5 Best Sand Tires For Can Am Maverick X3 – Make Your Journey Thrilling!


A proper tire setup is essential for sand driving. Are you looking for the best sand tire?  Here, we recommend you the best sand tire for can am maverick x3.

Sand tires are designed with a unique feature. The tire can easily overcome the challenges during driving in deep sand. The tire has a less aggressive tread pattern, which helps to tackle a difficult situation. It has tall paddles.

The tire gives maximum safety on both dry and wet conditions. They provide minimum braking distance. It does not create any vibration and noise. So, choose the perfect tire for your ride.

Let’s hit on our top 5 best sand tires for Can-Am Maverick X3 and pick the best one to fulfill your ultimate requirements.

Best Sand Tires For Can Am Maverick X3

Product’s Name Paddle Section Width Key Benefits Price
Sand Lite Rear Tire 14 12 Inches Increase Ground Clearance Details On Amazon
Sand Lite Front Tire (Ribbed) 14 10 Inches Doesn’t Make Noise Details On Amazon
Sand Lite Rear Tire 15 12 Inches Nice Tread Pattern Details On Amazon
CST Sandblast Rear Tire 14 12 Inches Fine For Rough Terrains Details On Amazon
Tusk Sand Lite Tire 14 10 Inches Versatile And Supportive Details On Amazon

You may find many tires for your off-road runner. But all of them may not be the paddle tires. So, here we present 5 best sand tires for  Maverick X3.

1. Sand Lite Rear Tire– Enjoy riding with excellent tire

Sand lite rear tires are lightweight and give maximum performance on the sand.

Front tires have a center ribbed design, which helps to control excellent direction. The tires have a perfect balance of paddle height and count.

The tire is designed in such a way that it creates excellent floatable capability on the sand. For steering quickly, the front and rear paddle combine with a secure hook-up and drive. Overall, it is an excellent tire for driving on the sand.


  • Lightweight tire
  • Easy steering
  • Deliver maximum flotation on the sand
  • Excellent turning ability


  • Suitable only for sand

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2. Sand Lite Front Tire (Ribbed)– Get a Quick Steering Response with This One

It is a nonplus Sand Lite Front tire specially designed for Can-Am X3 with center ribbed. That ensures you get an accurate and prompt response of steering on the sand. This design also gives you an enjoyable trip with a comparatively lower noise generation.

Besides, the tire is made of two-ply designs for lightweight and punctures resistance. You will also find this tire, less expensive but better load-bearing capacity because of these two-ply designs.

Furthermore, the tires facilitate less spinning and sliding, saving your tire’s energy to move the vehicle forward. So, you can get an excellent hook – up and able to fly over the dunes with sand lite front tires.

You will find great floatation and efficient turning advantage as this tire belongs to the optimal size of the 30-inch height and 10-inch width.

It will be your best sand tires for Can-Am Maverick X3 for its tread design, and it will give you an exact fit for all Turbo 2018 – 2020 models.


  • Strong driving capacity
  • Well performance on sand
  • Comfortable riding
  • Low rolling resistance


  • Tend to be little flex when hot

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3. Sand Lite Rear Tire– Maximize Excitement in Over the Dune with This One

You must pick Sand Lite Rear Tire for your Can-Am X3 X MR Turbo RR 2020 because it features the paddle height and paddle count in perfect combination. So that you can get great excitement and fun while soaring over the dune.

On top of that, Sand lite tires appear with ¾ inch paddles that offer an excellent job in sandy areas. In a loose sand area, these ¾ inch tall paddles make sure you have a fascinating hook-up and incredible drive.

Again, it has an optimal profile to give an excellent floatation facility on the sand. On the other hand, it improves the braking system to handle the truck in a better way.

Whether you want to meet the demands of can – am x3 32-inch tires, this tire will be best for you. The tire is made of 32″ height and 12″ width that will give you a perfect floatation and better performance on the sand.


  • Lightweight design
  • Many paddles in tire
  • Good stability
  • Built-in good quality


  • The price is a little high.

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4. CST Sandblast Rear Tire– Enjoy Your Smooth Riding with this One

CST Sandblast Rear Tire is one of the best sand paddle tires for ATV due to its tread pattern design that makes it unique to others. This ensures you to enjoy smooth and adequate traction on riding.

