5 Best Tires For 2001 Toyota 4Runner – Enjoy The Best Performance


Tires are one of the main parts of a good car. If you want to run your vehicle as you want then you need the best tires. The 2001 Toyota 4runner is an awesome car with excellent performance. But when it’s about tires then you should be careful to choose.

You may look for the best tires for the 2001 Toyota 4runner which is built for speed, fuel efficiency, or versatility. If so, then don’t go anywhere else. You’ll find here the right tires for your vehicle and budget. Let’s start.

Best Tires for 2001 Toyota 4Runner

Let’s explore the top tires with the ultimate buyer’s guide. Ride your Toyota with the highest.

1. Hankook Optimo– With high mileage and comfortable ride

The Hankook Optimo offers you great performance features. It will give you improved handling, a comfortable ride, and sound control. You can get it at a competitive price. This excellent tire provides you with environmentally reliable options and long performance. It utilizes Hankook’s Kontrol Technology which improves tire durability.

It is such a strong lightweight tire that can maximize the fuel efficiency of a car. When it changes direction, the center rib block works well for better service. It has pitch technology which helps to reduce tire noise.

This product’s single strand beaded wire extended car ride and high hardness increase energy. The model number is Optimo H724. Its weight is 24.1 pounds and the item model number is 1011009. Hankook Optimo has special features of a treadwear indicator.

It has 225 Millimeters Width Section and 75 aspect ratio. 15 Inches rim diameter which is a great addition. It gains 102 Load Index Rating. 13 32nds is the trade depth and the UTQG rating is 500AB. The ASIN of this product is B004QL6AWG.


  • Suitable for all seasons.
  • Provides warranty.
  • Good price range.
  • Smooth riding.


  • Lack of delivery service.

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2. Cooper Tire DISCOVERER AT3 4S– Adaptive Traction Technology With This One

Cooper tire company is using adaptive traction technology for making an extraordinary grip either on the smooth or rocky surface. Even you will also get a secure grip on shiny or rainy weather as well as under the most severe situations.

Basically, for all-season driving, this particular model has been designed. On the highway during gravel roads, playing on dirt, or in the weekend work, this tire is delivering outstanding all-terrain performance.

The cooper discoverer gives you off-road durability along with on-road comfort. For superior traction, it has Snow Groove Technology, which can catch snow even on the tread. Moreover, they are offering different other benefits like increased control and stability, modified friction to hydroplaning, etc.

However, you will have the chance to get a test drive for 45 days. As well as with this opportunity, they are offering 65,000 miles of All-Terrain warranty. This warranty is a standard limited warranty, which is worth your attention for the 2001 Toyota 4Runner.


  • Incredible performing
  • Good looking
  • Secure handling
  • Quiet and smooth ride


  • Little road noise

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3. Firestone Winterforce 2 UV– Get a 3 Peak Mountain Snowflake Designation

The 3-peak mountain snowflake naming certification owner is firestone winterforce 2 UV. This tire is compatible with all seasons, but mostly it is a great way to get in the winter season. It has a different cold weather combination.

For providing the tire a better grip, it has a tread design along with accessible shoulder slots. You will get this grip for all the seasons as well as in the wintry season. To provide long-lasting performance, it constructed with huge depth tread marks.

An all-weather, whether it’s rain, dry, cold, ice, or snow roads- this tire’s enhanced traction helps for safe driving. It has all the benefits and features which are actually present in the owner of the premium tires. That’s why this tire called for a great value tire.

It is an ideal tire undoubtedly for SUVs, CUVs, and pick-up trucks. Even when you are stuck in the ice or snow, its ton of biting blades will help for traction. If you want a serious snow service, you will have snowflakes or mountain symbols in this tire.


  • Acceptable quality
  • Amazing price
  • Excellent buy
  • Reliable


  • Warm but dry road grounds can create problems for tread

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4. Pirelli Scorpion All Terrain Plus– Combination Of Off-road Capability With On-road Civility

The scorpion all-terrain plus tire of Pirelli is a mixture of on-road pleasantry with off-road abilities. Two great benefits in one tire who doesn’t want this kind of tire for their 2001 Toyota 4Runner. It is a balanced blend in terms of other tires available for this model.

They have the symbol of a three-peak mountain snowflake, which is also called the 3PMSF symbol. This certificate is an achievement of supplying proper light-snow traction. Its molded pattern of high-void along with symmetric is a great feature.

If we talk about its internal formation, then we will find a polyester casing. This casing is there to incorporate ride comfort with durability. Numerous nylon mounting sheets are providing high-speed capability. For supporting the footprint, they included two high stability belts as well.

This tire is mainly for those drivers who drive SUVs, crossovers, pick-up trucks, etc. It’s developed by focusing on wear resistance, traction, and optimizing durability to give the best performance in any situation.


