Melling Vs Cloyes – Who Provides Better Timing Chain Overall?


When you think about highly featured and rich quality vehicle timing components, there’s no way you’d like to invest in a brand that comes with a less reliable background. And that’s one of the main reasons why people get into brand comparisons to figure out who in the market is providing good stuff for a deserving price. Also, none would like to spend on something that does not come with features and offerings that particularly that person wills to pay for. That’s why today we will be routing for such a comparison.

And the combat is between melling vs cloyes, two of the amazingly well-known timing chain providers. Which one’s models should you be paying more attention to, let’s find it out with a thorough breaking down?

Main Difference Between the Melling Vs Cloyes

Melling Timing Chain

Cloyes Timing Chain

Made out of steel, iron, and other strong materials Solid heat-treated steel material
Timing Chain Style
Single, double, non-roller, and link-belt roller style Single and double roller style timing chain
Timing Marks
For up to 1-4 marks for timing Up to 1-3 marks for timing
Sustainability & Operation
Resist friction and sound of the engine when operated Give proper and sequence direction of pitches
Ford, Lincoln, Mazda Chrysler, Dodge, Hyundai, Jeep, Kia, Mitsubishi, and so on. Chevrolet, Ford, Pontiac, Oldsmobile, Chrysler, and so on.

The Difference Between Melling And Cloyes Timing Chain

When it comes to the timing chain, the most important thing that makes sense is the construction and durability. The construction of the timing chain should make out of solid material that allows your engine to work properly for a longer period of time.

You definitely don’t want a short-term timing chain that will support your engine for a short while. The timing chain that goes well for street racing use is properly a good option for fulfilling your desire. Not only it would support you for lasting use but also cuts future costs.

Most of the time timing chain should last for up to 40,000 to 100,000 miles of use. After the limitation, it needs to be replaced. Also, the durability of the timing chain is another fact that helps you to use in engine with no hitch of breakages.

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Also, a long-term timing chain made out of strong material will operate well in stable working for a longer while than the short-term one. So, you want to pick a lasting timing chain that is built with good material for your truck engine.

And, if you want a strong and rough option that would go for a long while, then the Cloyes W0133-1835879 Engine Timing Chain is your finest option. It is made out of strong material that helps the surface to never face any damage even if running at high heat power.

Mostly, the Melling brand comes with timing chains that are made out of strong steel and iron material to last long. They are great for resisting most spoils such as rust or corrosion to ensure better durability. The Melling timing chains also lack long-term usage compare to others.

On the flip side, the Cloyes brand comes with timing chains that are made out of high heat-treated steel to resist rust and oxidizes for long-term usage. Most Cloyes timing chain reviews show all products have durability and stability to last for more than 40,000 to 100,000 miles.

In between both brand’s comparison on construction, we find the Cloyes timing chain kits winner to serve for a good while without causing harm even after years of use.

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Gaps Between Melling And Cloyes Timing Chain Variety & Style

The timing chain style and variety play a big role on engine precision timing. You will also notice a big impact on engine precision if the timing chain style is good and well-suited. And, the style of timing chain will ensure better timing accuracy to avoid the common engine failure.

Basically, there are many varieties of timing chains such as single roller, double roller, non-roller, and link-belt roller, etc. All of the timing chain varieties are good in different reasons and bear well. The timing chain style on top ensures better linking on the engine teeth to roll well.

Not only the timing chain variety helps the engine to roll in a fast motion but also ensures better accuracy to deliver power. The timing chain style on top makes sure better contact on teeth and links to run at a better movement and rotation to help the engine to perform well.

Best Recommendations- Melling 3-385SA Timing Chain Set

The Melling 3-385SA is an ideal pick for early and late engine models that allow utility working.

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Also, the timing chain style ensures better chain access on the engine so that your truck can run at better speed with no hitch of misfire or bad performance. It will on top help your engine to start or stop at better throttle reaction with no struggle of low retort.

For those of you who want a good engine performance and ideal timing, then the Melling 3-491S Timing Chain Set is your best bet. It on top makes sure your engine is getting a link-bolt style with 1-bolt camshaft gear attachment to work well.

If talking about Sealed Power vs Melling brand, most people find Melling first-rate for its brilliant variety such as single, double, non-roller, and link-belt roller style. This brand also comes with timing chains that have great varieties and styles than others.

Then again, the Cloyes brand comes that have limited varieties and styles such as single and double roller timing chain kits to fit in the engine with fixed linking and contact. Also, this brand has better varieties that make sure good engine linking.

After reading out both brands, we would like to say the Melling is the frontrunner for their timing chain that helps linking contact and rotation power so that engine works faster.

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Built for increasing engine working, this chain kit ensures true bearing surface and cut stretches.

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Variation Between Both Timing Chain Marks

The timing chain marks are another big fact that ensures better engine speed to perform at good clarity. Usually, the marks of the timing chain can be smaller and bigger depending on the camshaft pulley.

You see, the marks of the timing chain usually come in 1 to 4 in number to help when attaching to the engine. Mostly, the given marks of the timing chain indicate the suitability to fit in the selected engine models. Yet, these marks don’t indicate the fitment of vehicles.

And, the marks of the timing chain make sure to give the engine a better taste of speed to run on the street. It also makes sure better performance by fitting in perfect degrees with no snag. This timing chain mark on top makes sure the engine lower and higher speed control.

Best Recommendations- Cloyes 9-4201SX Timing Chain

With great design and material, the Cloyes 9-4201SX is a great pick to offer a handle-free feel.

