Husky WeatherBeater Vs X-Act Contour – Which One Is for You?


Are you in a dilemma in selecting a floor liner that best serves your vehicle’s floorboard protection?  Then Husky Weatherbeater and X-Act Contour can be the two most desirable options for you. The car’s design and the expectations of the users recommend different floor mats to fit the vehicle precisely.

Both are with mind-blowing features that came from Husky Liners, a leading producer of automotive aftermarket products. We are presenting the main differences among Husky WeatherBeater Vs X-Act Contour with their descriptive features. It will help you to find out the best pick among these two, which will pay for itself for a longer time.

Husky WeatherBeater Vs X-Act Contour- Fundamental Distinctions

Husky WeatherBeater and X-Act Contour both are the most effective floor liners that we use to prolong the lifespan of our SUV, pickup trucks, or any other type of vehicle’s flooring. While we go for comparison among Husky WeatherBeater Vs X-Act Contour, we find several similarities between these. So, let’s glance at their main differences to know if either floor liner is a better fit for your vehicle.

Husky WeatherBeater

Husky X-Act Contour

Material Type
Thermoplastic Olefin (TPO) DuraGrip( Special rubber material)
Thinner product Thicker product
Touch feeling
Rigid or inflexible Plush
Response To Cold Temperature
Becomes sturdy, and stiff Remains pliable
Colour Options
3 available colours- black, gray & tan 4 available colours- black, gray, tan & cocoa
Top Picks
  1. Husky Liners 99001– Perfect fit
  2. Husky Liners 98331– Greater coverage
  3. Husky Liners 98231– Long lifespan
  1. Husky Liners 53341– Excellent quality
  2. Husky Liners 53111– Premium material
  3. Husky Liners 53711– Most flexible

Recommended Pick- Husky X-Act Contour

Husky X-Act Contour is with incredible strength and exclusive features that make it readily marched with any vehicle’s contours. If you roll with this floor liner, you can protect your car’s floorboard from spoiling due to any unnecessary mishap or by dirt substances. We prefer this product for your specifications by analyzing its key features mentioned here:

Custom Design

Husky X-Act Contour provides the highest carpeting coverage, and it certainly exceeds the quality of factory mats. It towers the outer walls and thus coats doorsill that you cannot expect from a regular floor mat. So, dropped coffee, ice-cream, or mud in boots cannot harm your car’s floorboard.

Materials Used

A specific rubberized material makes up the liners. This material provides the maximum priority on comfort. It makes the product soft and flexible enough to ensure ease of use. With its comfortable cushion, you can punch, kick, or flick it. There will be no adverse reaction. Moreover, the material in it is chemical resistant. Low odor rubber material makes vacuuming a bit easy.

Fits with Cleats

The design of this floor liner includes cleats to the back perfectly hold while using. This feature lets you feel exactly like an actual floor surface, and you will forget that it is just a floor covering.

Perfect Fit

Husky X-Act Contour is a carefully sized product that perfectly fits the vehicles. It is with a FormFit process that describes its innovative measuring capacity to ensure the correct fit for your car as it is possible by measuring every individual make.

Exterior Design

It comes with four different colors that ensure a stylish look of your vehicle’s interior.

Retention Ability

The maintenance process of the X-Act Contour makes use of a factory retention post with liners in place.


Husky X-Act Contour is as thicker as nickel. You can get up to two millimeters thick X-Act Contour as per your recommendation.

Ease of Cleaning

The floor liner is too easy to clean. You can clean it by removing it from your car and then wash it appropriately with cleaning material. The use of dish soap or compounded degreaser is more useful to wash X-Act Contour.


  • Extra-durable.
  • Come at a reasonable price.
  • Easy to install.
  • Fit like a glove and lay flat.


  • Not perfect for 2018 F150 Supercrew

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More Review- Husky WeatherBeater

Husky WeatherBeater is a floor liner from Husky Liners that keeps your vehicle’s interior clean. Its narrative features will let you decide whether it is suitable for your car or not.

Materials Used

The production process of Husky WeatherBeater uses sturdy thermoplastic materials that will not break or crack. It stands against harmful chemicals, battery acid, and gas, or oil.


It includes passenger side liner with single-piece rear liner and front-liner. It maintains perfect coverage and shapes with semi-rigid liners.

Waterproof System

Husky WeatherBeater uses materials that ensure waterproof protection. The liner prevents moisture and channels away from the mud, water, dirt, and snow. Thus keeps the inner side clean and fresh.


It is too easy to install. You can simply remove it and re-install it after cleaning.

Custom Fit

Husky WeatherBeater completely fits the total footwall under the second seat. As this product adapts to some specific vehicles, you have to specify the car’s make and model.

Fast Cleanup

It is possible to clean up the liners quickly. For more significant messes, you can hose them off. Otherwise, you can simply wipe off the liners with a damp rag.


  • Better than OEM.
  • Full coverage and durable mats.
  • Provide heavy-duty protection.
  • Easily maintainable.


  • Not suitable for 4Runners.

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What Is Your Ideal Pick?

It is quite tough to judge and say one option is better than another between Husky WeatherBeater Vs X-Act Contour. There are some precedents when Husky WeatherBeater is better than Husky X-Act Contour or vice versa. It entirely depends upon the desire of the end-user.

When users prefer stability and strength, they will feel comfortable with Husky WeatherBeater. It is perfect for the users who require little movement of their mats. People searching for plush and flexibility can be better off with Husky X-Act Contour. The user can go longer with Husky X-Act Contour.

Considering all features and comparing these two products, we recommend you pick X-Act Contour as a worth considering option.