Know How to Drain Fuel Water Separator Cummins


The fact that diesel fuel can easily absorb water sometimes becomes a huge trouble for us. And the most common trouble is the diesel fuel becoming contaminated by this. Now, a water separator can highly help you out from this situation.

This basically collects all the unwanted water out from the fuel. It stays right beside the fuel filter or in some case, it sits on the fuel filter. Also, the part is not very expensive so people are very fond of getting one.

Today we will be bringing you attention to the entire matter of how to drain fuel water separator Cummins through simple easy steps. Keep on Reading!

How to Drain Fuel Water Separator Cummins

So, to make the whole process better understandable, we will be sectionizing it into several parts. This approach will help in not missing any important points whatsoever. Let’s Go for It!

Install the Fuel Water Separator on Your Cummins Engine

You want to install water separator so that you can continue the other processes. Now, this step is for those who didn’t install the fuel water separator on their vehicle. For draining the water from the fuel, install the fuel water separator right away.

To start with, you want to open the hoods of your vehicle then insert the fuel water separator on your vehicle fuel liner.

Make sure you are attaching the mounting bolts to the fuel hose. If you don’t prefer using your hand, you can use a screwdriver or wrench to install the bolt tightly yet in a comfortable manner.

Then, you want to attach the fuel water separator to the wiring harness of the pressure sensor that is positioning in the bottom section. Make sure there are no leaks or fuel is dripping from the fuel line when attaching the fuel water separator.

When installing it, try to add some silicone lubricant to slide down easily for an easy installation process. After installing the fuel water separator, you want to test if it works or not. For that make sure you have driving for a while to go to the next process.

Slip the Bucket inside the Fuel Water Separator

If you want to know how to drain fuel water separator Cummins, the first thing you want to do is to take out a bucket to prepare. You see, the water that you want to get rid of the fuel water separator can harm deeply to the other parts if release with no bucket.

Basically, the water results in rust and corrosion to the iron parts of the vehicles that will cause the injector to wear out quickly and reduce the lasting ability.

And to avoid this type of horrible damages, you want to take a bucket to slip under the fuel water separator to take out the water easily without messing.

Try to take out a big bucket to hold water with no snag. Done slipping the bucket into the fuel water separator? Move to the next step.

Open Valve to Drain Water

The next thing you want to do is to open the valve so that the water can flow from the fuel water separator easily. Before doing that makes sure you have worn the gloves to avoid mess getting into your hand.

By opening the fuel water separator valve, you will see that the dirty water is coming down to the bucket and filling easily. This thing helps your vehicle to perform better and work fine even for years.

Also, it increases your vehicle’s lasting value too for you to drive well. After opening the valve, head to the next step.

Start Your Vehicle for 5 Seconds

Then, you want to start your engine for 10 seconds so that the water feel pressurizes to drain from the fuel deeply.

After starting your engine, you will see the water is clearing from the fuel water separator. Just wait for a while until you see no water on it. If you see the water is drained fully you want to run to the following step.

Close the Valve of the Fuel Water Separator

After you have seen the water is fully drained from the fuel water separator, it’s the right time you want to close the valve. You see, this thing will allow you to easily take out the buckle without reducing fuel form your vehicle.

To close the valve, make sure you have worn your gloves and simply close the valve by twisting the collar. Make sure to take a clean cloth and wipe the mouth of the collar so that no water is left to harm the surface. After that, quickly rush to the next step.

Put Down the Hood of Your Vehicle

Then, you want to put down the hood of your vehicle and if prefer then start riding to check the difference. Try to do the whole process once a week.

By doing this, you’ll gradually learn how much the water fills under your regular riding conditions. If you see your vehicle contain loads of water in the fuel, then it’s better to drain it daily.

Wrap Up

And on that note, we are almost by the end of today’s discussion. You see, the whole matter of how to drain fuel water separator Cummins is not very complex but needs your utmost attention.

You can’t slip your mind here or else a disaster can take over the whole process. Be very aware of the whole procedure before trying it out. That’s also as important as having patience and providing enough time to this process.

That way you will see more results and fewer risks related to the thing. Good Luck with That!