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Also, the marks of the timing chain make sure better handling of the engine when in the idle or working with no hitches. If talking about Melling vs Cloyes timing chains, you will see a huge difference which makes one a clear winner for their marks that ensure better fitting.

Yet, if you want a reliable and great in a fit option that ensures good handling, then the Melling 3-3SRH60SA Timing Chain Set is a fine option. It on top makes sure good options and quality performance to get the better engines working to ride trucks in a good speed.

Usually, the Melling brand has timing chains that come with 1 to 4 marks to fit in a better manner. This brand on top makes sure timing chains are good for increasing the speed of the engine to perform well.

In contrast, the Cloyes brand comes with timing chains that have 1 to 3 marks that help to fit in limited engine models, unlike its rival side. This brand also makes sure good fitting and handling to increase engine RPM.

If we put both brands side by side, we would say the Melling is the likely winner which offers timing chain sets with a great number of marks that help increasing engine RPM to run fast.

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Both Melling And Cloyes Timing Chain Sustainability & Operation

Sustainability and operation of the timing chain is a must-have thing that will help the engine to perform better. The timing chain that allows no sustainability still helps a lot to operate well so that trucks can run in stable speed. Most of the timing chains help engine noise to lessen.

Since the timing chain will link to the engine, it helps your truck to make no irritating noise while running at a good speed. Also, the timing chain that has good options will help the engine to perform in a better position no matter if it in idle or not.

On top of that, it helps your truck engine to get stable performance with no snag of friction or lower traction. A good timing chain will support the engine to work in a better way. Also, some timing chain helps to avoid an engine misfire problem too.

Best Recommendations- Cloyes 9-0398SC Timing Chain Kit

The Cloyes 9-0398SC is an OEM quality timing chain kit that offers quiet engine working.

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Besides, the timing chain operation needs to be perfect for engine betterment that helps to cut vibration or shaking. It also helps the truck to get reliable and stable riding with a quick and easy start-up.

And, if you want a perfect option that helps your engine most common problem to get solved, then the Melling 3-509S Timing Chain Set is your ideal pick. It is also great for improving truck engine performance and speed to avoid bad ignition system or difficulty to start up.

Unlike others, the Melling brand comes with great timing chains that help to cut the friction or resistance snag for your truck engine to act better in a fast response. Also, this brand provided timing chain makes sure better engine performance by shrinking the hitches of irksome noise.

Conversely, the Cloyes brand comes with timing chains that offer right and sequence way of pitches so that your truck engine acts well. And, this brand offered timing chains that are great for truck engine work. Yet, the Cloyes timing chains do lack in sinking noise or friction snags.

If putting both brands on a table, we find the Melling better than anything for its brilliant performance that helps the engine to work like magic in noticeable speed with zero sustain.

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The Compatibility Difference Between Both Timing Chain

For replacement or fitting, the compatibility of the timing chain is a big thing that needs to be cheeked when comparing both brands. Of course, there are huge differences between the Melling and Cloyes brand in the suitability of trucks. Yet, one has better compatibility options.

The compatibility is a simple thing that indicates the truck fitment models of one product that you are going to use. In the same way, when talking about the timing chain, every brand comes with a fixed limitation on which truck model you can use the product.

Some brands come with better compatibility option that allows using in the most common truck models such as Ford, Jeep, Kia, Mitsubishi, and so on. On the other hand, some brands tend to offer a few truck models compatibility to enjoy in a limited application.

Best Recommendations- Melling 3-8MMSRH72S Timing Chain Set

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Also, the timing chain compatibility makes sure good fitting with a good usage restriction so that you find no struggle when you want to replace or return the product. So, the compatibility of the timing chain is a huge thing that makes fitting easy.

For those of you who are looking for a great option that comes with good compatibility with recent models, then the Melling 3-498S Timing Chain Set is a big deal. It is also great for using in V8 type engine and vehicle models.

Usually, the Melling brand offered timing chains have Ford, Lincoln, Mazda Chrysler, Dodge, Hyundai, Jeep, Kia, Mitsubishi, and other truck models compatibility. This brand provided timing chains also make sure better fitting benefits.

And, the Cloyes brand offered timing chains are compatible with Chevrolet, Ford, Pontiac, Oldsmobile, Chrysler, and other truck models. But this brand offered timing chains can be fitted in fixed models. Yet, the Cloyes timing chains are fine to fit with the right truck model.

Thus, we find the Melling timing chain better when it comes to compatibility of vehicles to use in your truck with no hitches of fitment issues.

Best Recommendations- Melling 163 Timing Chain

This 163 timing chain has better energy transfer and fitment to fit in the latest engine models.

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Final Thoughts

By now you must get it that both of these manufacturers are actually two of the powerful providers of the industry coming up with quality timing gears constantly. And so, it’s quite a big deal to call one name and giving it the title of the overall winner. Because depending on what you’re looking at and how your requirements seem to be, there will be always a different answer. But to make it a bit more helpful, let’s say it this way.

With vast application flexibility and very premium design standards, you get a lot of productive resources with Melling models and so, overall, it’s one step ahead of Cloyes for most cases. Especially for those who prefer diverse style chain choices to pick from.

However, if you want to spend on some signature technology involves timing chain models, then Cloyes will be very suitable for you. The longevity is another plus point of this particular brand making it an optimal choice.

Now that you are aware of both sides, making a decision is all up to your needs and preference in the end. However, be stress-free because no matter which one you go for, it’s not going to be a regretful purchase whatsoever since both manufacturers are able to meet most of the basic demands for providing quality timing chains.