3 Best Oil For 22R Toyota with full Review


“Toyota,” a brand with a stylish exterior and functional interior design. It is famous for its best quality, reliability, and durability. And the 22R Toyota engine has a reputation for its long life service.

22R engine will be active with 300,000 miles without any problem. To enjoy the facility, you need to change the oil when needed. Now you can realize how standard and suitable oil you need for your 22R Toyota.

Experts recommended 10W30 conventional oil for 22R Toyota. If you have confused about Best Oil For 22R Toyota, then you are in the right place. Stop Overthinking and read our article.

Best Oil For 22R Toyota

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Pick the right oil listed here that we have found out from our core research. And don’t miss to take a glance at the significant factors to check before buying.

1. Shell Rotella Heavy Duty Oil– Best Anti Wear Protector With Advanced Additive Technology

Shell Rotella T4 conventional oil has introduced a new technology called “Triple Protection” to the next generation. It is a suitable option for high-powered vehicles, diesel advanced trucks, general transport operators, agriculture, highway speedy, and so on. Because Shell Rosella 10W30 gives resistance to increasing heat and stress.

Shell Rotella(10W30)- here, W indicates the viscosity of the oil at low temperature. That means 10W described a small number. For lower number oil is thinner and performs better in winter. So Shell Rotella 10W30 is a lighter oil with a lower viscosity standard. You will be happy to know that lower viscosity provides more engine resistance to improve fuel economy.

Shell Rotella conventional oil is formulated with advanced low ash technology, which helps maintain emission compliance and controls the block of filters and positioning of waste. It provides three times more protection against wear, oil breakdown, partition, and deposits. It is certified of the following specification of CJ-4, API CK-4, CI-4 Plus, CI-4, ECF-3 Cummins CES 20086, CH-4 ACEA E9 Caterpillar ECF-2, 93K218 Mack EOS-4.5, 20081 Detroit Fluids Specification (DFS) 93K222, Volvo VDS-4.5.

American Petroleum Technology(API) engineered Shell Rotella Conventional oil as a heavy-duty oil. It works best in boosting engine performance.


  • Provide extended engine life.
  • Keep the engine clean.
  • Protect the engine under severe conditions.
  • Increase shear durability.
  • Increase oil changing time.


  • Uneasy pouring.

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2. Valvoline 779307 10W-30– Industry Standard Exceeding Premium Conventional Oil

Valvoline has always been the Toyota recommended motor oil. And this one is the new package from Valvoline with some premium features.

It has the proper viscosity 30 that helps to run smoothly up to 75000 miles.  The oil is ideal for daily typical riding nature.

Valvoline 10W-30 contains premium anti-wear additives that give your engine a smooth performance like the new engine.

This oil helps your engine run and perform better for a longer time. Also, the advanced formula resists the oil from oxidizing and does not let the oil get thicker.

You will find this oil clean and performing well at all temperatures. And new Valvoline conventional 10w-30 oil exceeds the US, Japanese, and European test standards in case of anti-wearing protection.


  • Cheap
  • Advanced anti-wear protection
  • Does not let building-up Carbon sludge
  • Unbeatable for the quality & money


  • Suitable for the daily ride

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3. Mobil 1 (120769) 5w-30– High-Mileage Full Synthetic Motor Oil

Mobile 1 brings a fully synthetic motor oil with 5w-30 viscosity. And it is an ideal for Toyota 22R or 22RE engine.

This is full synthetic to lubricate the engine with superior performance power. Mobil 1 will help the engine perform smoothly and protect to run up to 75K miles spontaneously.

This conventional oil can leave some stones unturned Mobil1 5w-30 to perform that lacking and give the engine run smoothly in any higher power.

The oil helps to resist any oil build-up or depositing oil sludge. Instead, this oil will let the engine run for a more extended period.

This SAE( US Society of Automotive Engineers) standard viscosity oil also benefits in preventing leakage in oil and providing a smooth oil flow.

So, if you are searching oil for the 1995 Toyota 22R/RE  to ride in the Winter region, you can choose Mobil1 5w-30.


  • Price worthy
  • Fights against oil leak
  • Perfect for the polar region startup
  • Good for Higher mileage


  • No Dexos approval

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How to Select the Best Oil for 22R Toyota?

How to Select the Best Oil for 22R Toyota

Choosing an engine oil is not like going to the stores and pick anyone looking at the brand only. You must consider some facts and check some significant points before you buy them.

Here, we show you those points you need to check before buying oil for 22R or  22RE Toyota.

Let’s know them.

Toyota 22R Recommendations

Your first and prime duty is to check the oil recommended by the Toyota 22R manual. Whatever oil your 22r Toyota came with does not matter much. You can either use the same oil or can try an upgraded one too.

But it is a must to change oil type to get your vehicle’s proper fit based on a different season.

The Oil Type

In the case of choosing an engine oil, the type of oil is another considering point. There are mainly three types of oil available- mineral oil, synthetic oil, and synthetic blend.

Well, to have an explicit basic, let’s explain in short.

The mineral oil or crude oil is made up of the conventional oil base. It means no inorganic properties in this oil.

Synthetic oil is made from a full chemical base. There will be no organic oil as a base or not even additives.

The synthetic blend is from the mineral base with some chemical additives. These additives do not have any negative issue; rather, it helps make the oil provide advanced protection.

For the Toyota 22R engine, petroleum oil is recommended most. But both synthetic and petroleum oil is usable finely.

The Correct Viscosity

Choosing the right viscosity grade is crucial, especially for the cold startup. And for r22 Toyota, there is a lot of confusion on which viscosity grade will be perfect to use.

Well, both 5w-30 and the 10w-30 viscosity oil is preferable. If you are from a sweltering tropical area such as Australia or California, you can use the 10w-40 viscosity.

But if you are from any polar region, use 5w-30 viscosity oil for superior performance.

The Quality brand

When you buy the engine oil, pick the quality brand of oil. Good quality oil will not only help to lubricate the engine parts but provide improving protection.

So, don’t fall for the low price. Look for the quality. It’s your engine that needs a proper lubrication flow to run with protection from wear.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

What are the differences between diesel oil and gas oil?

There is a significant difference between them. Diesel oils have a higher anti-wear load in the form of zinc dialkyl dithiophosphate. Diesel systems are designed to deal with this problem, while gasoline systems are not.

Can I mix diesel and heating oil?

Yes, you can mix them. If you have a shortage of heating oil, you can mix diesel oil with this. The mixer of diesel and heating oil will work as well as before.

To what extent will 200 gallons of warming oil last?

Generally, it will last between 18 and 24 months inside an oil tank. As long as the container is clean, the oil should flow fine and efficiently heat your living quarters.

Wrap Up

Engine oil provides the running power for the engine parts. The Toyota 22R/RE model vehicle is a high-duty truck that needs good oil to run with its utmost.

Our oil recommendations with the 3 best oil for 22R Toyota are perfect to look once for the 22R. Pick as your truck needs and ride with desiring mileage.