Best Oil For Mazda 3 – Get Tension Free Journey With This 3


Do you want to keep your Mazda 3 engine polished and lubricated? Oil has always been a vital contribution to it. It curtails the amount of fuel to get rid of engine collision.

No matter what the outside condition of your vehicle is! Settling the best oil for Mazda 3 will ensure your transport up and running.

Selecting the accurate car engine oil is puzzling. Take a moment to find the right engine oil for your Mazda 3. We highly advise switching the oil filter regularly when you alter the oil.

Best Oil For Mazda 3

Product’s Name Formulated With Key Benefits Price
Pennzoil Motor Oil Active Cleaning Agents Eco-friendly And Efficient Details On Amazon
Castrol 03037 EDGE Fluid TITANIUM Technology Rustproof And Wear-proof Details On Amazon
IDEMitsu ATP-Type Oil Advanced Anti-wear Technology Cleans Engine Impurities Details On Amazon

Now, let’s explore the top 3 oil for Mazda 3 with a complete buying guideline. Oh! Don’t miss the Mazda 3 oil changing process and the oil checking steps added at last.

1. Pennzoil Motor Oil – A Complete Synthetic Line of Motor Oils for High Performance

The formulation of Pennzoil SAE is to protect and avoid harmful situations. The oil is a synthetic mix 5W-30 engine formula. That helps to keep engines responsive as well as clean.

Pennzoil motor oil is efficient regardless of weather conditions. The dimensions of the product are 14.52 x 8.62 x 13.5 inches. The weight is 0.16 ounces. Most importantly, the liquid is cleaner compared to other motor oils.

The bottle design is a single 5-quart. It is hassle-free to pour and handle. The oil assists to avert the mud, damages, it is suitable for engine seals and all other usual facts. Pennzoil motor oil gives fine wear protection. It settles the requirement for turbocharged engines such as API SP/SP resource-conserving, GF-6, and all prior collection.

The oil helps to abolish all impurities by slacking the filth and mud. This completely allows you an easy-going drive. It gives a cleaner and healthy engine that optimally runs for a long life span. The oil contains pure materials. So this makes it organic and energy-saving oils. It helps to prevent the pollution of nature and creates a benefit for it by reducing oil wastes.


  • Simple to fix the leaks.
  • Environmental friendly.
  • Save up the usage of fuel.
  • Assists the engine to run perfectly.
  • Affordable cost.


  • Viscosity is a bit lower.

Available On Amazon

2. Castrol 03037 EDGE– Money-Requital Synthetic Oil for Your Mazda 3

Are you looking for the 2010 Mazda 3 oil type? Then, try this because you need the full synthetic SAE 5w-20 or 5w-30. And Castrol Edge has all the advanced features to rock up to your engine.

This premium motor oil can enhance the engine’s strength in any circumstances, from usual to acute pressure. It is an SAE-5w-30 oil that is an ideal one for the Mazda 3.

No matter how fast mileage your driving range will be, the Castrol Edge oil reduces any decay. It helps to keep the engine safe and free from any corrosion.

The technology of Titanium fluid helps to prevent any type of collision among the metal parts. It also helps your engine by saving them from the controlled deposit phase.


  • Brings visible change in engine performance
  • Less wearing on engine start-up in the wintery regions
  • Perfectly enhances horsepower
  • Economic engine oil
  • High-performing engine oil.


  • Expensive oil

Available On Amazon

3. IDEMitsu ATP-Type Oil– Excellent Shudder-Free Riding with This One

Due to the advanced level of technology in this oil, you will love to use it. It has a long time running criteria.

IDEMItsu oil does not let the oil oxidize and keep it corrosion-free. It is the oil with precisely seal technology. Its built-in technology keeps the oil clean always—also, no need for transmission maintenances.

The oil uses a seal locked technology that makes it an economical one. It smoothly flows among the engine parts and keeps the parts corrosion-free all the time.

You won’t have any fear to fuel leakage with this oil. It also controls the slip of motor oil in time of the locked clutch without any shifting shocks. And guess what, the build-in features are précised only for the Mazda 3 models,

One quart of Idemitsu oil enhances the engine performance in heavy pressure, and it does not let the vehicle shudder.


  • Excellent oil with seal- lock technology
  • Auto transmission engine oil
  • A Precise oil for Mazda 3
  • Friction-free, anti-wearing technology
  • OEM provides the long life of the oil


  • Usable only on Mazda & Ford vehicles

Available On Amazon

Things To Consider To Buy The Best Oil for Mazda 3

Things To Consider To Buy The Best Oil for Mazda 3

Let’s reveal the facts and considerations for buying the Mazda 3 engine oil. If you know the right oil recommendations then, you won’t face any further issues with the oil.

