Best Paddle Tires For RZR 900 – Top 4 Picks


Paddle tires are famous for off-road driving, especially in sand and mud. If you own an RZR 900, installing paddle tires will give you better traction, control, and improve your vehicle’s overall performance.

If you are interested in racing in the dunes and discovering the wilderness, you need a perfect paddle tire for your vehicle. Choosing the best one out of so many different kinds with similar claiming can be troublesome.

To help you out of your dilemma, here we will provide recommendations on the best paddle tires for rzr 900. Keep on reading to know the details.

Best Paddle Tires for RZR 900

Product’s Name Section Width Key Benefits Price
Sedona Cyclone Sand Paddle Tire 11 Inches Thick Tread Pattern Details On Amazon
Set of Warrior & Rear Road Tires 9 Inches Increase Truck Ground Clearance Details On Amazon
Grip Tires for Polaris RZR 12.5 Inches Tough To Last Longer Details On Amazon
Set of Premium Tires 9 Inches Solid And Nice Tread Details On Amazon

Now, check out these high featuring sand tires to ride the RZR in any desert regions.

1. Sedona Cyclone Sand Paddle Tire– Ensures Quality Performance and Durability

Sedona is a reputed and well-trusted brand for developing paddle tires for ATVs or UTVs. This sand tire from Sedona is an excellent choice for RZR 900. It is lightweight and delivers better floatation and traction.

It helps to predict the turning easily and side-hilling smoothly. It has gone through test driving in sand parks, so it is a verified tire perfect for sand dunes. The most fantastic feature of this tire is the strong, flexible, and superior quality rubber compound. The rubber brings upgraded traction and stability.

This Cyclone sand tire functions efficiently in all types of sand, including light, heavy, or even volcanic sand. It comes with eight paddle design, which adds a great look to your vehicle. The back support ridges keep the slides in control on ridge-back dunes. The strengthened design of the paddle makes it last for a long time in extreme weather conditions.


  • Works great on sand
  • Looks good
  • Improves traction
  • Affordable
  • Great customer service


  • Does not come with rim


Available On Amazon

2. Set of Warrior & Rear Road Tires– Containing Quality of Resisting Abrasions and Punctures

Quality of resisting abrasion and punctures are the most expecting qualifications of these tires. Every buyer wants to choose a tire that can protect themselves from any injury like puncture or bruises. This feature makes the Set of Warrior more unique besides acceptable in the market.

It can play an outstanding performance in the mud also lose dirt for its V angled crooked tread technology. However, without the incredible performance, these tires are also containing a massive six-ply rated structure for providing a substantial shelter to tires.

For enhanced traction over uneven terrain, self-cleaning action is necessary to have. You can find a self-cleaning action method in these tires, which is another impressive quality to blow your mind to select this product. Its aggressive shoulder knobs afford terrific side bite and power with added defense to edge and sidewall.

The warrior tire set contains an extremely antagonistic feature to delivering grip deep mud comparable to no other. This aggressive pattern also has an excessive clear out property. This set of tires can fulfill your desire.


  • Ply rated tire
  • Durable
  • Great design
  • Excellent wear


  • Sometimes size doesn’t match

Available On Amazon

3. Grip Tires for Polaris RZR– Get a Stronger and Thicker Design

A stronger and thicker design is the extraordinary qualities to make the product unforgettable to the customer. Nowadays, people pursuit the stronger also with thicker design. A combination of two of them makes these tires mostly wanted for the updated consumer.

This great aggressive sand paddle tire can firmly ride on the sand. Most buyers search for this feature, which gives this product more acceptance in the market. Besides, depending on the sand, this tire also can drift on top of the sand.

Durability is another impressive qualification of this tire set that makes this product unique from any other tire. Besides durable construction, it also has an easy operating process, which makes your mind pleased. Using this tire set, you can enjoy sound, safe, or tension-free riding without any damaging of the tire.

The Grip Tires for Polaris RZR spreads out for a colossal footprint. These tires set is hugely updated, which keeps this product at the top of the list of updated customers. It has a considerable market value and position to choose as one of the best products besides select to purchase.


  • Durable design
  • Extraordinary featuring
  • Mostly updated
  • Performing best


  • Sizes are not available

Available On Amazon

4. Set of Premium Tires– Established with Self Cleaning Strategy for Mud Traction

The ultra-deep self-cleaning process is one of the most adorable qualifications of this Premium tire set. In the time of superior mud traction, these tires can clean themselves automatically, which may make your riding more comfortable for you. Besides mud design for utility class, this set is consisting of 4 new premium UTV tires.

Another impressive feature of the Set of Premium tires is its construction system, which establishes with bulky six-ply evaluated nylon. This prerequisite not only resists the abrasions but also protects tires from punctures. Moreover, its aggressive design takes this product to another level.

There are also have shoulder lugs that can improve the appearance of tires besides added traction. Everyone searches a product for smoother trail riding during purchasing or choosing time. You can find the riding cleat in this set of tires to provide a very smooth trail riding.

