Best Suspension For RZR 800 – Top 3 Picks


Do you want to upgrade the suspension for RZR 800 to enjoy a joyful ride? The suspension assures a comfortable ride. The vehicle suspension increases friction into the tire.  So that the steering gets stable and easy to handle. Thus, the passenger finds a cozy ride.

The suspension system ensures continuous consistency and reliability in driving. Getting a suitable suspension system is neither a simple job nor to overlook the matter. We have collected the Best Suspension For RZR 800 to simplify your decision.

Best Suspension For RZR 800

Product’s Name Material Key Benefits Price
SuperATV Steering Wheel Regulation Shock High-grade Material Reduce Shock To Ride Well Details On Amazon
XJMOTO 2″ Suspension Lift Strong Stainless Steel Increase Truck Protection Details On Amazon
ELKA Suspension Shocks Anodized Billet Aluminum Nice For Rough Riding Details On Amazon

Now know about these best suspensions with a researched buying guideline and enjoy your off-road ride with the superior RZR performance.

1. SuperATV Steering Wheel Regulation Shock– An Absolute Fitment Synthesizing the Turning System

 SuperATV Steering Wheel Regulation Shock serves the design of defending the breakage. The shock stops the tire rub and axle binding. When a turn reverses into a solid throttle, it works as a protection. Besides, the suspension reduces the over usage of the steering. However, the installing method is trouble-free.

The shock lowers the shaking or the noise while turning. Besides, the enhanced stability is quite helpful to the rough road. There is an improved authorization A-Arms. However, the dimensions of the suspension are 12.2 x 5 x 4 inches. This shock has proper value to hold up. The product weighs 1 pound.

There is a premium EVA element that protects the steering wheel from any possible harmful situation. Therefore, the material is both soft and long-lasting. The shock intends to restore the former one. There is a hole that is required to cut off a little. Thus, you don’t need to use plastic covers as protection.

Sometimes, the suspension performs similarly to OME excluding the bottom. A dual-layer is to save the inner ball joint. However, the hard-wearing treatment works against rust and works well in a difficult situation. The shock is functionally perfect.


  • Hassle-free set up.
  • Satisfactory handling.
  • Budget-friendly to acquire.
  • Dust and erosion Resistance.
  • The perfect range to use.


  • Fit for limited vehicles.

Available On Amazon

2. XJMOTO 2″ Suspension Lift– Budget-Friendly Ground Clearance with These Front & Rear Lift Set

XJMOTO gives you the chance to lift your Polaris RZR and get a smooth rough ride with massive tires.

This suspension parts set includes a set of lift kits for the front and rear wheel. Also, you get all the necessary mounting bolts and nuts and different sizes of mounting brackets.

With this lift suspension, you can enjoy the rough rides, rocks, and mountain climbing smoothly. This will clear the ground from the suspensions and save the suspension parts.

The XJMOTO lift kits are made from high-grade stainless steel material for your more protracted period of performance. And the black powder-coated finishing keeps them free from rust and fast decay.

The metals parts here are made using the laser cut technology and the CNC( Computerized Numeric Control)  system to provide better quality.

These 2 inches lift kits exactly fit 2008 to 20134 Polaris RZR 800, including EFI, EPS, LE, Walker Evans models.

You can install these lift kits with any spring suspension models mentioned here. And the installation process will not take more than an hour. You may need to use additional washers to remove the spacers gap in some models.


  • Waterproof
  • Durable
  • Cheap
  • Eady & fast installation


  • Not for RZR S models

Available On Amazon

3. ELKA Suspension Shocks– Customized Premium Shocks to Ride with Exceptions

ELKA brings a renovation to the Polaris RZR 800 shocks, which will be quite different and advanced than the factory shocks.

This shocks pair is a stage 1 front shock. These are customized built with a step ahead of the performance.

The shocks come with the coil spring mounted over it according to the specifications of the rough riding. Now, you can ride the adventurous desiring rides with your same old Polaris with ELKA  shocks.

