5 Best Tires for 3rd Gen 4Runner With Buying Guide


The 4Runner is a compact, mid-size sport-compatible car that has been produced by Toyota since 1984. In late 1995, the company introduced a great redesigned 4Runner car with an all-new body & chassis. For the first time, this 3rd generation 4Runner car qualified the use of a four-wheel car on troublesome surfaces without any complications.

To replace the tire of this car, you need to consider the length, width & height of its wheelbase. Some of these car models have an average height, some have tall spires, and others have less height & large fender flares.

Considering these facts, here we bring you some best tires for 3rd gen 4Runner cars.

Best Tires for 3rd Gen 4Runner

Product’s Name Load Capacity Key Benefits Price
BFGoodrich All-Terrain Radial Tire 3042 LBS Thick And Split-proof Details On Amazon
Cooper Discoverer STT Pro Tire 3195 LBS Good For Mud And Soil Areas Details On Amazon
Kelly Edge AT Tire 4131.5 LBS Nice For Off-road Riding Details On Amazon
Hankook Optimo H724 Tire 2205 LBS Increase Ground Clarity Details On Amazon
Toyo Extensa A/S Tire 1874 LBS Light In Weight Details On Amazon

Let’s get you into our researched picks for the 4Runner to get you your pleasant ride.

1. BFGoodrich All-Terrain Radial Tire– Thick Split Resistant Rubber Ensures Tire Protection

The BFGoodrich T/A KO2 245/75R16 Tire has a core Gard technology with hit-resistant sidewall rubber & elaborate thick shoulder rubber. Its digital deflection design removes protruding objects from interrupting the sidewall. This tire has a unique tread rubber to endure superior gravel roads and to protect it from chip & split.

These tires contain a weight of 44 pounds each tire. It holds a model number, which is 15477. The construction of the tire is radial & its cover does not include rims. This tire contains a footprint shape to evenly diffuse stress to make its identical wear longer. The interlocking design of the tire rejects stone holding & protects it from stone drilling.

A T/A KO2 tire product holds a dimension of 31 inches, 31 inches & 10 inches. It has mud-phobic bars in its shoulder area that assist in escaping mud to improve its traction in mud or soft soil areas. The 3-D sipe technology of this tire improves its biting edge capacity in heavy snow conditions.

Its rim diameter & rim width are respectively 16 inches & 8 inches. The speed of this tire ratings S & its aspect ratio is 75. You have to pay around 190 dollars to buy this radial tire.


  • Low sound at both lower & higher speeds.
  • Perform well in winter driving.
  • Prevent sticking in the slop.
  • Look great on cars.
  • Great product at a great price.


  • It does not include any guarantees.

Available On Amazon

2. Cooper Discoverer STT Pro Tire– Off-Road Traction For All-Season Compatible Technology

For having the benefits of an all-season traction tire, cooper discoverer STT Pro is there for your vehicle. Its Technology of Stone Armor contributes to the design of edges, ridges, and channels durability for this tire. This design helps to fight against the debris as well as sharp rocks and provides the best off-road performance.

No need to worry about the on-road traction because when you will get off-road traction so smooth, but at the same time, it won’t sacrifice the on-road traction at all. Protection from damages and shredding, this tire formulates with rubber.

The tire shoulder’s design of mud scoops and soft ground cleats can tackle the complicated terrain. Even interchanging mud scoops can handle the massive blocks by digging into the sticky mud or sand or loose dirt.

Moreover, they are offering a warranty for standard limited and free test driving for 45 days. It will provide you many unbelievable advantages whether you want on-road or off-road performance, it won’t let your expectations down.


  • Perfect fittings
  • Stable on the highway
  • Considerable in snow or rain
  • Great looking with tremendous performing


  • A little bit noisy after 1,000 miles

Available On Amazon

3. Kelly Edge AT Tire– Get Deep Tread Grooves  with This Tires

Kelly’s edge AT tire has grooves of deep tread, which can evacuate the track’s mud and water. The tire’s off-road traction block edges will encourage it to shovel away the gravel, dirt, and mud from the highway’s tread grip.

For everyday driving on the highway as well as off-road traction, this tire provides excellent quality. Moreover, it is a very hardworking tire in terms of all-terrain tires.

Its tread blocks sturdy ness will provide the tire to enhance the value of the long tread wear. These blocks will solidify the footprints along with the improvement of off-road terrain endurance.

The loading capacity of this tire is 1874 kilograms. This tire’s ability will allow you to carry so much weight of your vehicle and your stuff quickly, even in challenging situations.

On-road or off-road, you have the advantage of being the owner of this tire.  And for some users, this tire is one of the best tires for 3rd gen 4Runner.


  • Inexpensive
  • Smoother and quieter ride
  • Sufficient quality
  • Universal Fit


  • No exact fitting instruction

Available On Amazon

4. Hankook Optimo H724 Tire– Lightweight & Strong Featuring Tire

The lightweight of the Hankook Optimo H724 tire is a great feature, but that doesn’t mean it is not healthy or compatible with difficult circumstances. You will get a tough tire that can handle any challenging situation. This tire will maximize fuel efficiency by this aspect of this tire.

Its single wire of strand bead will amplify the vehicle ride. This bead filler of high hardness will enhance the tire’s stability and give the best performance that you can’t even imagine.

