Get These 5 Best Struts For Infiniti G35 With Extra Comfort


Struts are the components of the vehicles’ suspension system, which promote the ease and safety of driving. It provides the highest ride quality with the stability of the car. Without the best quality struts, it is impossible to balance between the vehicle body and the wheel of the vehicle.

Different types of struts fit for different kinds of cars. Infiniti G35 is an executive brand of car which needs struts that gives a particular suspension system, coil spring, and shock absorber. We are presenting the best struts for Infiniti G35, which will optimize materials quality and ensure safe driving.

Best Struts For Infiniti G35

Product’s Name Warranty Key Benefits Price
Mac Auto Parts Struts Shocks Lifetime Assurance Boasts Fuel Efficiency Details On Amazon
Sensen 2000-FS-SS 1 Year Increase Security When Riding Details On Amazon
KYB GR-2 Single Strut Lifetime Assurance Nice Quality Details On Amazon
Complete Struts Front Pair 1 Year Lift In Good Height Details On Amazon
Klimoto Shocks & Struts 1 Year Fine For Uneven Roads Details On Amazon

You shouldn’t wait a bit as the hot picks are waiting for you below:

1. Mac Auto Parts Struts Shocks Enjoy Trouble-Free Strut Installation

Mac Auto Parts Struts Shocks arrive with a secure replacement system. Equipping the car with brand new struts & shocks provides an instant installation facility. It fits with the original equipment specifications.

Its correct aliening maintains proper alignment with the wheel of the car. It ensures the economy in fuel consumption. Its electronic safety system results in extra security while driving. It contains a pair of brand new struts that adjust with sport suspension.

In a single unit, Mac Auto Parts Struts Shocks includes all components for the replacement of struts.

Its coil spring supports the weight, height, and stability of the vehicle. The strut bearing and spring seats are also best in quality. The international standard organization also certified it for its effectiveness and standardized functioning.

Its materials are so durable that they provide a lifetime warranty. Overall other strut set it will turn info the ideal pick for you and will prove to be one of the best struts for Infiniti G35. So, you can try it out to have a lifelong enjoyable driving.


  • Easy & faster replacement.
  • Smoothly handles the vehicle.
  • Comes with a reasonable price.
  • Best pick for Infiniti G35 Coupe Sport model.
  • Secures a unique ride.


  • Have no fitting with X Drive

Available On Amazon

2. Sensen 2000-FS-SS– Premium Quality Struts for Your Infinity G35

It is a front strut compatible with Infinity g35. It is ideal to use on the front side. This premium level shock absorber is made in Japan. So, you are getting good quality.

This product is from Sensen. And it is a leading automobile manufacturer and distributor. You find itas a twin-tube type designed and has an OE level criteria.

Distributors have tested this against some competitor strut manufacturers. And guess what, this strut is remarkable to be the standard level of the strut.

It is a Nitrogen gas-charged strut and certified by ISO. The powder-coated finishing prevents your parts from decaying and getting rusted.


  • Reliable brand
  • Perfect finishing for rust-free running
  • Certified & tested by ISO
  • Corrosion-proof coating
  • Premium quality strut


  • You will get only the bare strut.

Available On Amazon

3. KYB GR-2 Single Strut– Modification-Free Installation with This Gas-Powered One

KYB brings an install-ready strut that you can use for your Infiniti G35. 7.1 pounds of this strut has an excellent shock-absorbing feature.

This G35 strut comes with an elegant finishing coat. You can buy pairs or only one strut for the front or rear.

The feature that makes this strut unique is you don’t need any installation or modify it before assembling. You can buy and install it in your vehicle.

KYB struts bring some improved performance with this one. And you get something better and stiffer than the OEM specification here.


  • Good quality
  • Easy to assemble and fit
  • A completely modified strut
  • Gas-charged


  • Single strut

Available On Amazon

4. Complete Struts Front Pair– High-Quality Struts for the Exceptional RWD Models

How can we forget the 2008 year model of Infiniti G35 with the RWD (Rear Wheel Driving) feature? Complete Struts has not forgotten that.

Complete Struts brings such an exceptional front pair of struts only for the G35 RWD Sedan model. The RWD engines seem to have more ride height issues than the AWD/4WD models. But now you can enjoy the factory ride height with the struts of Complete Struts.

