Toyo RT Vs AT2 Extreme – What should be Your Choice


There is no surprise debate between Toyo RT Vs AT2 Extreme. It’s a pretty common thing. Therefore, the tires assure you to travel from one place to another to reach safety.

The objective of tires covers stable handling, lowering road-noise, enabling traction, and decreasing tire. While both are good, that makes you more confused about which tires you want to spend.

Even from the same brand, there’s a difference between Toyo RT and AT2 Extreme. So while you prefer one, you make the best match for your car. We put comprehensive details one by one to get out of your confusion. Go through the whole.

A Comparison Between Toyo RT Vs AT2 Extreme

Before getting into Toyo RT Vs AT2 Extreme, let’s see some aspects.  Try to understand the core benefits. The Toyo RT enables maximum turn up with enthusiastic off-road riding. On the other hand, AT2 Extreme presents extraordinary tread life and traction with a balanced ride. Both are functional and handy yet pose dissimilarities. So, spot out the differences.

Toyo RT

AT2 Extreme

Wide Range
7.0-8.5-9.0 to 11.0-12.5-14.0 6.0-6.5-8.0 to 9.0-10.0-11.5
Side Wall
15 inches to 24 inches 15 inches to 22 inches
Load Speed
109Q to 128Q 100S to 127Q
Tire Size
31X10.50R15LT to 38X15.50R24LT P215/75R15 to 37X12.50R22LT
Tread  Life
Good tread Life Much better tread life
Off-Road Traction
Better off-road traction Less off-road traction
Winter Handling
Less winter handling Superior winter handling
Quiet Ride
Lower quiet ride facility More quiet ride facility
Fuel Effectiveness
A little bit lower fuel effectiveness Much greater fuel effectiveness
Wet Handling
More efficiency handling wet A little bit less efficient handling wet
Top 3 Models
  1. Toyo RT 10 Ply Radial Tire – Silent Ride
  2. Toyo RT All-Season Radial Tire– Great Road Balance
  3. Toyo RT All-Terrain Radial Tire– Forceful Tread
  1. Toyo XTREME AT2 All Terrain Tire – Decent Towing
  2. Toyo AT2 285/75R17 121S Tire– Wonderful Grip
  3. Toyo AT2 295/55R20 123S Tire– No Noise


Recommended Pick- AT2 Extreme Review

The AT2 Extreme tire is an all-around tire with an apparent clam riding facility and vibrant step design. There is a vigorous sidewall that maintains an unrestricted block tread design. Even in unfavorable circumstances like sludge, mud, or even frost weather, you can enjoy a serene ride. The look of the tire is sturdy. However, the tread is resistant to water. The tire lasts for a while.

Groove Facility

There is an inclusive groove for the tire. The groove blocks stones or whatever troubles. So the tire ensures increasing snow and mud traction in the road. Besides, the appliance offers a quiet ride even on a sloping road because of the grooves formula stone force.

Tie Bars Establishment

The tie bars are in the middle of the block. However, the bar ensures the balance of the pace of the segment. The balance is suitable for braking, especially for dry braking. Moreover, the tire dismisses the conflict of wire tires. So, the enforcement of tie bars ensures a smooth ride.

Multiple Shoulder Style

You can notice a multiple shoulder style for the wheel. However, the tire is obtainable in three different designs based on their size and production. The first one is metric and P-Metric dimension, which implies a slight marking shoulder. The next one is LT-Metric and waving dimension, which is the marking shoulder. The last one is the Xtreme dimension, which is the depth shoulder.

Zigzag Symbol Formation

The tire has a curved mark on the surface. The contribution of the curved symbol is for the superior function ride in the snow or frost. Even the tire performs the polygonal operation. Besides, the sizes of the LT are 50000 miles. The P/euro Metric dimensions are 65,000 miles.


  • A vast collection of sizes.
  • Incredible wet traction.
  • Great mileage while driving.
  • Permanence cornering.


  • Average off-road performance.

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Toyo RT– Review

The Toyo RT offers both exceptional off-road performance and on-road affluent. The tire is powerful enough for the respective terrain. However, the more powerful 4×4 tire has durability figures and truculent arrangement. There is a hard polyester framework for maximum turn up.  Besides, the several diversions like waving size or matric enable 3-ply system constructions. On the other hand, the P-/Euro-Metric serves 2-ply system constructions. The handling is trouble-free.  Even the tire contains a double sidewall structure.

Modified Pattern Arrangement

There is an adjusted pattern arrangement to lower the sound for enhanced driving. The modified pattern also secures the level of comfortableness. Besides, the tire has two different customized appearances. The serial Side and the reversing side are both elegant.

Long-Lasting Sidewall

The tire contains a dynamic side wall with long-lasting performance. The design is profound, energetic, and durable as well. However, the mechanism poses increased traction. Even the tire acts as the defender of strikes. There is both modulation and mud resistance, which help to drop out dirt and stones from the groove.

High Traction Provision

Similar to long-lasting sidewalls, the tire has an extraordinary traction provision design. The high traction formula allows them to ride in bad situations or any trouble on the road. Even if the sand, snow, or mud, the tire gives the chivalric traction. Open channels are to make the pavement.


  • Good tread life.
  • Simple set up.
  • The use of rim protectors.
  • Outstanding handling.


  • Fuel regulation could be better.

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What Should Be the Ideal Pick?

If you notice Toyo RT Vs AT2 Extreme, then you will understand both tires are phenomenal. However, AT2 Extreme covers some additional features. Even some features perform better than Toyo RT like winter or wet operating, clam riding, and fuel management. On the other hand, Toyo RT provides a higher level of off-road riding.

The ideal pick depends on your need and demands or the vehicle you want to use. So if you demand more aggressive driving, then AT2 Extreme is suitable for you. On the contrary, if you prefer a regular ride, then Toyo RT is appropriate for you.