DEF error. After that, if your Dodge does not get off of the DEF error message, we will go for the DEF(Diesel Exhaust Fuel)error delete option. Let’s start.

Option-1: Reset the Dodge Ram Limp Mode Message by Adding Exhaust Fluid

Yes, adding some exhaust fluid to the reductant tank can reset the DEF (Diesel Exhaust Fluid) error message from the dashboard. Sometimes the ECM (Electronic Computer Module) can’t detect the AdBlue/reductant fluid tank level. As a result,it shows the Limp Mode/ Refill DEF code.

Add at least 2 to 2.5 gallons of exhaust fluid into the exhaust fluid tank. Then start the engine to check. You will see the error message is reset automatically.

Option-2: Reset the Dashboard AKA Cluster Diagnostic

Resetting the dashboard also resets all the false codes and, at the same reset the DEF limp mode. To reset the dashboard, follow these steps-

  • Push the small knob that is the reset button on the bottom corner of the dashboard.
  • Put the key in and ignite it, don’t start the vehicle.
  • Release the reset button. It will take the reset.
  • After completing the cluster reset, there will be shown “Done” written on the dashboard.
  • Now, start the engine and check whether the false DEF code is reset or not.

If there was any malfunction stuck inside the dashboard, resetting it will reset the DEF message also.

Option-3: Disconnect the Battery Terminal

If the 2 options don’t work, then try with this method-keeping the battery disconnected for some time. Yes, it is seen that disconnecting the battery connection also helps to reset the DEF message if there is any false message showing up. All you have to do is-

Take out the negative terminal of the battery and leave it disconnected for at least 30 minutes. After 30 minutes, connect it and check on the dashboard. It might clear the code and reset it back on the normal mode.

Option-4: Delete the DEF Error Code Using Scanner

No method worked from all the three mentioned above? Then, deleting the error code is the least option to try out.

Things You Need

  • OBD II Code Reader

With the scanner or a coder reader, you can reset the error code perfectly. OBDS Car Automotive code reader can be recommendable here if you don’t have any.

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  • Can retrieve codes including vehicle info
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Steps to reset using the scanner-

Step-1:  Connect the Scanner & Turn on the Ignition Key

Plugin the scanner with the car. Then, turn on the ignition key.

Step-2:  Give Time to Store Data

Give the scanner some time to retrieve the vehicle info such as VIN, CID numbers, and all that stuff.if you’re using it for the first time; however, if you have already used the scanner before, it might take less time to load the saved data.

Step-3:  Go to the Control Module

Go to the ‘Control Module’ option. Scroll down and find out the ‘Reductant System’ and then ‘Reductant System Data.’

Step-4:  Check All the Active Sensors

After going to the Reductant System Data, let it load data, and then some data for the active Level sensor will show up on the monitor. Make sure all the level sensors are in active mode.

Pro Tips: No need to check the Reductant Lvl Sen saying1C, 2C, 3C, as you are using an aftermarket scanner. These are just the circuit checks so, no need to bother with them.

If all the Lev Sen are in active mode, then the code you were getting was a false code. Deleting will do the job. Or if any of the Level Sensors is showing inactive in that case, either you need to refill the fluid tank or replace the DEF system.

Step-5:  Go Back to the Reductant Level Reset

When you are sure all the Lev. Sen. isactive, go back to the Control Module and find out the ‘Reductant Fluid Tank Level Reset.’ Choose the option ‘Reset’ and give it some time for deleting all the codes.

Step-6:  Go Back & Find the Reductant System Data Reset

Now when the Reductant Fluid Tank Level resetting is complete. Go back and get into the Reductant System Data Reset. Similarly, reset the Reductant System Data.

Step-7: Shut off the Engine & Disconnect the Scanner

After completing the reset, shut off the engine and disconnect the scanner from the vehicle. And start the engine again to check now if the DEF system error light is gone.

In this way, using a scanner, you can easily reset the entire DEF system on your ownand get rid of the false DEF System Error code from the dashboard.

Bottom Lines

That was everything about how to reset DEF system on Dodge. Hopefully, now you have a clear idea about the whole process. It’s not rocket science, but also not a rock paper scissor game. You have to be careful and cautious while aiming for a reset. Make sure you follow the instructions and warnings mentioned in your manual if provided.

However, if you can’t fix the issue after trying all the methods mentioned here, take your Dodge to the dealer to replace the entire DEF system. But don’t proceed with any steps with any confusion in mind.