3 Best Exhaust for 2019 Ram 1500 – The Finest Equipment Validity


An outstanding exhaust kit arrangement takes central control over the vehicle engine’s dynamic performance and the improved economy of fuel. Consequently, along with the total automobile manufacturing, the exhaust system should be up-to-date. However, not all brands offer uncompromising service. So, top-quality construction and active achievements from the renowned exhaust kit brands are difficult to find in one place.

Therefore, the following discussion represents the overall specs from the world’s leading and most qualified exhaust manufacturers for the 2019 Ram 1500 van. Thus, the overviews of this article will introduce the best exhaust for 2019 Ram 1500 and reduce your chance of being puzzled.

Best Exhaust for 2019 Ram 1500

Product’s Name Pipe Diameter Tip Size Exit Type Key Benefits Price
Borla Exhaust System 3-inch & 2.5-inch 5 Inches Single Split Rear Thick And Solid Parts Details On Amazon
Magnaflow 3’’ Exhaust 3-inch 5 Inches Dual Split Rear Gives Aggressive Sound Details On Amazon
Flowmaster 817936 3-inch 4 Inches Two Tailpipe Exit Tough To Stand Longe Details On Amazon

Let’s dive into the top 3 picks of 2019 Ram 1500 exhaust and get your car the proper engine sound.

1. Borla Exhaust System– Super-Power Exhaust with Cat-Back technology

Borla Performance Industries has laid the groundwork in designing the world’s leading and most sturdy automobile exhaust for around forty years. Along with the deluxe classics like Rolls-Royce or Ferrari, Borla has also developed a super-duty best exhaust for 2019 Ram 1500 model.

The Cat-Back system mode of Borla Exhaust System distributes amplified velocity to influence the vehicle’s power-saver route. Moreover, the core material of this dual-type exhaust is the finest- quality T-304 version stainless steel. Thus, the foolproof aircraft-quality of this material preserves the tool’s sustainability to encode the specific task.

However, the super-polished mandrel bends allow the external stretching of the exhaust steel and apply pressure on the inner side to preserve the nominal pipe thickness. Further, the signature multi-core equipment enables the unique release of concealed Horsepower.

As for the configuration of the exhaust Muffler, it is available in both solo and twofold outlets with an exclusive chambered format. Additionally, the S-Type edition of the Mufflers marks the straight-through structure for delivering the exhaust system’s stimulating and forceful sound.  On top, the computerized CNC mechanism of Borla exhaust provides a perfect fit, which guarantees maximum control over the system power.


  • Improved fuel-saving activity
  • Official warranty for one million mileages
  • Power-pack driving experience
  • Complete tool kit including escalating hardware


  • The slight variation of the exhaust sound

Available On Amazon

2. Magnaflow 3’’ Exhaust-Industry Leading Brand Exhaust System with Greater Sound

Magnaflow brings an exhaust for Dodge Ram 1500, providing excellent sound and proper breadth. The Magnaflow has been leading these automotive parts for more than 35 years, bringing the reliability to use this exhaust system.

This cat-back exhaust system has a superior type catalytic converter that makes the sound exhaust natural and pleasing.

It has 3 inches diameter of pipe made of stainless steel. The dual split on the rear with direct bolts on the connection system comes with it.

It will provide an aggressive sound on the outside and a comfortable sound of the engine from inside. And the polishing of the system with CNC machine manufacturing technology makes this exhaust system durable for a more extended period.

MagnaFlow is an ideal fit for the proper sound and Dyno proven horsepower approval in 2019 Ram exhaust.


  • Direct bolt-on fit
  • Great exhaust sound
  • Performance exhaust
  • Trust-worthy brand


  • May not fit in newer body models

Available On Amazon

3. Flowmaster 817936– Ultimately Durable Exhaust with Stainless Kits

Flowmaster brings an exhaust system with a trouble-free installation process. The mount-ready products with it and the featuring quality make this one of the best Dodge Ram 1500 exhaust.

With the proper fitting and correct sound, this exhaust provides quality performance with consistency.