The factory-direct fit of this strut pair comes with the coil spring over it. So, no hassle for the coil spring assembling.

The piston of these struts is high carbon-coated and finely engineered for corrosion protection. You will get a warranty service with this strut set for durability and perfect fit assurance.

The strut is for the front driver and passenger seat and the only compatible set for the Sedan models G35 engine. These struts do not fit AWD or Infiniti G35 Coupe models.

So, if you are looking for 2008 infiniti G35 shocks and struts, this is the ideal pick for you.


  • Ready to mount
  • Exact fit
  • Durable & long-lasting
  • 1 year of warranty


  • Fits only RWD Sedan

Available On Amazon

5. Klimoto Shocks & Struts– OE Quality Complete Front & Rear Struts with Mounting Kits

Are you looking for a complete solution for the desired ride height and bump absorber? Klimoto is here with an entire set of Infiniti G35 suspension.

Restore the factory ride height with Klimoto shocks and struts. The struts have a spring coil mounted over it. And the bearing plate and isolator also come assembled.

Again, all the OE specification standard offers the correct fit with superior riding performance. The Nitrogen gas charged struts would help consistent riding control and balance on the steering.

Not only to this. You will get 2 rear shock absorbers here that can absorb shocks and bumps on off-road rides. Also, the shock absorber mounting kits and bolts are included.

Klimoto struts are an exact fit for the Infiniti G35 AWD and Coupe models. So, get the perfect, consistent control in riding with the Klimoto G35 struts and shocks.


  • Restore factory performance
  • OE standards
  • Direct bolt-on fit
  • Comes with 1 year of warranty service


  • Some face issue with the size

Available On Amazon

How to Pick the Struts for Infiniti G35?

How to Pick the Struts for Infiniti G35

When you buy strut for your Infiniti G35, you should consider some facts to get the right quality. Let’s know what they are.

Vehicle Compatibility

The first thing you should look for is compatibility with your vehicle. What brand you choose, make sure it fits your car. Generally, you can check these compatibility issues from the car’s manual guide.

If the strut does not fit your car, you will have loss and wastage, nothing else. So, be 100% sure of the correct fit.

Good Quality

While buying this type of suspension kit, the quality of the product matters a lot. It would help if you looked for something better quality for better performance. If you can choose the right condition with precise certification, you can have durability.

You won’t want to have a frequent replacement. So, buy the right quality strut for a more extended period of running.

Outer Coating for Rust Prevention

You must look for the coating feature also. If these parts don’t have a fine coating or finishing, you have to face the rust and decay in some months.

When you are choosing, pick the one with a good coating. Look for the rust-free struts for your vehicle. Also, there are some reliable brands providing corrosion preventive stuff. You can look for that type.

Front or Rear Strut

It would help if you chose the strut type whether you need the front one or the rear. There are some differences between these two. So, decide the side and then, according to that type, buy and install it.

But it is recommended that when you are changing, replace both sides left and right struts at a time. Otherwise, you may end up with a balance issue later.

How to Replace Struts on Infiniti G35?

Do you know you can replace the struts yourself and install the new pair correctly? Well, if you need some help, check this most convenient method for replacement.

We are showing you the method for replacing the shock and struts of the front right side. And following this, you can change the other hands, even the rear shocks also.

Step 1: Remove the Lug Nuts from Wheel

To get access to the strut, you need to remove the wheel. The strut is behind the tire above the brake pads line.

Use any lug wrench or bolt extractor tool and take out the lug nuts.

Step 2: Remove the Tire

Then, remove the tire carefully. You will see the strut mounted on the brake pad line behind the brake pads to the upside.

Step 3: Uplift the Car

To get proper access and a better view, uplift the car from his side. Use any jack stand for quick uplifting. And rise this side as much as you need to get access to the top.

Step 4: Take out the bolts from the Top Mount

Now, use any bolt extractor or hand ratchet tool of 17 mm. Take out the two mounting bolts from the top.

Step 5: Remove the Bolts from the Brake Line

Come down to the bottom of the strut mounted to the brake lines. You will see here two bolts on two sides of the brake border. If you try to loosen from one edge, the nut of the other hand also rotates.

So, hold the other side bolts with any wrench of 14 mm. Then, loosen the screw from the other side. You will see the bolt comes out.

Step 6: Take out the Strut

After you have removed the bolts, remove the strut from the brake line and take it out.

