Limited Slip Vs Posi- Which One is the Best?


Limited-slip and Posi are both the category of motor vehicle differentials. A differential is to run the wheels pair while driving and permit it to spin at several speeds. You can see the differential in the rear axle middle, the front axle middle, and sometimes both.

Posis and limited-slip pass on the same torque while driving. However, these two differentials have come to a debate while choosing. Both differentials are suitable to control the wheels. Still, there are some differences. The Posi is a kind of limited slip. General Motors gave a trading name to their Limited Slip differential.

So the Limited Slip Vs Posi must give you head spin. But we will go through all the aspects of both differentials to choose one. We are at your service.

A Comparison Between Limited Slip Vs Posi

Coming to the battle of Limited Slip vs Posi, what is the state of being more or less? While Posi acts as the defender of wheel slip to earlier starts. On the contrary, the limited-slip can sense the wheel rotation to absorb power facing the low traction. Both are useful with distinctions. So have a look to find the differences.

Limited Slip


Limited amount of Power Flowing. No limitation of power flowing.
Solid corner turning. Muddy and wet road
Wheel Continuation
The wheel continues till slipping due to certain power. The wheel continues till the same control back to both tires.
While spinning, it sends power deliberately to that wheel moving a few tractions. If one tire gets stuck or sloppy, power requires of that wheel.
Sending Power
Limited Slip doesn’t send all power. Posi sends all power.
A kind of locking system differential. A less duty version of limited-slip.
Rear wheels driving. Four-wheel car driving.
Top 3 Models
1.Yukon USA Grade Gear-Adjustment of heat

2. Yukon Tech YDGGM-Reconstructed

3. Dana Spicer Brand 74210X-Flexible Riding

1. National Drivetrain Monkey Grip-Absolute bearing

2. Eaton Brand 19559-010-Bulletproof gear

3. PowerTrax-Smooth Running

Recommended Pick- Limited Slip Differential

The Limited Slip Differential is a mechanism that shortens wheel rotation during driving.  While driving, the wheels fail to grip and the power activates. This differential redistributes the power of the engine by holding as much as possible.  However, the differential alternates a few torques towards the top traction tire.  The portion of torque transfers minimum to maximum traction. Besides, the Limited slip restricts transmitting much power to one wheel. As a result, the power remains in both wheels. So that it can maintain the spinning, sloppy place, and traction.

1. Off-Road Performance

With the extra-ordinary performance, a Limited Slip offers excellent traction for off-road. Due to restriction of the power transmission, the wheels get better traction. As a result, the off-road service is good and smooth driving towards the off-road.

2. Covering the surface

Similar to the off-road service, the differential is the best for paved service. Because of facing less traction, the spinning is good. As a result, it provides high performance. During the rotation, power passes through the differential holds a tight grip covering the surface.

3. Reduce the tire wear

As the limited-slip can pull off the power from the other wheel. Even if a wheel loses the traction, the differential distributes the power to another wheel to make a balance.  As a result, it reduces unnecessary tire wear. Or else, the restricted traction would spin more and cause tire wear fastest.

4. Turn down of Axle Shaft Wear

Since there is no hurdle during spinning, the axle shaft remains good. The axle shaft can spin at several speeds. Just because it doesn’t face any trouble during rotation, no chances of getting shattered.


  • Simple installation and alteration
  • Trouble-free handle.
  • Long-lasting execution.
  • Highly road engagement.


  • A few restricted applications.

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More Review- Posi Differential

The Posi differential is the machinery that allows increased control over traction while driving. The transfer of similar torque generates the wheels directly. However, the differential controls the traction in the road driving, less using a pickup and other cars. We suggest you for regular driving. The tool works well in snow, sludge, showers, and frost. People bring the topic of Limited Slip when they talk about Posi for the pledge of General Motor’s name.

1. Power Regulation

The power regulation of the Posi differential is incredible. The differential can use corners at maximum speed. The Posi slip lowers the spinning noticeably. As a result, power regulation gets high. So, the driver has experienced good performance.

2. Harmless Ride

We know that the Posi differential enhances the regulation over traction. So that it reduces the chance of risk and ensures safety. The shrinkage of sloppy tires increases the rotation. Thus, the differential keeps in under control.

3. Forward and Reverse Function

While sending the power both wheels perform as forward and reverse function. The Posi spreads the wheel power for wheel management. The redistribution of power compensates for the failure of traction. Besides the more power ensures better rotation.


  • A good acceleration in driving.
  • Renovate Design.
  • Independent spinning of wheels.
  • The use of forged technology.


  • More maintenance requirements.

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What Should Be Your Ideal Choice?

In the contest of Limited Slip Vs Posi, both differentials work better. The two differentials depend on the transport you want to use. In addition to the limited-slip is the pro version of Posi. Profoundly, the more and usable form.

However, if you want separate axle rotation while driving then the Posi is a great choice for you. On the other hand, if you face bad road condition or a shabby area the limited-slip is ideal for you.