Get the Right Idea on How to Uninstall Mini Maxx Tuner


There’s a lot of benefits that Mini Maxx tuner serves for the best. It provides basically the finest function for DPF deleting intentions. And there’s nothing better than this for removing all the components of emissions as well as sensors. That too without the trouble of codes. In short, it brings a lot of capabilities to the user end in a much hassle-free way. Diesel owners are always hyping this next generation diesel downloader facility.

However, at some point, you may think about uninstalling it for some reason. Unfortunately, there’s very less discussion on this whole matter.

So, we are here today to talk about the entire process of how to uninstall mini maxx tuner.

How to Uninstall Mini Maxx Tuner the Right Way

To make the entire process less confusing and simpler, we will be sectionizing it into several parts. This way, we’ll be able to cover all the essential points of the whole thing better hopefully. So, Let’s Get into It!

Start Your Vehicle

The first thing you want to do on how to uninstall Mini Maxx tuner is to start your vehicle engine. To do this process in the right way, make sure you have picked your car key and turn it on. This is not a very confusing thing to do but we still wanted to mention the process just in case.

If you have a traditional car, then you want to insert the key and then turn it on just like you normally do. However, if you have the latest model car with an engine off and on the button, then you want to start by putting the key and then press down the on button.

While doing this, make sure you have placed your car in a parking lot or a secure place to continue the step peacefully. Now, go to the next step.

Go to the Menu Option

After that you have started your car, the Mini Maxx tuner should turn on where you want to select the menu bar.

You will find the menu bar in the screen top left corner where it should be written MENU in big text. After locating the bar, click on it, and then move to the following step.

Go to the Show Settings Bar

Then, you want to head straight to the Show Settings bar where you will meet the unlock option to open the Mini Maxx lock easily.

For that, you want to press the down button to find the Show Settings bar. After finding the bar, click on it and head to the next step.

Click on the Down Button

The moment you have entered the Show Settings, you want to click to the down button. It is vital to press the down button to find the password section. After clicking to the down button, run to the next step.

Give the Required Password

The next thing you want to do is to enter the password. Once you have pressed the down button, you’ll see the screen is showing Enter Password for you to set that. Now, this thing is essential for unlocking your Mini Maxx.

To do that, make sure you have set the password in the middlebox that requires the first 3 passwords. If you are a first-timer, you want to know more about this step.

You’ll see the screen is showing 4 digits for you to enter the password and for that, you want to set the first digit 0 and then enter the other password. The Up and Down button helps to change the numbers. Once you have entered your password, it’ll automatically unlock.

Unplug the Mini Maxx from the OBD II Adapter Plug

After that, you have unlocked your Mini Maxx, unplug your Mini Maxx cable from the OBD II Adapter Plug for safe detach.

Before doing that, make sure you have turned off your car by taking out the key from the car. If you are the latest car users, then press the engine off button to simply turn off the car engine.

Then, take out the cable from the adapter to start the process easily. Once you have pulled out the cable, rush to the next step.

Take Out the Power Wire

After that, you want to take out the power wire by switching off the power from the battery to unplug the connection that has been supporting the Mini Maxx to access. By doing that you’ll easily detach the Mini Max tuner.

Then, check the fuse box if it is attached to the power wire if yes then detaches it too. Now, you can end here if you aren’t attaching a new tuner. However, if you are planning to install a new one, you want to go to the next step to finish the process.

Remove the Mini Maxx from the Windshield Mount

After you have uninstalled the Mini Maxx from the car, you can take out it from the windshield mount. Now, this step is optional if you want to take the Mini Maxx out officially then try to detach it from the universal windshield mount.

To detach it, try to slide backward for the Mini Maxx to loosen out from the mount. Make sure you are doing this process by adding some pressure but not too harshly. And, this is how you completely uninstall the Mini Maxx.

Wrap Up

And this brings us to the ending part of today’s discussion. We tried to keep the process simpler to understand. Even if you are a never-did-it-before person asking how to uninstall mini maxx tuner, the guide should be helpful to answer that. Overall, take the pointers we mentioned seriously and don’t do something you’re not sure about. You’ll Be Happy to See the End Results Hopefully!