  • Great looking
  • Impressive wet traction
  • Wonderful riding experience
  • Quiet and comfortable


  • Down fuel consumption

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5. Toyo Tires OPEN COUNTRY H/T II 265/70R16–  Sporty Along With Classic  Tires

Open Country H/T II is investing in a classic tire sidewall design on one side, and another side is sporty. A great combination for people who love these two things which can’t find in one tire. This dual sidewall design gives you the opportunity to select the look of your vehicle to complement each other.

Its advanced design and technology are contributing to boosting wet-braking performance. Over the existence of the tire, it will deliver you more constant performance, longer tread life as well as handling.

This tire is for those who are the driver of SUVs and light pick-up trucks. Its improving light snow traction and minimizing uneven wear has the ability to give a quiet and smooth ride for all-season in any situation.

The treadwear warranty for this premium tire is 70,000-mile, which is an amazing offer. Although, they are giving you a trial chance of 500 miles. So you can easily choose from this experience of yours for your Toyota 4Runner tires.


  • Stunning fuel efficiency
  • Considerable steering responsiveness
  • Stable
  • Stunning comfort in rides


  • Loud after a few miles of driving

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How To Pick The Best Tires for 2001 Toyota 4 Runner

How To Picked The Best Tires for 2001 Toyota 4 Runner

Choosing tires for Toyota is a daunting task. But unfortunately, we need to do that for the tremendous performance we expect or desire. Let’s get to know the points for getting the best all-season tires for Toyota 4runner.

Types of tires

Nowadays, there are different types of tires available for Toyota. So it depends on you and your choice to your 4runner, which type of tire you recommend whether you want an all-season tire or all-terrain tire or winter tire. But from all of them, the all-season tire can be a reliable tire.

Tire size

You can’t get any size for your Toyota 4runner because it carries a tired number to fit and balance the car. Make sure you get the proper size tire for your car to avoid accidents or any bad situations on the road.

If you don’t know the exact tire size, then you can check on the papers you get when you buy the car or contact the seller. But get a sensible size tire for sure.


The higher the treadwear number, your tire will last longer or not depending on that rating. So when you go buying a tire tread wear number should be higher for a better and more durable service.

Although some brands are offering a treadwear warranty for more reliability to the customers. If it’s not able to give the right service in that period then you can ask for a credit.

Speed rating

Most of us won’t be aware, but the tire actually carries a speed rating number. This speed signifies how fast the tire will go in any condition. If you want high performance, then you need a high-speed tire. So it’s visible that speed rating is also responsible for better performance. But do not cross the safety margin of the speed which came from the original tire with the Toyota 4Runner car.


Most importantly, the price you want to or prefer to pay for a tire is a crucial part to decide. According to your budget, you can get a reliable tire, but if you want high performance, then you need to pay a higher price indeed.

How To Replace Tire on 2001 Toyota 4Runner?

Here in this section, you will get to know how to replace the tire of your 2001 Toyota 4Runner. But before going for further actions, we will suggest you know about the 2001 Toyota 4runner tire size.

The equipment we need for this process is–

  1. New tire
  2. Jack stand
  3. Lug wrench

Step 1: Positioning The Jack Stand

Under the subframe or frame rails of the Toyota, you have to position the jack stand. Then lift the car off the surface gradually.

Step 2: Removing The Old Tire

With the help of a lug wrench loosen all the lug nuts to remove the old tire easily. After that, drag the tire towards you.

Step 3: Mounting The New Tire

Mount the new tire onto the wheelbase, but before doing it line up the lug nuts to fit in the gaps.

Step 4: Tighten The Lug Nuts

You need to push the new tire until it flushes with the base. Make sure that the tire cannot move any farther. Then you can tighten the nuts carefully.

Note: When you will do these steps get prepared to take care of yourself first. Don’t harm yourself to do this work. We will suggest starting these steps with the rear section of your car then gradually go to the front section to lift it.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

I’m not sure what Versions are for 2001 TOYOTA 4RUNNER?

See your vehicle’s versions below:
Limited Version- Tire Size is P265/70R16.
SR5 Version- Tire Size is P265/70R16.
SR5 Version- Tire Size is P225/75R15.
If you have confusion with the version then you can find it in the driver’s door jamb, owner’s manual, and back or side of the car.

Is there any option for all-season tires for the 2001 Toyota 4runner?

Yes. If you want tires for all-season then you can go for Hankook Optimo. This product has special features with advanced technology to provide such a good service.

Can you tell me about the tire size, wheel size, and pressure?

The 2001 Toyota 4runner has an aluminum wheel size that is 15-inch. The tire pressure for both of the rear and front tires is 32 psi to 29psi. The front tire size is P225/75R15 and the Rear Tire size is P225/75R15.

Wrap Up

As we all know, Toyota is a well-known brand in terms of the car. So it deserves the best tire as well to get the maximum performance from it. So you indeed need the best tires for 2001 Toyota 4Runner.

In the 2001 Toyota 4runner tire recommendation, every tire is decided on very carefully by researching in-depth for this model vehicle. You can rely on those tires for your expensive car. But we will suggest you be sure about the compatibility and the balancing process then get one for your Toyota.