You will find 2- ply rated compound in this tire to provide you less resistance in rolling. It keeps the tire lightweight to enable you fast riding and more accessible for your control.

On top, you will be glad to have small knobs which are dual – staggered. These rectangular knobs are added in four rows, maximizing your steering control and stability in the sand.

Moreover, the CST 30″ rear tire features 14 paddles. So they offer you better traction in the sand. It also comes with a 14″ rim for a great supporting and sealing the tire to the wheel.

If you have Can-Am Maverick X3 Max Turbo 2018, CST Sandblast Rear Tire will perfectly fit with this. And, will make your travel more enjoyable with great comfort.


  • Delivers excellent floatation
  • Ensure high performance
  • Extremely versatile blades
  • Durable for the long run


  • May not the lightest sand tire

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5. Tusk Sand Lite Tire– Get a Whole Package in Low Cost

It is Tusk Sand Lite, who brings a complete package of four tires for you. Not only does it stop here, but it is also the best sand tires for Can-Am Maverick X3 that you will get in a complete package at such a low cost.

But that’s not all. You won’t find any lack of qualities in this UTV tires set due to its 2 – ply design for lightweight and stable floatation. Also, it prevents rolling resistance.

The two front UTV sand tires are brought up an optimal profile. It is designed with the front center ribbed; thus, the tires can control in good steering and provide a comfortable ride.

Moreover, the two rear towers come with ¾ inch tall paddles. These paddles offer a great mix of wheelspin and hook up. This tire also includes blades that make it easy to power in dunes.

By large, this tire will be your ideal pick for Can-Am X3 and any UTV tires.


  • Wide rear tire
  • An optimal combination of paddle height and count
  • Excellent turning efficiency
  • Durable and long-lasting


  • Tend to be a little flex

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How Should You Choose The Best Sand Tires For The Can Am Maverick X3?

How Should You Choose The Best Sand Tires For The Can Am Maverick X3

For getting the best sand tire, you should follow some crucial things in mind while you’re going to order. Otherwise, your investment will be wasted, and you might regret this.

Tire Size

Tire size is the essential part when you’re choosing your sand tires. Sand tires are generally designed with big sizes in height and width. Otherwise, you can face sinking and get your vehicle stuck in the sand.

So, you must look for a wider size of tire for your Can-Am X3. The better wider tires do better performance in the sand because it creates maximum floatation.

Therefore, 30″ tires can get fit in all can am models. If you are looking tires for 2020 models, then can am 32-inch tires will be your perfect match.


Sand tires design makes it different from other tires. The rear tires look like paddles, so it creates fun and excitement while flying over the dune.

And, you should check the front tire’s center ribbed design for an excellent directional control facility in the sand. Some front tires also enhance the turning ability for trouble-free dune transitions.

However, you should also consider the number and ply types because it has a vital role in performance. Also, it indicates the capacity of load-bearing.

Tread Pattern

The tread pattern is another big thing for your sand tires. Its different from a more comprehensive tread design because here, the tread is relatively close.

You should check out if your sand tires have a fallout tread pattern for solid floatation. Fallout tread pattern design prevents digging in the sand and requires minimum deflation in the tires.

So, find tread pattern design tires which are much closer together so that your Can-Am gets enhanced floating capability.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Which one is better for sand riding narrow or wide tire?

It would help if you had f tire a full and smooth tire for sand riding. The irregular surfaces provide high adhesion and bonding. Wider tires help to distribute vehicles’ weight over this surface for comfortable travel.

Should I reduce air from tires in the sand?

You should reduce air from the tire when driving on the beach. If you minimize tire air correctly, you need not drive faster. But sudden stop or start can cause the vehicles to drown in sand.

How do sand tires work in can be maverick x3?

Rear-wheel drive quads and front sand tires are both used with rear paddle tires. This type helps to float the vehicles in the sand. The tire provides extra turning force by digging in the sand.

Wrap Up

Your Can-Am X3 gives you a thrilling experience when you’re flying over the dune. And, you can’t compromise your adventures for unsuitable and low – quality tires. However, all tires don’t include all features according to your choice. But you can pick one of these tires we reviewed to catch your demands closely without hesitation.

So, here are the 5 best sand tires for Can-Am Maverick X3 that you can find with the proper guidance of buying. Take your appropriate time to decide your finest bet and grab it soon to make your journey incredible!