Let’s know about them.

Must Be Full Synthetic

When you are going to change oil for your Mazda 3, keep in mind that you must choose fully synthetic oil. Neither blend nor the conventional one.

You should be careful and double-check if the oil is a synthetic blend or not. Make sure it is pure synthetic oil.


You have to be very careful here. Some companies use additives to the oil. The oil is synthetic but with some additives.  In general, the additives are chemical stuff used with synthetic oil to enhance the motor oil’s lubrication power.

So, it would be best for your vehicle if you can choose the oil without any additives.

Viscosity Level

This thing can rise in mind when your car stays in cold places. That time, you may need to be sure of this thing.

Usually, SAE-5w-30 or 5w-20 fulfill the most Mazda 3 oil type needs. Again, some tend to choose 0w-20, which is also considerable.

But the best thing to do here is to follow the vehicle manuals and requirements. There is a definite recommendation for an oil change for all the models and years of Mazda 3 car. So, it would be better to select the oil according to the vehicle’s recommendations.

How to Check Oil on Mazda 3?

When you decide that you want to change the oil and the oil filter, you may need to check the oil.

You may consider it as crucial. You have to check the oil, whether it is on its maximum level or empty.

Steps for Checking the Oil

After you get the check engine oil light on your dashboard, you may be sure of the oil level. But for a precise surety, you should check it once from inside. For that what you need to do is

  • Open the engine hood.
  • Find out the Oil Tank
  • Take out the dipstick from inside the tank
  • Clean it and wipe it out with a paper cloth.
  • Again, put the dipstick inside the gallon.
  • Then, take it out and check.

If the oil is at the lower mark side, that means there is a minimum of fuel. But if the oil dipstick comes out dry then, it is a serious issue, and you must not ignore it. Quickly change the oil.

How To Change Oil Filter On Mazda 3?

So listen to all the Mazda 3 users, you must change your oil once a year. Or you can change it after driving at least 1000 miles.

But remember, whenever you change the oil, you must change the oil filter. Otherwise, changing the oil would not impact much.

Changing the oil and the oil filter is not a hard task to do. You can do it yourself if you can locate the oil filter in your car and know how to change it.

Howsoever, we are showing you the most comfortable way so that you can be benefitted.

Step 1: Lift Your Car

The first step for you is to lift the car. You have to get access to the underneath of the vehicle. Use any car lifter for better work.

Step 2: Get Access to the Oil Filter

Next, go under the car and find the hole from where the soil drainage is checked. Some Mazda models may have a plastic shield underneath this area. In that case, you should remove it.

You can remove it using any bolt extractor according to the socket size. Remove this shield.

Step 3: Emit Extra Oil from the Drain Plug

After removing the shield, you will see the oil tank, the oil filter, and the drain plug beside them. Put a bowl under the drain plug and then open it.

Let the excess oil drain completely.

Step 4: Take out the Oil Filter

Here comes the oil filter removing time. Put a bowl with one hand or take someone’s help to hold it under the oil filter. Because when you take out the oil filter, it may leak some fuel.

Open the oil filter cap with any socket wrench. Then, twist it on the outside; you will see the oil filter attached to the lid. Gradually, take it out.

Step 5: Install New Oil Filter

Now, clean the area both inside and outside. Remove the old filter from the filter cape. Put the new one.

Then, install it in the same way on the reverse.

After that, fill the oil tank with the new, altered oil. You must choose the best oil for your Mazda 3.  Start the engine and recheck it.

Check the area underneath the car properly. Make sure there is no leakage of oil.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How long can the oil be consumed for your Mazda 3?

Generally, the oil recommendation of using for Mazda 3is either 7,500 or 10,000 miles. With the interval, some Mazda 3 can perform to 15,000 miles. However, we highly advise following the manufacturer’s recommendation.

Is synthetic oil good for your Mazda 3?

Yes, it is a fine using synthetic oil. Because it lubricates the engine of your Mazda 3. It averts any breakdown even when the engine temperature is high. So you can enjoy a long span for your engine. This type of oil keeps your engine neat and clean as well.

Is Mazda 3 a fuel-saving vehicle?

Mazda 3 is undoubtedly a fuel-saving car. The oil using for Mazda is climate-friendly. There is no harmful material to manufacture it. So, it is safe and fuel-efficient as well.

Final Words

When you think of changing the oil, you may fall in a tough situation. You need proper guidelines and options to choose from correctly.  And in this article, we have discussed seven best oil for Mazda 3 with a detailed buying guide.

Again, you will get here the method for oil checking and oil filter changing too!