Again, this will help your engine get lifetime protection with perfect exhaust flow. And to talk about the material, it has the bent 409 stainless steel with 3 inches diameter of the tube.

It comes to a single spit on the rear of the muffler. Two tailpipes exits let you choose to fit according to your riding performance features.

This exhaust gives a deep aggressive type sound not only from the outside but from the inside. You can get the maximum performance outcome of your engine with this exhaust.

Flomaster exhaust comes with all the installation bolts and nuts that are relatively easy to install yourself. All the stainless steel material gives the parts a long life of span with excellent performance.

It is a perfect fit for the 2019 Dodge Ram 1500 with 5.7L V8 gas engine models of the Crew Cab full 4 doors and Short Box 67.4 inches of fleetside.


  • Easy to install
  • Durable
  • Exceeds quality standards
  • Price-worthy


  • May not fit the V6 engine

Available On Amazon

How To Select The Best Exhaust For 2019 Ram 1500?

How To Select The Best Exhaust For 2019 Ram 1500

Selecting the right fit exhaust system seems easy though it needs to consider some facts before buying. Let’s clear out your confusion regarding the exhaust system and help you to choose the right exhaust for Ram 1500.

Choose The Right Exhaust Type

Well, the first thing that comes to consider is the type of exhaust. You will get three different exhaust system types- the Axle-back exhaust, Cat-back exhaust, and Header-back exhaust.

The Axle-back exhaust occupies quite a larger space from the rear axle to the exhaust tube. This type tends to be the cheapest exhaust system. But this possesses a relatively low performance in case of durability.

The Cat-back exhaust is the moderate type of exhaust with a catalytic converter on the rear. It is reasonable with excellent sound performance and high-end smoke emission.

The  Header-back exhaust is the most expensive among the three types. It features like its price—the optimum performance with increased horsepower pressure.

For the Ram 1500, the cat-back type of exhaust is preferable, but if your pocket permits, you can go with the Header-back type also.

Exhasut Tube Variations

In the case of the exhaust tube, there are mainly two significant variations- single exhaust tube and dual exhaust tube.

The exhaust with a single pipe is the single exhaust tube. It tends to be lightweight and reasonable in price. It is the standard and most used exhaust that you can buy.

Another exhaust is the exhaust with a dual exhaust pipe. This type is relatively expensive compared to the single pipe one.

Mainly there are no significant performing differences between these two except the price. But some prefer the dual piping exhaust for better breadth, especially in rough-ride. So, you can choose that is suitable for your riding criteria.

The Manufacturing Material

The material is essential to check before you buy it. You may find the mild steel and the Aluminium exhaust.

The mild exhaust is the cheapest one but frequent rusty-prone too. So, people used to install this aftermarket exhaust in earlier times.

Nowadays, the steel material of exhaust is popular and trendy. It is budget-worthy to buy. And the stainless steel, such as the 304 or 409 stainless steel, is the good one. It reduces rust-proneness.

The last but the prime one is the Aluminium material.  It will provide the best quality for both durability and outlook. These are expensive too.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the average amount of horsepower addition of an exhaust?

An ordinary exhaust can provide a maximum of 50 HP and a minimum of 2-3 HP accumulation. Nevertheless, this count may differ according to the vehicle model and the overall engine system.

Does a noisy exhaust consume excess fuel?

As for the muffler or tailpipe of the exhaust, their sound does not cost much fuel. However, for a turbocharged engine, the consumption of fuel may increase.  More power induction indicates further use of vehicle gas.

Does the upgraded exhaust develop the vehicle’s fuel mileage?

Yes, the insertion of any after-market vehicle exhaust can boost engine activity by up to 10%. Moreover, the enhancement of fuel-saving activity, just with two mpg units, assists in promptly stimulating a brand-new exhaust system.

Final Words

The exhaust system in the engine will control the noise of the engine performance moderately. Also, for a fabulous engine running, you need the best exhaust.

Howsoever, the exhaust system differs from car to car depending on the valve number in the system. Our top best exhaust for 2019 Ram 1500 will give you the right exhaust that you are looking for to buy.

So, read it up with buying factors and enjoy your vehicle’s noise instead of irritation.