Here, you need to be very careful because the strut is attached tightly into the lines. You may need to push harder sometimes to take it out from the mounting nuts.

Step 7: Remove the Coil Spring from the Older Strut

When you have taken out your old strut, take a wrench and take out the bolts from the strut’s bottom side. Hold the nut with a wrench and then use any hand ratchet to loosen the nut.

Then, take out the coil spring, top mounting parts, and others.

Step 8: Insert the Parts into the New Strut

Now, insert these mounting parts into the new strut and tighten the nuts.

Step 9: Install the New Strut

Install the new strut into your vehicle. Start mounting from the top. Then, connect and bring it to the correct position to tighten with bolts.

When mounting the bottom side to both sides of the brake line, you need to be tricky. If you can’t be able to bring it in the right position, use a jack stand. Uplift the brake pads. Pull and move the strut to sit it in the correct place to mount.

Step 10: Tighten the Nuts

Tighten the nuts in the same way you have loosened them.

Then, reinstall the tires and tighten all the lug nuts properly. Have a test drive and see if your vehicle makes squeaky noise or bumps too much or not.

Following this method, you can change struts from the front left side and also the rear shocks.

There are some differences between the rear and front shocks and struts, respectively. The front strut needs the spring coil wrapping around it, whereas the rear shocks need the compressing tube to absorb shocks.

Six Signs To Ensure a Faulty Struts

Let’s know about six symptoms or warning signs to understand if the struts need replacement. However, these signs are also applicable to other vehicle strut checking.

Vehicle Bumping Too Much

The strut helps to absorb bumps right after your car cross any bass in the road. The function of the strut is to incorporate the bumpings immediately and balance the vehicle,

If you find the car is still bumping for some time, then the strut needs to change.

Too Leaning of the Vehicle

When we take a side turn or U-turn, the strut helps the vehicle from getting leaned fully. So, when making a turn, if you notice your car leans too much than usual, it needs to be replaced.

If you ignore this, it may cause you serious safety issues.

Follow the Strut Maintenance Guides

Generally, Experts recommended changing the strut after a minimum of 50,000 miles of driving. Some change it after 60,000 also. But you should check once after you reach the deadline mileage.

The vibration of the Steering

If you find your steering wheel vibrating too much, then it can be the faulty strut. Check the strut what if any cause makes it worn or not.

Sometimes, this vibration can be because of the worn of the tire also. So, check the tires at a time to be sure of the vibration reason.

Leakage from the Struts

Ice, bumpy streets, or such type of road issues can cause damage to the seal under the vehicle. As a result, it can cause damage to the struts.

Inspect your struts by removing the tires. Check if you find any leakage under the coil spring. Or, there is another method for checking the leakage, i.e., the discoloration of the strut coating.

You will see grease and fluid over the outer material of the strut. It means the strut has been leaked and needs replacement.

Dents on the Strut

Another visible symptom of a bad strut is any type of dents or corrosion on the strut. If this happens, it can cause harm to other suspension parts also.

You should not ignore if you notice any of the signs mentioned above. You will not wish to offer the price of your safety.

Driving your car with a faulty strut not only can compel you to lose control in driving but also cause severe accidents for balance issues.

So, the better option is to inspect your struts once a year or after 50,000 miles of riding.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What happens when you don’t replace the struts?

When struts fail, it can result in a significant loss. It causes bouncing up and down while driving. The vehicle will not be stable. During braking, it runs more than you expect. So, when the strut goes out of order, you need to replace it with a brand new one.

Do all cars require the same number of struts?

No. Struts requirements differ for various types of cars. Each wheel of the car has its layout of struts. Most of the vehicles include two struts in the back wheel and two on the front side. Sometimes there can be different setups depending on the vehicle’s structure.

How long struts last for Infiniti G35?

It depends on the quality of struts and the materials with which the manufacturer produces it. Some experts say it requires new struts for each 50000 miles. Some other conveys that you can go 100000 miles with the same struts. So, the average recommendation is 50,000 to 100000 miles.

Final Words

If you need to buy a strut for your car, you must want a good quality of course! And in this context, we have selected some of the best struts for Infiniti G35 that you can rely on undoubtedly.

Again, we have shown complete buying guidelines for struts. Not only this, if you need help to check your faulty struts and replacement method, you will get comprehensive but useful suggestions here too!