F150 4 Inch Lift Vs 6 Inch Lift – How Much Lift Up Your Vehicle Needs


Lift suspension kits are a group of several elements that keeps your auto motive’s down part far from rough surface decently. Though in city roads and highways there are not any exact benefits of it other than the appearance in grudging street your vehicle will ride smoothly without any touch of roughness.

You must be thinking, how much high is enough height for your f150? Lifting the vehicle more or less without judging its perfect measurements and working efficiency will not bring any good to the usage of lift kits. So that, f150 4 inch lift Vs 6 inch lift, which should we go for often comes to the user’s mind.

Minimizing your tasks, we have arranged a comparison battle, where in the end you would be able to pick the best choice for your f150.

F150 4 inch lift VS 6 inch lift- Overall Discussion

Though from 4 inch to 6 inch lift, not any huge difference in the number, you still may lose the possibility of getting the best performance with the slightest imperfection. That is why, the selection requires much more attention and pre-calculation before deciding the one. The comparison holds all the detailed information you would need so let’s get over with it:

f150 4 inch lift

f150 6 inch lift

Weight Range
140-152 pounds. 220-230 pounds.
Installation Procedure
Easily done at home. Done with professional’s interference.
Process Requirements
Only cutting. Cutting and drilling.
Tire Adjustment Size
More or less than 32 inch. More than 35 inch.
Space Around
Limited space from ground and among the wheels. Increased space from ground and among the wheels.
Road Preference
On-roads. Both on-road and off-road.
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Recommended Pick-  F150 6 inch lift

The 6 inch lift has everything advanced in its feature. The basic demands have fulfilled and extra benefits of wear-free, limited traction, maximum tire size has added. For off-road, a 6 inch lift we can focus on, for avoiding a lot of troublesome experience.

Shock Absorbance

The 6-inch lift has an N3 shock provided with the materials. A broad body in diameters, hard pistons and long-lasting bushings of polyurethane are the specifications of the shock absorber. This Nitrogen filled shocks have stage-10 valving variable.

It reduces the aftereffect of driving over bump and sudden shock. The ride goes smooth even on off-roads and highways.

Differential Drop Brackets

Differential drop bracket deals with the vibration and noise you experience after installing the newly bought 6 inch lift. The adjustment take a bit of time before being habitual to both the vehicle and the user. In the meantime, differential drop brackets take care of the temporary problems.


Driveshaft makes sure the power produced from your engine comes to the accurate point which needs constantly. It will also help you lift while turning rough and keeping the control. Without the driveshaft the car will no longer move even if the engine is supplying power.


Though installing one lift kit in your vehicle very much depends on the person’s skill. So letting a professional handle this part would be better if costing is not the issue. Similarly, if you have done it successfully before and have confidence then there is no harm in trying once with proper tools.


  • More clearance on ground.
  • Advanced tools for smooth riding.
  • Shock absorption on highest peak.
  • Rides best on off-road and highway.


  • Needs to involve both drilling and cutting while installing.

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Another Companion- F150 4 inch lift

A 4 inch lift cannot promise you the best off-road experience but it can add up some extra inches to your vehicle’s height to make it look more imposing. However, for country road there is nothing lack in this 4 inch lift.

Shock Suspension

The 4 inch lift has a shock suspension system of 465.20 including a steering stabilizer of N3. As it is a construction for on-road the shock absorption is enough to ride smoothly preventing the shocks on-road. Outlook and light rugged road have been on the core of its building and according to that the shock suspension works pretty fine with it.

Materials Applied

All the kits in this 4-inch lift were cut and modified by laser by following CAD process. So that, the materials which the manufacturer Has used to have a long-lasting impact.


The simple installation anyone can perform at home using the needed tools. The quality factory riding is quiet easier than other height of lifts in which you must take help from professionals.


  • Easy installation at home.
  • Better appearance.
  • On-road and light rough roads smooth performance.
  • Suspensions become more articulate.


  • Maintenance is expensive.

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What Should Be Your Ideal Pick?

Both 4 inch and 6-inch lifts have its own variations. And to win over from this confusion you must choose focusing which are your core needs behind owning a lift suspension kit.

The 4-inch lift more often use to enhance the vehicle’s outer appearance. The added height increases the muscular build in a regular car. On top of that, you can get the benefit of riding it onto a bit of rough streets.

In opposing, a 6-inch lift kit is a real need of the adventurous and road explorers group. It will keep them higher than the roads, avoiding bumps would be easier and not to mention driving and observing from up there must increase anyone’s excitement level.