Understanding How to Disassemble Dodge Tow Mirrors Yourself


Being a proud owner of the dodge brings a lot of responsibility to maintain the vehicle as well. And that involves many tasks that you must keep up with throughout your possession period.

The tow mirrors can need replacement simply for being too old. However, if it simply needs fixing because of damage, then keeping things aside for later might not be the best choice.

Now once you take the importance of such repairing seriously, then come the need to have the right idea on how to disassemble dodge tow mirrors. Well, that’s basically what we are going to cover today.

How to Disassemble Dodge Tow Mirrors All by Yourself?

Well, to make the entire process sensible, we will be dividing this whole thing into multiple steps. This will make it much easier for you to follow the process and have a better understanding of what to do or what to not. Enjoy!

Take Out the Heated Mirror from the Mirror

When talking about how to disassemble dodge tow mirrors, you want to take out the heated mirror from the mirror in the right way. The heated mirror is the small mirror that also known as a wide mirror.

To remove the heated mirror, you only want to use your bare hand. Make sure you are putting pressure to take out the heated mirror from the cover. However, don’t give higher pressure as it can harm the mirror to break or crack.

Try to pull the heated mirror with good pressure and after removing it, you want to follow the next step.

Unplug the Puddle Light Wire

The next thing you want to do after taking out the heated mirror is to unplug the puddle light wire. When doing this step, make sure you have to wear your gloves to continue this step. As the tow mirror can be dirty, you don’t want to use your bare hand in there.

To start the process, you want to take out the wire that is in the corner which is quite easy to locate. After finding the puddle light wire plug, take it out. Then, rush to the next step.

Detach the Puddle Light

Afterward, you want to detach the puddle light by doing some simple trick. For detaching the puddle light, there are some tools you want to take right beside you such as the T15 Torx and screwdriver.

If you don’t have them, make sure to grab these tools from the nearest store. After buying them, use your T15 Torx in the bolt section where you’ll need to take out the attached screw. It is quite easy to find the bolt as it should be in the mid side which is simple to find out.

After removing the bolt, you want to use your newly bought screwdriver in the gap surface to put pressure so that the puddle light could come out. Actually, the light is attached to the tow mirror tightly, and to remove that you want to put pressure with the screwdriver.

When the puddle light came out from the cover, make sure to secure it in a good place. And then, rush to the following step.

Separate the Mirror Glass from the Tow Mirror

In this process, you want to separate the mirror glass form the tow mirrors with some simple tricks. Just like you have detached the heated mirror, you want to follow the same technique here as well.

To start with, lift the mirror glass on one side by adding some pressure to your hand. Make sure when you are doing this process, the mirror is open on one side and closed on the other part. After that, use your hand to pull the mirror glass out form its place.

It should come out smoothly so that both your hand and the mirror glass don’t meet accidents. After detaching the mirror glass form the tow mirror, go to the next step.

Take Out the Clips

The moment you see the mirror glass is successfully detached from the tow mirror, you want to unplug some wire and clip that is attached to its back.

Make sure you have checked the back part first to unplug in the right manner. Then, pull out the two attached clips that should be located in the edge of mirror glass. When taking out the clips, try to use your screwdriver to easily unplug it.

Then, you’ll see another clip is attached to the mirror glass which also needs to be separated. So, again use your screwdriver and pull it out. After that, move to the next step.

Remove the Back Cover

To remove your tow mirror completely, you want to remove your back cover that is basically in the mirror box. If you want to detach it rightly, use any screwdriver or drill, to take out all the bolts that are attached to the back cover.

After you have detached all the bolts in the right way, you want to get rid of the wire by pulling it. You will find the wire in the backside that is attached to the corner of the mirror box.

Wrap Up

This was basically the entire process of how to disassemble dodge tow mirrors. The intention of this whole guide and the way it was planned is basically to keep the understanding capabilities as high as possible.

We are hoping even if you’ve never dealt with any such events before, the guide will still be able to teach you the right manner of disassembling the tow mirrors. Just make sure you don’t follow something that you are yet confused about. Be absolutely clear-minded about the entire process and only then you are good to go.