These shocks are made using CNC technology. What is the unique feature of these shocks?  The premium coating of the billet aluminum with the aeronautical graded parts.

You can rebuild these RZR 800 shocks parts and take for service at any time. For these ultra-superior shocks’ installation process, the ELKA team will contact you right after placing the order. And you will get instructions for the installation process by taking all the necessary information.

These specially designed suspension shocks will let you ride in any quality and condition. You are not getting any tiny bumps and vibration any more when you have the ELKA shocks installed in your RZR.

These shocks easily fit 2008 to 2014 Polaris RZR 800 S models.


  • Premium level shocks
  • Specially customized
  • Heavy performance handling
  • Something beyond the others


  • Expensive

Available On Amazon

How To Choose The Best Suspension For RZR 800?

How To Choose The Best Suspension For RZR 800

While buying suspension parts for the UTV(Utility Terrain vehicles)s such as the RZR 800, you must keep into some considerations. These considering facts will depend on your riding type, riding location, tire size, etc.

So, let’s help you with how you can buy any suspension parts for your Utility Terrain RZR.

Consider Your Riding Location

Considering your riding location, decide what suspension parts you need to upgrade. Your UTV will come with the quality factory suspension, but you may need to upgrade them over time due to various riding locations.

If you wanna ride in the sandy deserts or climb the rocks, upgrade the suspension parts. If you have a good suspension part installed, you can ride without any issues.

For Climbing Mountains

If you own the UTV and can’t climb mountains, then you have not tasted the real fun of riding UTVs. But for proper control on your RZR, you need an ideal RZR 800 shocks and springs to absorb the bumps and vibrations.

You will get various shock absorber brands depending on the different compatible fitting. Choose the exact fit for your vehicle for the highest riding performance.

For Riding in Deserts

When you go off-road, the thinking of suspension parts comes to mind first. You need a proper suspension kit with the ideal A-Arms. These suspension parts benefit in controlling the vehicle with a stable ride.

Now, jump with your RZR and gain sturdy control on your UTV.

For Shaggy-Craggy Roads

If you go off-road and your RZR face the shaggy-craggy, uneven street condition, you need to lift your vehicle. You can use any good lifts from a minimum of 2 inches to 10 inches based on your riding performance.

To enjoy a smooth and hinder-free ride, you need to ground clearance. For that, get a proper suspension lift on your RZR to make your RZR off the ground.

Choose The Right Fit

What suspension parts you pick always pick the right fit that is compatible with your vehicle. All RZR models are not compatible with the same suspension parts, especially the RZR 800 ‘S.’

So, before purchasing, check the parts whether they fit your UTV or not. Remember, a wrong fitting not only increase your riding issues but damage the other suspension parts.

For The Large Tires

Have you installed the large tires for an excellent riding experience? Then, you also need suitable suspension lift kits according to the tire size.

Mention the tire size to the store or the seller to get the right size of lift suspensions. And then, feel the dramatic change in riding with larger tires.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

How can you maintain the RZR 800 suspension?

You can maintain the RZR 800 suspension by proper maintenance of tires. You should change the tires to balance the alignment of the wheels. The steering fluid also matters. You should look every time you change the oil.

How long can you use RZR 800 suspension?

The durability of RZR 800 suspension depends on usage, the driving style, and the surface. However, the RZR 800 suspension runs for 4 or 5 years. Therefore, it can last more or less. There is no exact figure.

Which suspension is better for RZR 800?

The suspension holds the tire to the surface. A soft surface is comparatively better for RZR 800.  Because it provides much technical grip.  A rigid suspension is for bumpy roads and obstacles in the road.

Final Word

Riding UTVs is beyond adventure. And the Polaris can help you taste the incredible off-road performances if you can choose the best suspension for RZR 800 based on your vehicle fit.

Here, we include 3 best suspension parts you may need for your RZR 800. We hope it will meet the needs of your superb off-road tour.