This set of 4 new Premium tires are fantastic with their quality and also for their superb performance. It’s had boundless build excellence, and the bulky pigs do great in the snow and mud. You can undoubtedly try this product.


  • Excellent for mud
  • Resist puncture
  • Aggressive design
  • Smooth trail riding


  • Not suitable for wood

Available On Amazon

How To Pick the Best Paddle Tires for RZR 900?

How To Pick the Best Paddle Tires for RZR 900

At present, many sets of tires are available in the market, with many attractive featuring offers or qualifications. Over this well-garnished cover, top products are not exactly like their advertisement. If you want to select the best one from all of this product, you need to keep some basic knowledge.

There are some key points that may help you like these types of confusing situations. You can pass the condition with this guideline successfully besides hunting the perfect tires for you. Let’s see some points.


During the selection of any product for purchasing, everyone searches for its durability. A durable product provides more comfort to the user for a long time without any tension or damage. So, in choosing a Tire, you must need to know about its durability so that you can use that for an extended period.

Using Procedure

Using a method is also an essential matter in buying time. An easily handleable product gives relaxation to its owner. When you want to select a Tire for you, you should think about its handling method that it is easy or not.

Resistance Power of Abrasions and Punctures

Tires are mainly damaging to abrasions and puncture problems. If you fixed your mind to buy a tire, then you also should keep in mind the resistance power of punctures besides scrapes. Cause these are the main problems of tires.

Self-cleaning Action

Self-cleaning action is a fantastic quality of the tires. This quality takes the product to another level. It keeps the tire free from rough terrain. So, while choosing a tire, this quality needs to consider.

Stronger Design

A more robust design makes the tire stronger besides increasing its acceptance to the consumer. The system not only enhance acceptability but also improve quality. However, the thicker appearance of the tire makes them more durable.


Many tires are only suitable in the mud to ride. But many tires are eligible to ride in the wood, dirt, and even float on top of the sand. When you are going to select a tire, you can check the fitness of the riding surface.

Premium Quality

Quality is the multiple main points for choosing the product. The best quality product can provide you the best satisfying performance. At present, we all are want to get a premium quality product. So, at the time of purchasing, you should see its qualities are premium or not.

Shoulder Lugs

Shoulder Lugs is the best featuring of the latest tires, which offer you the tires’ improved appearance. It also helps to get smoother trail riding. To get a traction-free tire with the upgraded entrance, you have to select a tire containing shoulder lugs.

How Can You Replace Tires on RZR 900?

Before going to purchase the tire, you should recognize some information about its replacement method. After buying the tire, you have to take care of the tires to use for a long time. In case of any problem, if you know about the mounting or replacement method, you can overcome that awkward situation by yourself.

Formerly knowing the whole process, you have to see the equipment required for completing the method. Here are the pieces of equipment:

  • Aluminum valve
  • TPMS sensor
  • Valve stem
  • Nuts

Step 1: Identification of valve

For replacing the tire, at first, you need to identify the aluminum valves, valves stem, retaining rut, etc. These all are essential for replacing the tire.

Step 2: Removing nuts

Before starting the replacement method, it essential to remove retaining nuts from the core. Then have to eliminate the valve stem to relieve the tire weight.

Step 3: Relive and break the tire

After eliminating the nuts and valve, you take to revive the tire pressure with a sensor. Then break the paddle tire beads.

Step 4: Installing tire

Then this method requires installing the new eyelet on the sensor. After installing, you need to mount tire droplets on the wheel. In the next step, you should push the tire down to the interpretation area and connect the sensor.

Step 5: Tightening nut

Tightening the nuts is the final step of this replacement process. It must be mandatory to tighten the nuts and recheck all the previous works of this method.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

How long does paddle tires last?

A paddle tire can last probably 500 to 1000 miles. It mainly depends on your driving style, where you drive, tire maintenance, etc.

How often should I replace paddle tires?

If you use the tires for racing, then you have to change them after every race. If you want the most out of the tires, then you can run it until it shows signs of wear and deteriorates completely.
You should replace your tire if you notice rounded lugs, cracked tires due to extreme heat and usage. You also need to replace your tire immediately if threads are worn out more than 50% or need to plug the tires continually.

What are the consideration factors for buying a paddle tire?

Before buying a paddle tire, the first thing you need to do is to know the tire size for your vehicle. You can find the information in the user manual. Where you will drive, weather conditions, driving style, budget, performance, etc. are also essential factors.

Final Words

If you think of purchasing Sand Paddle Tires, you need to know some vital information about the products. You have to select your product from many other right-quality products, which may confuse you to choose the perfect one. So, for selecting the best quality tire, you have to know about them in detail.

In this context, we try to show you some best paddle tires for RZR 900, making your mind satisfied. You can easily select the Tire like which you want. I hope you can find your liking tire and that product will fulfill your desire besides give you pleasure.