It has a full cover but a jointless feature, which modifies outstanding brake performance and improves the tire’s durability. Moreover, this tire carries the technology of pitch design. This technology provides a noise-free conveyance.

This tire’s center block of the rib works to boost the power and handling whenever the rider switches the direction. However, the extended mileage performance offers consumers an environmentally dependable choice.


  • Better grip
  • Affordable prices
  • Smooth, quiet ride
  • Great fitting and looks amazing


  • Not useful on heavy snow

Available On Amazon

5. Toyo Extensa A/S Tire– Symmetric Tread Designed Tires

Toyo Extensa A/S model tire carries the design of the symmetric tread. This design promotes cross rotation, and this technique makes it compatible with reducing irregular wear. Additionally, this design encourages tire life along with all-season traction.

Even the shoulder rib of the tire intensifies stability as well as minimizes the uneven wear. The optimized arrangement of the center block helps to increase ride satisfaction. For good contact with the road, this tire provides a different angle of variable pitch.

Besides, the multi-wave sipes develop snow traction and give a trouble-free ride. These sites also provide a longer tread life by underrating casual wear. The Treadwear indicator is the best and unique feature of the Extensa A/S tire.

For improving the wet traction, it delivers a channel of variable pitch along with broad circumferential grooves. These features added to the significance of these Toyo tires.


  • Well balanced
  • Quiet and very smooth ride
  • Reasonable price
  • Excellent quality


  • Rim not incorporated

Available On Amazon

How We Picked the Best Tires for 3rd Gen 4Runner

How to Pick the Best Tires for 3rd Gen 4Runner

Go through this section to know about the facts you need to see before buying new 4runner tires for your 3rd generation vehicle. Let’s see it then.


First of all, you need to decide the price you want to pay for a tire, which is vital to buying anything. According to your account, you can fetch a reliable tire, but you have to compensate for a higher price if you want impressive performance.

Tire size

You can’t bring any size tire for your 3rd gen 4runner because it carries a tired number to fit and stabilize the car. Whether it is compatible with 3rd  gen 4runner 32″ tires or 3rd gen 4runner 17 inches wheels, you need to check it first. Ensure you get the top-sized tire for your car to avoid any nasty situations on the road or accidents.

If you don’t remember the precise tire size, you can analyze the papers you get when you buy the car or contact the seller. But buy a reliable size tire for sure.

Categories of tires

Currently, there are various types of tires convenient for the 3rd gen 4runner vehicle. So it counts on you and your preference to your 4runner, which sort of tire you refer to whether you want an all-season tire or all-terrain tire. But from all of them, the all-season tire can be a reliable tire.

Speed Rating

The tire carries a speed rating number, but most of us won’t be familiar with it. This speed indicates how quickly the tire will go in any restriction. If you want outstanding performance, then you wish for a high-speed tire. So it’s evident that speed rating is also accountable for satisfactory performance. But do not pass over the speed’s security margin, which showed up from the actual tire with the 3rd gen 4runner car.


The higher the treadwear digit, your tire will last longer or not hang on that rating. So when you move to pay for a tire, the treadwear number should be higher for a reasonable and reliable service.

How To Change a Tire On a Toyota 4Runner- Replace On Your Own

In this segment, we will talk about the learning process of installing the tire of your 3rd gen 4runner or Toyota 4Runner. Let us inform you that 1996 4runner spare tire removal or any 3rd generation tire removal process is the same. But at first, collect the equipment for easy access.

Get this equipment for installing the tire:

  • New tire
  • Jack stand
  • Lug wrench

Step 1: Place The Jack Stand

You have to place the jack stand below the subframe or frame rails of the 4runner. Then lift the car off the ground slowly.

Step 2: Remove The Old Tire

To remove the old tire effortlessly, take the help of a lug wrench, and loosen all the lug nuts. After that, pull the tire towards you.

Step 3: Position The New Tire

Line up the lug nuts to fit in the gaps before positioning the new tire onto the wheelbase. Then place the tire carefully.

Step 4: Tighten The Lug Nuts

You are required to drag the new tire until it flushes with the ground. Be sure that the tire cannot change positions any farther. Then you can twist the nuts carefully.

We will recommend initiating these steps with the rear section of your 4runner then unhurriedly goes to the front section to lift it. When you perform these actions, get organized to take care of yourself first.

We have brought the buying guide and the installation process to make it easier for all the riders to fulfill all the queries. You don’t need to do any further research for each section to many sites. You will find it all here. Have a safe journey by riding with the right tires.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

What is the size of a rim that I need for a 33 inches tire?

A car tire should be consistent with its rim size to raise performance. A 33 inches tire goes well with a rim with a width measurement of 15 or 16 inches. Meanwhile, for a 35 inches tire, you need a rim that measures at least 17 inches in width.

Which one is the best aspect ratio for the best tire?

The aspect ratio of a tire is a percentage of its section width. A 70-series tire means it has a sidewall height, which is 70 percent of its total width. For the best tire, the aspect ratio should be around 80-90 percent.

Wide or narrow tire, which one is better?

A wide tire helps to snare & retreat water from the touched surface. So, it is good for wet weather driving. On the other hand, narrow tires perform well in snow areas. It provides more traction by digging deeper.

Wrap Up

Toyota’s 3rd generation 4runner is the best and brightest model that we all know. Most of this generation’s cars prevail off-roading performance and more reliable than any other generation of Toyota. So it demands the best tires for 3rd gen 4runner.